Tuesday, August 5, 2014

MTC Week 4: 1 Month Down, 17 More to Go!

Eu não recebi nuncas cartas esta semana. Exceto de Arissa: obrigada!! Mas família, eu quero que vocês enviem as cartas... 

Eu vocês amo nonetheless. Tudo bem.

Thank you for all the pictures! I loved them. Even the coonskin hats... although that one was just a little frightening. I may not reply to every letter or picture or whatever, but I love getting them. Also, I'm pretty sure we only have time to write letters on pdays, so sorry for any delays. 

Two weeks from today, I should be flying out to Boston! Hurray!! I think we should be getting travel plans this Friday or so, so I'll let y'all know when that happens. And this week we learned a LOT of grammar in Portuguese, which probably puts us at the equivalent of 2 - 2 1/2 years of French in school. We know the imperfect, preterit, and we started the subjuctive. So the gift of tongues has got to be real, because there's no way you could learn a language so fast. A igreja é verdadeira!

I'm just gonna jump right in. Last Tuesday, we went with two other sisters in the zone (in the picture below, sis. Macuso and Lacey, from left to right) to the temple, including going to the cafeteria for lunch just so we could eat food somewhere other than the MTC cafeteria. It was pretty much the same food, but fancier silverware. We decided on initiatories for the day, and it was pretty great. They let us change and go up to the celestial room for a few minutes too, so that was awesome. Today we're planning on doing the session, e eu estou pompado. (Irmão Lemperle made that word up = pumped. we use it cada dia.) Eu amo o templo:)

So my week consisted of a lot of portuguese, as you can imagine. On Friday, we were doing personal study, and I was reading about Adam and Eve in Moses (Pearl of Great Price). In Moses 5, verses maybe 13-15? (it should be easy to find...), it talks about how Adam was told to do animal sacrifices to the Lord. It specifically says "Adam was obedient". So a few days later, an angel comes to Adam and asks why he's doing these sacrifices. Adam says "I don't know, but the Lord told me to do so." And the angel's like "Perfect! This is why: the sacrifices represent Christ's Atonement" and goes on to explain it a little further. This was really interesting to me, and it hit me pretty hard. A lot a lot a lot of people ask me why I decided to serve a mission, so I usually tell them how I got my answer, and that usually suffices. But I honestly have said that I'm not quite sure sometimes why I'm on my mission, other than I know that the Lord wants me to be. SO. When I read this passage of scripture, I realized that it is an answer to some prayers I have asked--the Lord wants me to be obedient. It may take a while, but sometime in the future, I will understand the "why" for my mission. For now, though, knowing the Lord wants me to will suffice. And I'll work hard and do my best throughout my mission. Obedience brings blessings!! You should all go look up those scriptures and really think about them. As a missionary, I invite you to think of something you do in life where you are obedient to the Lord, even if you don't know why. And pray to be okay with not knowing for now. It will all come in His time. 

Oh yeah, last Tuesday's devotional was given by John H Groberg, the guy who the "Other Side of Heaven" is based on. So that was cool. He showed some clips from the movie, and I obviously must see it when I get home. Or before? I have no idea if that one's allowed or not. Anyways, he talked about how we bear testimony through what we say, write, sing, do, prayer, and who we are. Think about how you bear testimony--we should be constantly bearing testimony, and we should always show our faith.

Thursday (sorry this is way mixed up... hahah you can edit it around to make more sense if you want) I auditioned with Sis. Mancuso for one of the musical numbers they have in devotionals and stuff. I played piano, she sang. Because she's amazing. So. Anyways, we auditioned in front of Sis. Nally and Hacking, the MTC president's wife and counselor's wife, and they put us down for a yes! That means that if they have a spot, they'll let us know when they want us to perform. Which is exciting. We'll see... I hope we do though. We aren't guaranteed a performance, just because so many people are so good. I'll let you know if it happens.

Sunday. It was Fast Sunday, which proved to be easier than I expected. That didn't stop me from eating two bowls of ice cream at dinner. Hey, Elder Roberts had 4, so 2 ain't bad. But the whole day was really great! During testimony meeting, I bore my testimony--crying all the way along, as I do--and later we had a 2-hr mission conference, which is like stake conference. Much Spirit. Very good. Wow. After we walked around the temple, our district sat in our classroom to watch mormon messages--there's a new one that just came out, and it's way good, so go look it up--and some talks. We watched Brad Wilcox's "His Grace is Sufficient". Go watch that one again. SO GOOD. It reminded me too how much I loved having him as my Mission Prep professor. He's just the best guy. Christ's grace is sufficient. Isn't that amazing?? That night, the BYU President gave the devotional about teaching with power and authority. We as missionaries have authority through our calling--from the prophet of the Lord!--but we get power from keeping our covenants. Think on that for a while. After the devotional, they show church films, and this week they had the Joseph Smith movie in Portuguese, so we were like "hey! We almost know Portuguese! Let's ask if they have subtitles." So we went to that room and watched the movie. Without subtitles. I understood maybe 1/3 of the words, mainly Deus and Jesus Cristo, but I got the gist of it. But what really struck me from that and this whole weekend for some reason is that I REALLY KNOW that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I just know it. See the story below.... Anyways, I was bawling by the end of the movie, since they show Carthage and everything. I feel like watching it was a little more powerful now that I've been to Carthage. It's really such a powerful movie. 

Story time: yesterday, we were teaching our "less-active" Guilherme (our sub for the week, Irmão Staples). Last time we taught him, he told us he doesn't understand the necessity of prophets now, since the prophets before Christ testified of Christ, and then Christ came. So we prepared this long and kind of confusing lesson about the prophets and the priesthood. When we got in to teach him, we started talking a little about the priesthood and how important it is. Then he asked how we know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and how there are others on the earth now. Sis Larson and I both started to respond, but she let me have it. And oh, the Spirit was so strong. I almost cried like 4 times. But I said that I KNOW Joseph Smith is a prophet because of a couple of things--first, the Book of Mormon. I have read it multiple times and I know that it is true and it is the word of God, so because Joseph Smith translated it, he's a prophet. Also, I've prayed about it. And I just know. I realized during the devotional on Sunday that because of this one boy who was only 14 when he said "vi dois Personagens, cujo esplendor e glória desafiam qualquer descrição.... Um deles... disse... Este é meu Filho Amado. Ouve-o." Because of him, there are 83,000 missionaries in the world, 15 million members of the church, and one gospel truth restored. Obviously, he had a TON of help from Heavenly Father, but that just goes to show that he's a prophet. It's all true. When I bore my testimony in that lesson, I felt the Spirit maybe stronger than I ever have yet in the MTC, and that's saying something. It was so amazing. A IGREJA É VERDADEIRA! 

Well family, I'm a little short on time, and I've got places to go, more people to write... Pdays are crazy. But I love it. I love the church, I love being a missionary, I love Portuguese, I love my Heavenly Father, I love Jesus Christ, and I know that They love each of us, each of you. Have a good week this week, try to find ways to bear your testimonies. And know that I have one. Otherwise I wouldn't be here. I may not know a lot of Portuguese, but I know that our message is true, and I am willing to use all the knowledge that I have to help others find their way to Christ. Thank you for the emails, even if I don't reply to all of them this week, I will soon!!! And I love love love letters so those are definitely appreciated. :) Hurrah for Israel!

Com muito amor, 

Sister Knutti

PS Because it's a sacred calling, we are indeed called Sister, not Irmã. I didn't know that before. 

Also, the main campus is better than the west. So don't listen to Elder Wilhelm. He obviously is getting a little out of his mind due to the Spanish. ;) I'm mostly kidding. Mostly. 

Sister Lacey got cinnamon rolls, so she shared!

Drawings of each other...

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