Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 16: The Book is Blue. The Church is True. Sister Knutti Loves You.

Well goooooooooood afternoon world! Somehow I'm using my time very well this week for emailing. Probably because I just scan other missionaries' emails, haha. I love 'em, but time is short, you know.
Fun Fact of the week: wow, Cape Verdeans seriously know how to have a goooood time. We had an activity for the adults on Saturday, and they had lots of music and dancing, and it was so fun. 

Last day of #futbol with my first District. It was raining and 7 in the morning, so the picture turned out really cool!
Our new district! Elders Moreira, Cavina, Soller, Friebe, Miller
Sisters Carone, Goncalves, mim, Lowenthal, Miller
It'll be a good transfer!

Hm, let's see...
Sister Lowenthal and I performed a little concert for Sisters Melo and Belchior, since it was their last PDay in Brockton. It was really fun, and we kind of all ended up crying at the end. Later, we visited Laura at dialysis. Can I just take a moment to remind you how AMAZING our bodies are?? The machine that filters her blood is probably about the size of Spencer. And we have TWO organs (kidneys) that do that in our bodies, and they are so much smaller. Be seriously grateful for them too--Laura, the poor thing, spends 9 hours a week sitting in a chair so her blood can be filtered. And she's had 9 surgeries. Be grateful for working bodies, for sure.
We saw Miguel again! He's supposed to come to church this Sunday, so that will be really exciting. We stopped by a bunch of people today because Sister Melo was getting ready to leave, so not much more exciting than that. BUT. Laura did have her baptismal interview with President Haight, one of the mission presidency counselors. It was really amazing. We got to both sit in on it, because Sister Melo needed to translate. President Haight is a powerful man. His testimony is really strong, and he is very wise in what and how he says things. Unfortunately, Laura decided to not be baptized yesterday BUT she's still planning on it! She's just trying to move apartments and wants to do it in a few weeks, so it'll still happen.
Sister Lowenthal and I kinda had a trial companionship day, haha. The other sisters needed to pack, so we ran a bunch of random errands like washing and vacuuming the car in the rain. Actually, it was closer to snow. Ugh, thanks New England. It was right between rain and snow, and it's only October! Winter's a-comin'...
Unfortunately, we were not allowed to go to transfer meeting, so we deep cleaned the apartment before the new sisters came in. Also, we had to say goodbye to our companions as they drove away... that was a little weird but it's okay and it feels more normal now.
It rained for probably 3 days straight, yippee. But that's okay! Missionary work carries on, rain or shine! We weekly planned, and it took SO LONG but we finally got out and ran into a member who gave us a ride to a lesson where she actually knew the whole family. I'm telling you, Brockton is smaller than the Mormon world. And! It was Sis. L's and my first lesson as companions, so that was exciting!
Okay. Sister Lowenthal and I made tons of calls after district meeting to set up people to bring food to the aforementioned activity, and we got sick of staying inside, so we walked to Fabiana's house. That walk literally takes at least an hour, and we were fastwalking. So, Mom, you should be proud of me. I'm proud of us! We were EXHAUSTED but we did go to a party thrown for the YW and Cindy, which went well. Then we stopped by Rita, the RS president. By then, though, I didn't pay attention to any portuguese... whoops.
Also not really any appointments today. We stopped by a couple of people and set up other appointments and made calls and went to the branch activity! Have I told you how much I love Cape Verdean food? Their rice is to die for. Not to mention pastel, panella, and their tendency to bring delicious juice of which I partake. The activity was so fun, though it did, according to Cape Verdean culture, start almost 2 hours late. Alas.

The Primary Program! I loved it, except that meant church started earlier, so a bunch of people didn't come... we were combined with the English ward. Oh well. We showed Fabiana the font--she was really scared by it before--and she's not scared anymore! Hahaha I love her. Then Sis. L and I were called in to help with Nursery, so that's how we spent our church time. It was way fun actually. 
Later we had an amazing lesson with a girl named Keila, who used to be a former. AnaPaula, our member, basically taught the whole lesson, which was fine by us! It went very well. 
Unfortunately, Sis. L and I have been getting sick over the last couple of days. Some sinus or cold thing. We kind of feel a little crappy all around, but the work carries on! That meant after branch council, we just went home to rest. Then had a lovely conversation with the other sisters about what happens to the bodies when people die. Don't ask me why. I squirmed the whole time anyways.
My bag broke the other day, so I had to buy a new one. Only 3 1/2 months in! Oh well. Errands, you know. And here we are! :)
It sounds like everyone had a really good week! I hope this one is good too. Have a happy Halloween! Missionaries get to go home early. Actually, we have to be home in our apartments a few hours early. Speaking of which! Some days we get snowed in and we aren't allowed to drive, SO WHAT WOULD BE LOVELY (PLEASE) is if you could send me a board game or two, some packs of cards, and instructions for how to play Narts!! Please. And CDs :) As far as other things, a new clothing item or something would be nice, but I don't think I really truly need anything. Want? That's a different story...
I'm glad to hear everything with TriVir and family and baseball and Halloween and everything is good! I miss you all so much. Have a great week and I'll talk to you in November! (already??)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 15: 101 Days on the Mission

Seriously! If you say it fast, it will even sound like Dalmations.

Pictures: Us and Fabiana! She loves me too, I promise. Also, Me and Sister Jessop. I love her.

Whew, what a week! I honestly don't remember much of what happened, ahahah. That's why missionaries have planners, otherwise I would have NO idea what is happening. Ever.
We had FHE at Niquinha's house with Fabiana! It was perfect. Oh, Fabiana is the best. She learns quickly, is fluent in like 4 languages, and is so wonderful. Everyone who knows her loves her. Poor thing stays with her mom or alone all day usually, besides school. I hope church will help her have more friends.
Exchanges! Sister Jessop came to Brockton, and I got to drive!!! That was really great. Also, our day was simply fantastic. She's an English missionary, so It was mostly up to me in the Portuguese lessons. We did teach Miguel, and she knew some ASL, so that went well! We finally got Sister Olson, who knows ASL from her mission, to come with us. It was great! ALSO! We found out there are two less active deaf men in the ward here, as well as a hearing girl in the YSA branch who is fluent in ASL!!!! We're going to get a group started. Seriously. Sister Jessop will help me :)
We also saw Aurizanda, Jessica, and Laura, and we taught all of them about tithing and fasting. Here's pretty much what I learned from the day--I can actually speak Portuguese/some tiny bits of creole. I gave almost all of Aurizanda's lesson (our member fell through), and 2/3 of Laura's. In Portuguese. What. I can do it! That was the reminder I needed that I have learned so much and the Lord is really on my side and will help me as long as I try. It was really amazing, and I think a miracle.
Also, I just love Sister Jessop a lot. We had a really fun day :)
We saw Ilina and Clesio, and those lessons went pretty well. I dunno, missionary stuff. :) We also talked with the elders about the things we need to do to make Brockton better. There are a lot of things to improve on, but we're focusing on having members present at lessons. It really helps, so GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES. And that's all I have to say 'bout that.
Weekly planning...... the usual. Always good! Just long. And I eat so. much. food. But it's good. We also taught Laura again, and she accepted the word of wisdom and chastity really easily! She does need an interview with President Haight of the mission presidency, but it's really not a big deal. She actually told us on Sunday that she wants more time for her baptism, which is on THIS SUNDAY.... she said she needs a month. No way! She is so prepared. But we're going to talk to her tonight about it, and we'll still go through with the interview. President Haight talked with us a bit about it this morning, and he said (like it says in Moroni 7) that we can only learn so much about the gospel with the Light of Christ. When we have the Holy Ghost, we can learn so much more! We really think that, and he, will help her. So stay tuned, my first baptism might be this Sunday!!!
We also visited Sandra, a really strong member in Cape Verde who is here visiting her son, who's dad is unfortunately very strict and doesn't let him come to church, even though he really wants to. We're doing our best to help though! It was a cool lesson--both Sandra and her son have such strong testimonies.
T-texts. That's when the mission sends out texts about transfers, it happens every Friday before the transfer ends around lunch time. Except it didn't. So naturally I stressed all day long about it, knowing big things were going to change. We FINALLY got them at 9:30 or so that night! Here's the scoop:
-Elder Lopes is shotgun training in Cambridge! Woo hoo!
-Elder Vecchi is going to be a digital missionary.
-Sister Belchior is going to Rhode Island! We actually have a whole plan for my mission, which includes her going to RI, and then I'll join her there soon. Then later on I'll be in a zebra companionship with Sister Asay in Southcoast. Watch. It'll happen.
-Sister Melo is going to Southcoast. I guess I'm not a greenie when my trainer gets transferred, right? I actually kinda knew this would happen... and I am a little sad. We did get close, but not super close. I've learned a lot from her, for sure. But I know I'll be glad to see her again, so I say that's a good sign :)
And now Sister Lowenthal and I will be companions!!! I'm way excited for that! Except literally NO ONE will be able to say either of our names. Seriously. They try hers, then end at "Lowe....." and with me, I usually get strange stares, or the usual "Nooddy". Good stuff. Even from Elder Moreira.... ugh, Brazilians. Just kidding. I really have become converted to Brazilian... everything. I guess that just happens when you live with two of them! Two more sisters are coming here, so that will be fun! I've met both, and they seem great.
Friday we had lessons, but they weren't extraordinary. Aurizanda fed us dinner though! Her food is delicious. I think Cape Verdean food would be GOLDEN for Elder Walter. Too bad he's just is Arizona. And the people here INSIST that you eat seconds, or they get offended. They are such good cooks. I want to learn from them.
Sister Melo taught the Socidade de Socorro how to make Brazilian Stroganoff. Also delicious. I will always be a fan of Brazilian food.
We taught Fabiana too! She's great. Her questions are so inspired. The poor thing is afraid of water, so her baptism is worrying her a little. She'll follow through, though. We'll help her :)
Crazy Sunday. Seriously. Sister Melo, Belchior, and the Elders were saying goodbye to everyone and I told people over and over "sim, eu vou ficar. Vou ficar. Oh, sim, vou ficar." I hug them and they talk to Sister Melo. My time will come. But hopefully not soon! I love Brockton, and I have lots of work to do here.
We talked to Jayla about JSH 1:11-20, and a bunch of other things. Really focus on v. 20. We're all disturbers and annoyers of Satan's kingdom! That's because we are so strong. And so powerful. So don't give him any power!
We also taught Jasiana the Word of Wisdom--no problems there--and the law of chastity. She does have some things to figure out, but she's so willing to do what we ask. It's awesome!
This next week will bring lots of changes. We get a new car, too! A red 2014 Toyota Corolla. What's up. Sis. L will be the designated driver though, sad day. But she's happy :) We have to split our investigators and give some to the sisters coming in, so that will be an adjustment. But a good one!
I love you family and friends. Keep strong in the faith. It's when we're the strongest and doing the best things that we are tempted and tried the most, but stay strong. Things will get better! It's good to hear everyone is doing well, though.
I really need to get better at writing less. I love ya, but I eat my time up...
OH! Fun fact for the week: Brockton is the district of greenies. Seriously, Sis. L has been out 1 transfer longer than me, and the elders are all pretty new too. So that's cool.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 14: Brick, Axl, and Sue

(If you watch "The Middle", you'll understand the title.  It's one of our family's faves.)

Happy over 3 months to me!

First. Go see Meet the Mormons. All y'all. It's amazing! We got to see it on Thursday at Zone Conference, and it was really neat. Please invite nonmember friends to see it with you! It will make more of a difference than you know. I expect--I really do--everyone to tell me if/when they see it and invite people. I am a missionary, and I WILL follow up.

I'll explain the title further through the email, but I'll begin with our fun fact for the week.

Fun Fact: Apparently there is a holiday called Patriots Day. I was honestly so confused because I have never heard of such a day. Well, truth be told, it's not a new holiday. It's actually Veteran's Day but I guess New England has to be different, sooo yeah. 

Here's your second fun fact of the week: When Sister Knutti plays soccer, every time she gets close to the ball or another person, she always, almost without fail, let's out a great "WHOOP!" Thus the first part of the title. Seriously, and I'm the only one who notices it. But I swear I don't do it on purpose.

Also, there are so many houses here that are either covered in siding or shingles that I miss BRICK houses. (2 birds with one stone there!)

Let's continue with MISSIONARY WORK. :)

Uhhh pday! Woohoo! And that night we went to teach Fabiana, a really cute and sweet 10 year old girl who's mom is a less active returned missionary. Fabiana isn't baptized.... yet. Stay tuned. We taught her the Restoration, and it went really well. She has amazing questions!

We had a mission WebEx that morning, which was good as always. We taught Malu and Ludjero, who are the kids of a member here but they just came from Cape Verde and are not members. Unfortunately, we're not sure how much they actually understand... But that night we walked with Jayla to Jessica's house for a lesson, which was AMAZING. We mostly talked about her baptism and what she wanted to do about that. Celia was there too, actually. Jayla was such a help. She shared some very personal stories, but they helped Jessica a lot and we ended up praying about which day she should be baptized. She said the prayer--it was nice, long, and mostly consisted of silence. At first, in the middle of the prayer, she said she wasn't feeling anything but, as she told us later, she remembered what we'd said about having faith and realized she needed to really have faith she'd get an answer! And she did--the 30th of November it is. A bit far away, but it sounds and feels right to all of us. Thank goodness for Jayla. She is amazing.

We had weekly planning today, so that was exciting as always. Later, we visited Isabel again. She may not have the strongest testimony, but she is still so willing to share the gospel! We watched Elder Bednar's Conference talk with her and it got her very pumped up. I love her. Later that day we taught a potential, Clesio, who's now our new investigator! So that was exciting. He's very open and ready to listen.
Unfortunately, we heard that night that a young woman in the branch got hit by a car that morning. (hence, AXL) Good news is she's doing okay! We saw her yesterday--she's home. She has a broken arm and some scrapes on her face and needs more time to recuperate, but she'll be okay. Keep her--Cindy--in your prayers please. Jayla was talking to us a little about it and said she hopes Cindy's family SUEs the guy because he definitely saw her but didn't stop.

President and Sister Packard, President Haight, the APs, and one of the Providence stake counselors and his wife spoke. The theme of the conference was Zion--how we can actually go about creating Zion. It's totally possible--4 known groups in the scriptures have had Zion, namely Enoch's people, the people after Christ's death--think Acts--the people of Mosiah after Alma created the Church (ps ask me one day about what I've learned about the Place of Mormon. Some of it might surprise you...), and the people in the beginning of 4 Nephi. And the MBM can do it too. We all need to have one eye, one heart, one mind, and all be working at it, but it's possible. You can have Zion too! In any relationship, Zion is possible. Study about it. 
We also got to watch Meet the Mormons! It's amazing. Please tell everyone to go watch it. If you need to persuade them, tell them at the end it talks about missionaries--which is what I'm doing! And it will and can only brighten your day.
Conference lasted literally almost 12 hours, so that's all we did. But it was probably the fastest 12 hours of my life.

We had a Zone WebEx and discussed more about Zion! Really, it's so cool and a goal I'm striving for. And because of all this Zion talk, Sister Melo and I talked a lot about how we really need to work and be better at having a Zion companionship. It's not that we don't get along, but that we haven't been loving each other like we should. We had a good long talk about it but we are working harder. 
We visited Angela, the less active lady, again, and Karen. She dropped off the map a bit, but we'll see her Friday
And Fabiana again! Oh, she's the best. Let me give you a taste--there are unicorns in the pre-mortal life and the celestial kingdom (I mean, why wouldn't there be?) And I guess Jesus must have had extensions in the Bible video when He got baptized. We told the other sisters later, and Sister Belchior agreed only a little black girl would say that. So funny. 
Anyways, we extended a baptism date--November 8--and she accepted! She is the best. She did come to church yesterday, and got to see a confirmation. I am so pumped for her. She's totally on the road to baptism. We're seeing her tonight for an FHE at Niquinha's house :)

Basically all we did was visit Jayla and run around a bit before we went to the baptism! The elders had one baptism, a man named Manuel, and we all went. He was so late, but it did happen. Oh, and the little visit with Jayla was so good! She is so sweet--in her woodshop class she made us a key holder. I'll get a picture for next week. She is amazing. I will always stay in touch with her. Mom, due to some crazy school circumstances, she can't go to Seminary without missing the bus. Any suggestions of what she could do?
We also talked to Celia after the baptism.... right now we're mostly focused on helping her and being her friends. She's going through a tough time right now.

We had SEVEN investigators at church! It was fantastic. Lots of running around, but fast and testimony meeting is always so good for them to hear.
Long story short, we only had one lesson that day--with Jasiana. She is more than golden, she's platinum. She basically quoted Alma 32:21 before we even read it. She is so ready for the gospel. We extended a baptismal date for the 30th of November, and she accepted! I love her so much, she's wonderful. She told us, too, that she believes God put us in her path for a reason. :)

And here we are today! The week has been long, full of ups and downs, but things will be okay. Laura was sick all this week, but she came to church yesterday and is fine. This week is packed, and we actually have a lesson with a different person all the way until the end of this week, except for Laura! Such is life here in Brockton. Tomorrow we have exchanges, and I'll stay here with Sister Jessop. I'm excited! I love those sisters. And AND I'm green-dotted, so I'm going to drive tomorrow! (AXL) Yippee!

I love you all. Have a great week, watch a few Middle episodes for me, keep these people in your prayers. This week will be long, hard, but good. And on Friday we get T-texts--transfer texts. We'll see who stays and who goes. Honestly, Brockton has crazy transfers, so no one feels safe. I'll let you know on Monday how that goes. 

Mom, Dad: could you send me some CDs please? Pretty much just church music. Whatever you can find is good. Also, Christmas time is coming! So could you find/send me one or two or more of Christmas music? Sadly, Rudolph won't cut it this year. But all of the more spiritual songs will. Thank you!!!

Also I would love a cookbook. For Christmas or whatever is fine, but I just never cook anything hahaha. Popcorn for days. 

And tooooooast. All day. 

I LOVE YOU family and friends. Have a good week. Keep strong in the faith. Read and study Mosiah 18, about the Place of Mormon. Here's the starter: The Book of Mormon is actually named for the place where the people "came to know their Redeemer". Think about that.

Superhero Pose

Air guitar?

Superheroes in the Field

Zone Conference before and after the paint war

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 13: A White Girl in Brockton??

Yes, someone (a mutterer... they have those in Brockton. Sometimes people just talk to themselves. A lot. Soooo yep.) actually said that when he passed me as Sister Melo and I were getting into the car last night. I thought it was actually hilarious. #whitegirlproblems
This week has had both deep lows and amazing highs. Hopefully I can write about it all in my short time limit.
Something I'd like to do each week is give you a fun fact for the week. Just a little something, you know?
Fun Fact for this week: apparently everyone in Brockton thinks September is the perfect time to put up Christmas decorations. I'll let you decide on that.
This week we gained 3 new investigators! Ilina, Elizabeth, and Jasiana. We taught Jasiana once before, but it's been a while so we count her again.  They're all great. Ilina is very stubborn and a little critical of everything we teach, but she was the one who wanted to learn from us. If she has a great experience, she'll soften. Elizabeth's mom is a less active, and the elders had taught both of them once, but we decided to tag team on them because Elizabeth is Ilina's cousin and is at her house all the time. Basically everyone in Brockton is related. You didn't think it got smaller than the Mormon world, did you? Well apparently Brockton can. I'll talk about Jasiana later :)
We taught Miguel twice too! That was neat, but I get really tired after teaching him, haha. I talked to President Packard about him to see what kind of resources we might have for deaf people. Unfortunately, there is little to no resources at all in the mission, and he can't ask for ASL missionaries because there are no groups or branches or anything. So. I've taken on the project to see what resources are here in Brockton to see if we can get something going for these people. How terrible would it be if you really wanted to go to church but couldn't hear anything and no one would translate? Ugh. So I'm going to try my best to help Miguel and the other deaf people I know are out there to see if something can get started.
Right as we began Weekly Planning on Thursday, the other sisters asked if we could have an "apartment inventory". It was really good to have. We talked about the things we need to change and how we can be better and be more like Zion all together, including doing things like getting to bed right on time, starting studies on time, things like that. That all may not mean much to any of you, but it was so good for us to talk about. 
Let's talk about some of the amazing members here in Brockton for a minute: Isabel, a YW who is almost inactive and getting into modeling. We're seeing her and helping her with Personal Progress and she's awesome. Basically. Maria Almeida, she used to be less active, but is coming back. Her son wants to go on a mission and finally got Sundays off of work. They're both amazing and I enjoy teaching them. I can also understand them pretty well :) Angela is this old lady we found a week or two ago who we really thought would be one of those who didn't realllllly know what we were talking about. She was baptized a few years ago here, actually, but is less active. But we were pleasantly surprised! She has some health problems, but she remembers so much and is so kind and actually really cool. Every time we go to see her, I walk out just like "she's awesome, okay." She just needs a ride to church and she'll come! Those are the best kinds of less actives, I would say. She can't read because her eyesight is so bad, but we're going to try to read to her every so often. It'll be great. :) And Beizinha? Stay tuned.
Okay, Jessica and Celia. They were the main focus of the week, and it was those girls who brought the real ups and downs. I still love them, don't worry. Wednesday we saw each of them and had really good spiritual prayers and talks with them, separately. They were both feeling very uncertain about their baptisms, so we really tried to build them up and commit them to read the BoM and pray. Friday we went to check up on them (actually Celia is Ilina's cousin and at her house when we taught her, but still... that's where we talked to her) and their prayers, reading, and feelings about baptism. Celia. Oh Celia. She has things she needs to repent of, but she says there is still something else that is making her feel unhappy, not excited, and uncomfortable with her baptism. Oh, it was sad. We tried to talk and help as much as we could but there was only so much we could do, you know? When we left, I just about cried. (Her date is dropped now, for the third time in the year and a half she's been taught. Lots of people were sad by this... including a sister who had gone home but was going to fly back for her baptism. Sad.) We drove to Beizinha's house to tell her about it, and the three of us just cried together. What else could we do? We're all still at a loss, unfortunately. Poor Beizinha. This is her best friend and she's been trying to help her for so long. That girl is so strong, and I am incredibly blessed to know her. If there is nothing else I've done in Brockton, getting to know Beizinha is enough.
Jessica. We went to see her with Beizinha after Celia... and she told us the same sorts of things. She doesn't really have serious things to repent of, but wasn't as excited as she wanted to be. And had barely prayed at all. We told her to pray and come to Conference, but we had little hope. Friday was a low. (Except I did get the letters from the Wolfords--thank you SO MUCH. Those really made my day a lot brighter. I'll try to write letters back :) )
Saturday, we had Conference!!! Oh, it was amazing. So so so so so good, and I wish I could tell you all of my favorites and everything. We ended up watching it in English at the chapel, because I knew I'd get more out of it. But I promised myself I'd watch it in Portuguese in April. I better know the language by then, seriously. I love conference. Ah. Please watch it if you haven't already! Oh yes, and apparently Jessica TRIED and WANTED to come to Conference!! We stopped by her afterwards and that's what she told us. Our ride for her didn't work again (bizarre...) but she had gotten ready but never heard a knock on the door. Just wait...
Sunday. More conference!!! Love it. And. Jessica came! For both sessions! And the 2 hours in between! Amazing! Seriously. Watching conference with her was better than I knew it could be. She loved it too! Especially Elder Scott's talk, which I think was my favorite as well (and Elder Klebingat's. And Bednar's. I LOVED his.). She took notes, said she liked the song "Count Your Blessings", got to know this hilarious YW named Jayla, and I geniunely think she had a great time. After conference finished, we asked her about baptism. She said she wants to be baptized but wants to feel ready. !!!!!!!! We gave her the options of still October 11th or the 26th. She wants to pray about it, and we'll see what her answer is tomorrow. I am SO HAPPY. SUNDAY WAS SERIOUSLY SO PERFECT. AGH.
Plus Sunday night, I found my umbrella (I had left it at a member's house, whoops), the stars were BEAUTIFUL, and we taught Jasiana. Let me tell you, teaching her was unlike any other lesson I've taught thus far. It all felt... clear. Everything we said, everything she said, it was so clear, concise, and it flowed. It was amazing. She literally gave us her word that she would read and pray everyday. She is willing to be baptized even though she was baptized 6 months ago into her other church. She is so open, so ready, and amazing. Crazy busy, but amazing. No date yet, but we need to pray about her :)
All in all, Friday night was one of the hardest yet. But Sunday was one of the best days I've ever had in my life. I wish I could explain better how I feel, but I can't! I tried though :)
And this week will be great. We have some potentials, ZONE CONFERENCE on Thursday (where we will get to watch Meet the Mormons!!!), and possibly a baptism for Jessica on Saturday. Even if not that, it will still be so good. Also,Thursday is my 3 month mark. Crazy. Oh crazy. Time flies. But I love it here. Things are good. It sounds like things are good at home, and I hope everyone has a great week! Try to think about the things you learned in conference and DO THEM. That's how we will improve.
Time is short, but eu bo kre tcheu.
I love you!
Sister Knutti

Brockton in the fall

The selfie is of me, Sis. Melo, Jessica (on the left), Jayla, a HILARIOUS girl who I love a lot. And Beizinha. I love her so much too.