Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 9

Oh I love and miss you family. I do. I'm glad school and seminary are going well! And the coat closet is nice and organized, very good. Ah, Ticket to Ride. Good stuff indeed, especially if you're in different rooms playing! Haha! But that does sound really great. I'm pretty sure we're allowed to play board games on Pdays but we don't have any... sad. Tell Savannah she is the greatest, from me. And actually all the young women. See below and I'll explain just a tad.
Ohhhhh yes, it was blazing here. I think it was... Saturday when we didn't use the car at all. Gotta love those sweat stains, ya know? Walking all over town in the humidity and heat is always a good time. But I'm so so so glad to be here in Brockton! This week was fantastic. Lemme tell ya....
Monday, con't.
Um. I don't remember what happened after I emailed. Probably just I played the piano a bit in the chapel, we ate food, and saw Celia. That was good! I don't remember what happened though, whoops.
EXCHANGES! So I was on exchanges all day in Foxboro with Sister Gledhill, who is just about the greatest. She is actually super good friends with Sister Wood, my MTC comp! Small world. But I love her to death, she was way fun. We ate a lot of carbs that day--pretty much only pasta.... yep, missionary life) and stopped by her investigators. Who aren't mine, so it may not be worth talking about. Oh, but one older lady, we were reading the BoM with her and she was like "What terrible names they have... Alma!" #mormonprobs
Before we got out teaching that day (and we drove, thank. goodness. I think that day was the hottest this week, if I recall. I was still way sweaty though), we had a mission-wide WebEx, which means President talked to us over the computer. A lot of it was just general information, but he also gave us a Book of Mormon reading challenge, and one I want to give to you!! SO LISTEN UP. READY? We have 2 transfers--12 weeks, but you can take longer, you have work and school and stuff, all I do is study and teach haha--to read the BoM. We were told to mark it up according to the tender mercies that we see in it (1 Nephi 1:20, Moroni 10:3-4, Title page, etc.). Think about that--tender mercies are the really nice things God does for us, especially when we feel we don't deserve it. I've learned so much by doing this so far! And President promises that we will better see the mercies in our life as we pay attention to the ones in the BoM. So I'm extending this challenge to you! Do it!
We exchanged back on Tues. night, after some plotting--see Friday--so I was back in Brockton again. A lot of our appointments fell through that day, but we were able to see a member family and read 2 Nephi 2 with them and talk about why we need opposition in life and how our attitude affects our choices and how life goes. That night too, we saw Karen again! Wow, she's still so awesome. We taught her the plan of salvation, and it went really well. AND AND AND. We extended a baptismal date for October 4 (which we might now have to move b/c of General Conference) and SHE ACCEPTED! I HAVE MY FIRST BAPTISMAL DATE SET! She is so so so awesome. She was going to come to church yesterday, but didn't because she got in a car accident the other day and hurt her back, so she spent time at the hospital Saturday night. She was there until at least 2:30am, so she just needed to go home and sleep. But that's okay--obviously she really really needs to go to church, because she's facing so much opposition! She really is so golden. I love her.
Wed. night we had a meeting with the Branch pres. about recent converts... not super exciting but necessary!
Ah, weekly planning. good stuff. Hours and hours of sitting. But this week was pretty good, we ended up actually having more of a needed companionship inventory. Sister Melo is awesome. After we finally finished planning, we saw a member, Olympia, and talked about her family--3 out of her 4 kids have served missions! That's really rare here, most of everybody is a convert and there are tons of broken families. which is sad, but so good when you see a pretty strong one! I forget what we taught her, whoops. Later that night though, we were supposed to teach Eugenia. We stopped by her salon to confirm that we'd walk with her to a member's house like 45 minutes later, and she was like yeah, okay. So. 45 minutes later, we go back to the salon, and she's disappeared. Gone. Her boss said she went home. We went to Eugenia's house, and her roommate said she was at work. So that was way freaky and annoying... we felt so bad for Claudia, the member (who is one of the very few endowed members in the branch, so she's super active and super awesome). She is so nice. We couldn't get ahold of Eugenia at all, so we ended up just going to Claudia's house to give back a bow l and apologize. She is just the greatest, though, so she was okay! We ended up sitting and talking to her for a while, which was exactly what we both needed, and hopefully something she needed too. She fed us dinner and everything! :) We told her about one of the tender mercies we had both noticed that morning in our studies (see above!!). Sam, Nephi's brother. I thought of Lord of the Rings, not gonna lie. But what a tender mercy it was for Nephi that his older brother believed him and stood by him! Food for thought. I gotta go faster. So our little talk and lesson with Claudia was really really good.
Oh, about Eugenia. Apparently she picked up and went to Rhode Island on a whim to see her 5-yo daughter (that happens.. the kids thing I mean). So.... yeah. Okay. We're gonna DTR with her soon, because she keeps falling through. Probably because we gave her a chastity pamphlet...
But. Friday. Sister Melo's 20th birthday!!! Oh, this was a good day. In the morning, we had a zone meeting about how we can fill up our planners when something falls through. Good good good stuff. We heard a story about some WWII battle.. I forget which. But think of the one in Daniel with the firey furnace--the men (i'm not gonna spell their names) said they believed the Lord would save them. BUT IF NOT they would still never deny Him and worship an idol. Think about that--BUT IF NOT. This is my new motto. Regardless of the consequences, we still need to do the work the Lord has asked of us. Be bold. Don't worry about what will happen, since it doesn't matter. But have the faith to do it anyways, believing that everything will work out in the end. Faith is nothing without action. So ACT! Oh yes, and transfer texts!! But no one in our district was transferred, so that's cool :)
We tried seeing a bunch of people today, but it all fell through. I forget what we did. But for dinner, we went to the Morreira family, a member family. Their oldest daughter goes to BYU and the ward Sis. Melo's family is in, so they set things all up with videos from her family for her birthday! It was so awesome! This family is just the greatest. Sis. Melo was crying and smiling and we all ate really hot really good food in the really small really hot house. But oh, it was so good. Then. Okay then. Ready? We heart attacked Beizinha's door (18 yo YW who is really THE bomb dot com, she shares the gospel so well and comes out with us all the time. I'll need a picture with her) because her birthday was Saturday. Then. We went home. And my plan came in full circle. So lemme tell ya.
Sis. Gledhill and I planned a surprise birthday party for Sister Melo! It was beautiful. She and her comp were coming to our apartment already to do exchanges with the other sisters, so they got everything set up and decorated so when we got home, it was a little party! We actually got home a little early, whoops, but it worked out just fine. And we totally surprised Sister Melo! That was my devious plan,and it was so close to perfect. Hahaha it was awesome. the picture (I think I included... wait no in another email I will) is of us on the couch, all the sisters in the zone. They're so great. Sis. Gledhill's comp is Sister Jessop, and she is so funny. the others are the sisters I live with :)
Good good good hard hard hard day. Whew, gotta go fast. Studies, training, lunch, Celia! We talked with her about Esther and how important it is to have courage, despite our trials and the scary things we're asked to do. We told her to pray, come to church, and fast for help to talk to her dad about being baptized. She's so close! This week we're gonna go talk with her and her dad about it. We also saw 2 formers, who are now our new investigators! Aurizandra and Nilse, plus Nilse's sister Jessica. Wow, these people are so humble and ready for the gospel. There are some difficult family situations, but they're doing great.
We tried to go to a lesson with the Haitianaries/English Elders but the guy wasn't home sooooooo we talked to a guy who really likes to talk! He's a potential. Then we went out with a member to see a bunch more people and got caught in the rain. that was fun. The elders saved us and drove us home, haha.
We had 3 investigators at church!!!!! Celia, Nilse (who are friends with Beizinha), and Aurizandra. It was awesome!!! Fast and Testimony meeting was also good. Oh, about YW, I went into the YW with the girls, and lemme tell ya, our ward is awesome. These girls are awesome too, for sure, but I'm partial to ours :) And guess what the lesson was on? Dating. good stuff.
After church, we had some lessons with members and 2 new investigators! Excited about that. The work is really moving! One of them has already been to church 3 times, so she's way ready. Then we talked with a member, Nenezinha, about Ether 6, and it was so awesome. Please go study that chapter! Think about how it applies to you life. It's so cool.
Um I'm boring today. We did laundry and grocery shopping... and soccer. Oh, my ankle is a lot better now! It still hurts some, but isn't as swollen.
Well family, I love ya, gotta run I think, since we're gonna go to lunch with the elders. I love you, have a great week, look for a little bit of mail, and I hope to hear from you soon! Oh, dad, I got the pillow and waterbottle. Thank you so much! They're great. :)
Pictures are on the way!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sister Knutti
District Sisters

The owl was in timeout

Sister Gledhill

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