Tuesday, August 12, 2014

MTC Week 5: Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you're on the Lord's team!

Yes, I did think of that heading myself. I'm quite proud of it. 

First. TRAVEL PLANS!!! I got them on Friday. Elders Friebe and Rodrigues and I are flying out to Boston Tuesday morning, August 19!!! It's a straight flight, so that's way nice. We'll be getting there right smack dab in the middle of a transfer, Sister Asay told me so, so that will be interesting to see how it all works out (Rachel's childhood friend is serving in the Boston mission). But I'm way excited. Also, this means I should have Pday on Monday before I go. Be aware. 

I will likely call home between 8 and 9 am my time, so 10 and 11 yours. I'm not 100% sure how crazy it will be, but I'm just planning on buying a calling card at the bookstore and using the payphones. That should work just fine. Hopefully it will help that there are only the 3 of us on our flight. 

Thank you for your emails, I really really love hearing about what's going on! Sorry I get a little antsy about it. Letters mean 100x more than you think they do here.

Also, Sister Mancuso and I will perform our musical number! Thursday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPENCER JOHN I LOVE YOU AND WILL SING YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN PORTUGUESE ON THE PHONE. BE PREPARED. IT'S AWESOME.) the 14th, we'll skip out on 10 minutes of in-field orientation to go perform at the Senior Missionary Zone Conference. I'm excited! I think we'll probably also do it in sacrament meeting for our branch on Sunday. It's way pretty.

I saw my Book of Mormon teacher, Brother Merrill, on Sunday, and he remembered me. So that was awesome. 

I realized yesterday that I have learned essentially the equivalent of 5 years of french grammar in 5 weeks. How's that for learning a language fast? This past week we learned subjunctive and command form and past participle and past subjunctive and conditional, not to mention preterit and imperfect and one word future and two word future and present. But I'm really loving it. I'm getting to the point where I understand almost all Portuguese I hear (at least in the MTC haha, that could be different in the field), and I can speak decently. I've got a lot a lot of work to do, but I'm excited. I really love Portuguese, even though I literally cannot speak any French anymore. Sister Larson and I lament over that from time to time. Alas. C'est la vie. 

Last week we decided to write on the white board all the words we know (see picture below), and it ended up being really cool! We tried to do all the words we could think of without looking at anything, and we got a lot. Still far from fluent, but it was a neat visual.

Let's talk the Gospel.

Yesterday night, Irmão Nothum taught us a lot about the Holy Ghost. Meaning that we kind of taught ourselves, haha. But it was so good. First, we wrote down specific times that we really felt the Spirit, the situation, what happened, how we felt, and what we did. Wow. That was powerful. I remembered when I got my answer to come on my mission, when I received a confirmation that I was still supposed to after my papers were delayed, Pres. Uchtdorf's April 2014 talk, a talk someone gave in my Sparks ward about relationships (just roll with it haha don't worry about it), the time when I felt so down about Portuguese, and when I read Moses 5:5-7. There are definitely more times than that, but what I noticed is that whenever I really feel the Spirit, I know for sure that it is the Spirit and that I have received an answer. That was neat. Think about those times in your life, and try to recognize how the Spirit speaks to you. It's different for every person. 

We also studied a lot of scriptures about the Spirit. These are the ones that stuck out to me: 1 Nephi 22:2 (look up prophets in the Bible Dictionary), Alma 17:3, Alma 8:10 (really study "wrestle"), Ether 4:11, and 2 Nephi 32:1-2 (tongue of angels). So many neat things. O evangelho é verdadeiro!

AH no time! But I have so much left to tell you. Okay, next week I'll send a picture of my notes from this past Sunday's devotional. So good. I can't type it all up. But here's a snipet: 

God is ABSOLUTELY there!

When did you come to know God? How did that happen? (Watch the New Mormon Message about Todd Sylvester. So good)

As missionaries, we invite people to come to Christ, but that doesn't mean that they will come. They have to accept the message, receive it, come of their own accord. 

No one stumbles accidentally on the Church, the BoM, nothing. God has a hand in everything.

Also, we watched the Testaments on Sunday night. It was a little cheesy this time around, but still good. I think it's most important to note the influence believing in Christ had on the people, especially at the end. The Spirit definitely testifies of Him.

Quick funny story--during the movie, Jacob is flirting with the girl. She says "You didn't ask my name." He says "I know your name." And all the missionaries in the room freaked out, it was so funny. Everyone was laughing like that was the funniest thing that has happened. You end up laughing a lot in the MTC, because sometimes there is nothing else you can do. Anyways, everyone stopped laughing and just as they did so, Sister Wood burst out laughing, since, of course, it was the funniest thing that happened (it wasn't). But THAT was really funny, and everyone else was so confused, our zone cracked up, and Sister Larson was so embarrassed. Maybe you had to be there. We enjoyed it though.

I know with all my heart that God is there. Trust Him. He loves you. From many experiences in the past 7 months or so, I have learned that He is there. He has a plan for you, and sometimes that won't go the way you think or want. But it's okay. He knows what He's doing.  When you've got nothing else, He'll always be there. I know it. Eu sei que Deus é real e Ele nos ama muito.

Eu amo vocês!!

Muitos abraçoes,

Sister Knutti 

(that was supposed to mean hugs. hopefully it did.)

Love these companions!

 Elder Roberts discovered that you need to actually open the scriptures in order to gain anything from them. And apparently they aren't a good pillow.

Elder Coutu (Poland), me, and Elder Woodward (Russia)! We were good friends at BYU. 

A good ole "we're missionaries so I can't touch you and my companion has to be in the picture" picture

Elders Selfie/Groupie

Trying paper bag curls

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