Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MTC Week 6: One Day Moreeeeeeeee

The title this week is to be sung in the loudest voice possible, as is Les Mis style. (Rachel wrote this on Monday, 8/18)

Well family, this is it. Tomorrow morning at o'dark thirty I leave to head to the airport to go to Boston! I should be calling between my time of 7:30 and 9, or 9:30 and 11. AND THIS IS IMPORTANT: I got a calling card. If you do not pick up the first time, it counts as a call and basically that means I have less minutes to use to call you. So please please please pick up right away, it makes things easier. And if I call dad and home separately, I need to split the time a little, so that might be a bit of a struggle. But I'll make it happen.

A few quick things about this week since I'm almost out of time and I'll talk to you all tomorrow anyways:

-I saw Bro. Jewkes on Wednesday!! He was in the cafeteria so I stalked him a little until he sat down, then I went to go talk to him! That was pretty cool. He got a picture of us and promised to send it to you, so ask him about it if he hasn't.

-Spencer: I will sing Happy birthday to you tomorrow. Be prepared. I'm glad it's sounds like you had a fun birthday! Also. We got your cookies. And they are so good. Sister Wood said, and I quote: "Spencer, you freaking rock." She would like the recipe, so if you send it to me I will send it to her. They were pretty much the best cookies ever.

-Jenny Oaks Baker spoke at the devotional last night! That was way cool, especially because she performed like 5 songs too. She's ridiculously good. Definitely a good devotional to end on.

-I had a new companion this week! Go figure. She's a Brazil visa-waiter, so she kinda got lumped with us. I love her though, she's so awesome. Her name is Sister Schwendinger (say that 5 times fast), and she's from San Diego or thereabouts. I'll attach a picture of all 4 of us, since we stuck together mostly. I leave her tomorrow, but 4 new sisters will come in, so all will be well.

-Irmão Nothum told me today that I have the most fun name to say out of all the missionaries he's ever taught, and that's out of maybe 180, since we're his last district. You say it Ka-noo-chi, so it sounds Japanese, but it's really Swiss! Go figure. So. I consider that a win.

-The elders gave my companions and I blessings today, and it was so amazing. I am so so so grateful for worthy Priesthood holders, and that these elders who I consider my friends were able and willing to give us beautiful blessings before we go out into the field. The church is true, the Priesthood is amazing, and I know that Heavenly Father loves me and each one of us SO MUCH.

I have learned so much at the MTC. I'm sorry my time is short; if it wasn't quite so short, I'd write even more about what I've learned. But here is one of the things I've learned/discovered that is most important to me and my mission: Sister Wood said one time that she wants leaving her mission to break her heart. And I agree. I want to love the people so much, love the Lord's work so much, and have done my very very best so that I will leave with my heart breaking, but no regrets. This work is so important, and I need to work my brains out in Boston to help people come unto Christ. And that'll start tomorrow!! Finally!

I love you, I'll talk to you more tomorrow, and I'll send some pictures in just a few minutes. A igreja é verdadeira!

Sister Knutti

P.S. I'm like 95% done packing, which means I'll be done before my comps, so you should be way proud of me for that. Also, no overweight baggage. I'm improving!
Rachel with John Jewkes, one of our favorite people in the world.  He teaches Institute at the University of Utah and the MTC once a month

Our district with Irmão Lemperle and Nothum. Lemperle is the really tan one in the classroom.

I love our teachers, they're super great. I'll miss them, but I've definitely learned a TON from both of them!

We're awkward. We're missionaries. It's okay.

All four of us! Sis. S is on the right. She's way cute, and I'm sad to leave her

Me and Sister Schwendinger!

Our entire zone!

The departing missionaries, or, we could say, the "veterans", the "originals", the "best". You choose.

Sister Larson's Plan of Missionaries. It may not be 100% true, but I enjoy it.


  1. Hello Sister Rachel.
    I'm a friend of your mom's and I want to send care packages, but I'm looking to send something useful, so if you would kindly send me a list of things you like to snack on or favorite cookies or if you need pens, or something of that nature... please let me know. Ms. Emily, emilypainterdavis@gmail.com

  2. Rachel,
    Your grandfather and I are so proud of you and all you are accomplishing with your life. Love you so much.

    Grandma and Grandpa Knutti