Tuesday, July 22, 2014

MTC Week 2: Majestic Joseph

Oi, família! Tuuuuudo bem?

The MTC is still pretty awesome. It's all pretty much the same thing.. every. single. day. Lots of class, for about 6 hours each day, plus blocks of study time and meals. That's about it.

But I like it! We had our last lesson with Jorge, our "investigator". And lo and behold, guess who he is? Irmão Lemperle, our new teacher! that was really strange. I've called him Pemberly before, so Pride and Prejudice gets thrown into the mix sometimes out hear. BUT the weirdest thing: Irmão Lemperle is like best friends with my friends Adam and Brandon from Spring Term! It was way funny when we figured it out, because he basically flipped out. But I really like him as a teacher, he's really neat. And very into the gospel. It's cool to have two teachers, or as he would say, é fiche, né?

On Tuesday I said goodbye to Sister Bastian, because she's out in the field now! She says she's in a little town in Missouri. It was hard to say goodbye, but I'm so excited for her. We took some pictures that hopefully I'll attach. (The USB thing is working PERFECTLY on this computer!!) I love her a lot.

Uhhhhh during gym time recently, my companions and I have "played" soccer with the other sisters in our zone, since we aren't allowed to play with the elders. And it is a hoot, let me tell you. We pretty much run after the ball just like 5 year olds do, and we end up falling in a heap laughing so hard. I love these sisters. I think I sent a picture of us last week. 

The food here at the MTC... is definitely a little rough on the system. It's good to eat, but boy I'm not quite sure how I'll make it another month. I eat way too many desserts--though Sister Wood has me beat when it comes to cookies, lemme tell ya--and it all is starting to taste kinda the same. But hey, we don't have to cook! That's super nice. I am excited to get into the field, if just to eat homemade meals.... (ps. Alyssa any kind of cookies will do. Seriously. The best kind you know how to make would be so greatly appreciated.)

Elder Freibe, one of the elders going to Boston, said that his family found out that we (plus Elder Rodrigues and a Spanish speaking Sister apparently) will get to Boston in the middle of a transfer, so that'll be interesting. I'll likely get put in a trio, I guess? Eh, we'll see. I'm just mostly glad I won't be going out alone. But it's neat to hear anything about Boston right now! It seems so far away.

I've been in the MTC for 2 weeks now, can you believe it? I have a whole other month to go, and a HUGE amount of Portuguese to learn, but it's coming! The gift of tongues has to be real. I don't know if I've really received it yet, but just the fact that I could carry out a decent conversation in Portuguese after only studying it for 2 weeks is amazing. Eu amo o evangelho! Grammar is hard though. I am getting more out of my French mindset, so that's helping a lot. We have 2 new investigators (our teachers... pretending to be investigators), Jamieson and Kaio. We're teaching both of them tomorrow, so that'll be interesting. Neither of them believe in God, so it's kind of stretching us to figure out where to start. That's where the Spirit comes in! You honestly can't expect to teach without the Spirit, it just won't happen. I can't remember who said this, but I literally must have just read it... anyways, someone said that we are more like Assistant teachers to the Holy Ghost. He's the real teacher, and we just help out. It's really an interesting way to think about it. And so true. I'm already learning a lot about how the Spirit IS the teacher, and I totally have to rely on promptings sometimes.

And I had just the best day ever on Wednesday. I mean, everything was going just our way. It was really nice. We had a really good last lesson with Jorge (Irmão Lemperle...), cleaned bathrooms (yayyyyyyyy as Elder Walter would say), and in class we focused on how we teach doctrine, not facts. It was such a good way to focus on what's most important. They had ice cream in the cafeteria, so you KNOW it was a good day. I also finally found a Massachusetts mission shirt, and it's pretty sweet. Elder Chase came in that day too, and I've seen him around a bunch! It's been really fun to talk to him again. Both of our districts like to make a ridiculous amount of jokes about it (Elder Freibe: I approve of a companion transfer. Elder Rodrigues: For time and all eternity.), but whatever hahaha. AND I was asked to play the piano for sacrament meetings on Sunday, since  for some strange reason I'm maybe the only one who plays? Anyways, I'm so glad, because I get to practice all week long! I love love love playing the piano, and I'm getting better at playing hymns so they sound fancy and not like death marches. Just kidding, I love the hymns. Church is in Portuguese, but the talks so far have been in English. That will change, though.... but otherwise it's really neat!

Some days recently have been really hard, but it's okay. I guess some emotions are finally getting to me? But tudo bem! I still would not trade being here for anything. I love our zone and district, and I am learning so much. Sundaynight, we had a devotional from TC Christensen (you'll know him.. look him up) about pioneers and stuff. It was way amazing! He really emphasized keeping journals, because that's how we all really know about history. And when preparation meets opportunity, miracles happen. It was awesome. I left my notes in our room... OH but last Tuesday we had another devotional, where they talked about having confidence in ourselves and in God. Because with Him we can do all things. Also, think about how you say Jesus Christ's name. We use it to end prayers and talks, but don't say it flippantly. We all should be much more aware how we use it, even if we aren't swearing or anything like that.

Well family, I'm about out of time. I love you! The gospel is true, and the work will move forward!

Sister Knutti

P.S. Majestic Joseph--there are tons of copies of this one picture of Joseph Smith around the MTC. He looks EXACTLY like the prince in Beauty and the Beast... once we had the sisters in our zone over to eat food (Mom, your friend Alisa sent me a jar of Nutella and some other food, it was awesome! I'm gonna try to thank her really fast....) and Sister Lewis, who is just the cutest thing ever, was like "Oh! Your room is right next to Majestic Joseph!" And hence, the title for this week. I love these sisters.

 Elder Friebe gets in a lot of shenanigans.  Thought I'd share

MTC Companions at Provo Temple
MTC District at Provo Temple
MTC district trying to show their gang signs
Sister Kelsey Bastian (a close friend) and Rachel
Sister Larson needs a new journal

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