Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 10: Sunday is not the day of rest for a missionary, but the church is still true.

Dad, there are 11 Portuguese sisters in the Mission currently, but one just went home for medical reasons. I could go to Framingham/Marlboro, Dorchester, South Coast, some place in Rhode Island now I think, and maybe Cambridge. They just closed that for PO, but they'll put elders in next transfer. We'll see. Or maybe I'll get put into an English area or open a new one or something. Who knows? Heavenly Father. So I'm not worried :)

And that is SO AWESOME that Westward the Tide got to sing at the BYU game. They're so good, they deserve to get really famous. Also then I'd be related to a famous person, so that's cool.


By day seems to work best for me.. let me know if you'd prefer another way.

We had just a glorious lesson with Karen on Monday night, and this time we had Ana Paula, a member come with us. Karen is still so golden, it's ridiculous. Maybe she's platinum? Anyways, we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. She totally gets it. When we asked what standing as a witness means, she said "oh, like if you're in a big group of people and someone asks who believes in God, you'd stand up, raise your hand and say 'I do!'" So yeah, she gets it. And Ana Paula was amazing too, she taught all about the Holy Ghost, we didn't teach that like at all. She also told her whole life story, which was pretty cool. After the lesson, she got Karen's number and told us that she feels like God wants her to be Karen's friend, so she promised to bring her to church (see Sunday) and text/call her during the week. Let me tell ya, members don't always just do that for someone they don't know. So try that sometime! So great. I love Ana Paula. We have another lesson with Karen tonight about the Word of Wisdom, or maybe Chastity. We gotta figure that out, haha. We'll do that soon though. I love Karen. We're gonna move her date to October 11, just because of General Conference, but we still have to ask her about that haha. Tonight! (tonight.... ah West side story)
That night we bought African dresses, and I already sent those pictures. Those things are so comfortable, I would suggest investing in one. Or I'll get you one. Maybe not for dad, but I guess if he wants one....

Tuesday. And Wednesday. I'm gonna group them together, you will see why.... continue on, reader.
Tuesday we were pretty much out of commission, because we studied, started a project to make little booklets of members according to the map of Brockton (basically the project will make us way more productive), then drove to the MISSION HOME! :) I didn't have the normal experience there since I came mid transfer, so I was invited back. We ate dinner with all the greenies, studied the BoM with President (fav), and went contacting in Boston Commons! Plus some basic training which I already knew. It was way fun, and I love being around President and Sister Packard, they are really the best. Wednesday night was transfer meeting, so I went to that! It was so cool, we got to see the greenies meet their trainers. There were 3 sisters from Brazil that came, 2 to speak PO and 1 English, so I had gotten to know them a little bit. I hope to be companions with them one day, they're all so awesome and nice!
At transfer meeting, I really felt the Spirit and was reminded how I need to consecrate myself to the Lord, not only now, but for the rest of my life. We all do. But as a missionary, this is the perfect time for me to do so, when I don't have so many things to worry about except Him and His work. I'm really trying to forget myself, the things I miss, and what I want, because this work isn't about me. I have such the privilege to be here as a missionary, so I better use time wisely. So my goal for my mission is to forget myself and go to work. On the back of my new planner, I wrote "All that I have, do and AM is the Lord's." Because it is. 

Oh, hey, guess what? TWO MORE BAPTISMAL DATES! I am so excited. These were for Nilse and Jessica, 2 sisters who I think were taught before. They're friends with Celia and Beizinha. They LOVED the Plan of Salvation and had so many good questions. They are also so prepared, and I am so blessed to be able to teach them. They're date is Oct. 11, so we'll have 3, hopefully 4 with Celia soon, that day. I'm way pumped. Oh this work is the best. Also what was so good to see was Beizinha after the lesson! She came with us, and when we got out, she just said "Are you serious?!?" And we proceeded to talk about the lesson all 45 min of the walk home. Beizinha is so so so amazing. Have I already said that? Oh well, it's true. She is probably the most amazing person I've met. Her faith is so strong, her conversion story is amazing, and she is way fun. She comes out with us a lot. I love her so much, and I can't even describe how much.
So that lesson was awesome, then we had dinner with a member and talked more about tender mercies. SO. What tender mercies have you seen recently? I know I told you about that challenge, so I expect reports.

Yeah not much all day long... oh, dad, there's this place we went for district lunch called Little Sami's, and you'd love it. So if you're ever close to West Bridgewater, Mass, go there. It's kinda like firehouse subs, but I would submit better. 
We did have a quick lesson with Celia and Beizinha. And let me tell you, that was one of the times I have felt the Spirit the strongest in my whole life. I can't quite explain it. We didn't talk much, just about Celia and her dad still. I don't really remember, honestly. We did talk about the Stripling warriors a little, but what I really remember is how I could feel God's love for both girls so strongly. It was amazing. I think that is what Celia needed to give her the push to talk to her dad, which we'll do tomorrow. We'll see!

We taught Karen's friend, Steven, and he's just as golden as she is. He brought up baptism before we did! We taught him with the English elders, and we thought we'd give him to them, but then he came to the PO branch, so we'll see haha still figuring that out. But wow, he's way ready too, and so eager to learn and study the BoM. I love those people. I love all people, actually. Charity!
That night, Sis. Belchior and I went out together while the other sisters went to a wedding in Cambridge, and we got caught in the rain. That was fun. She's amazing, so obedient and still fun. I have a lot to learn from her. Oh, and that night I ate a chicken heart. 
That day we decided to work with our YW a lot more! I'm really excited to get to know these girls better. I think it will make such a difference to the branch.

Not a day of rest, apparently. Sis. Lowenthal and I practiced for and performed a version of Beautiful Savior during the first hour (performed in sacrament meeting, which is last), then we were asked to teach CTR 4! The manual was in Portuguese. So I had not much of an idea how to teach 5 yos about how Jesus healed the children in the Book of Mormon. So we taught them "I Wonder When He Comes Again." They may not know it, but Sis. L and I sure do, ahah. It was really fun to teach them, but crazy.
Oh, yes, we had SIX investigators at church! Karen finally came, Steven, Jessica, Celia, Laura, Aurizanda. It was way cool! I didn't talk to any of them much because I was running around, but I think they all really liked it :)
Then that day my stomach started hurting... ugh. It was okay later that night, but we had to cancel a lesson and I stayed home with Sis. B again so I could rest a little more and eat. Sis. L said I had low blood sugar. I'm totally fine now, but it was frustrating to not be able to go out and work! I'm grateful it only lasted a few hours though, not longer.

One day I'll write a short letter. I really should do that, these things are probably way too long and no one really reads all the way through, except maybe Mom and Dad. Thanks, parentals. :) 

So basically I'm working on consecrating myself to the Lord, because it's all about HIM, not me. What I want has no consequence. Rachel doesn't matter right now, but Sister Knutti can do a lot of work for the Lord. And my time is so short! I've been out over 2 months now, almost a month in the field, and it's crazy. Only 16 months left... that will fly. 

I've been learning so much from the BoM as I study for the tender mercies. Please take the opportunity to study it like that, it is truly amazing. Think about every verse, and look for opportunities to learn,and you will!

I love you family and friends! Thanks, mom, for sending my music. It's felt so good to play it again. I love being a missionary, and I'm learning to love the people so much.

Until next week, 
Sister Knutti

P.S. Tell me something you learned from your scripture study this week! Seriously! :)

Me and Sis. Belchior in the rain... and we had such good hair that day. Ah well, anything for the Lord!

African dresses and interesting product placement

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