Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 14: Brick, Axl, and Sue

(If you watch "The Middle", you'll understand the title.  It's one of our family's faves.)

Happy over 3 months to me!

First. Go see Meet the Mormons. All y'all. It's amazing! We got to see it on Thursday at Zone Conference, and it was really neat. Please invite nonmember friends to see it with you! It will make more of a difference than you know. I expect--I really do--everyone to tell me if/when they see it and invite people. I am a missionary, and I WILL follow up.

I'll explain the title further through the email, but I'll begin with our fun fact for the week.

Fun Fact: Apparently there is a holiday called Patriots Day. I was honestly so confused because I have never heard of such a day. Well, truth be told, it's not a new holiday. It's actually Veteran's Day but I guess New England has to be different, sooo yeah. 

Here's your second fun fact of the week: When Sister Knutti plays soccer, every time she gets close to the ball or another person, she always, almost without fail, let's out a great "WHOOP!" Thus the first part of the title. Seriously, and I'm the only one who notices it. But I swear I don't do it on purpose.

Also, there are so many houses here that are either covered in siding or shingles that I miss BRICK houses. (2 birds with one stone there!)

Let's continue with MISSIONARY WORK. :)

Uhhh pday! Woohoo! And that night we went to teach Fabiana, a really cute and sweet 10 year old girl who's mom is a less active returned missionary. Fabiana isn't baptized.... yet. Stay tuned. We taught her the Restoration, and it went really well. She has amazing questions!

We had a mission WebEx that morning, which was good as always. We taught Malu and Ludjero, who are the kids of a member here but they just came from Cape Verde and are not members. Unfortunately, we're not sure how much they actually understand... But that night we walked with Jayla to Jessica's house for a lesson, which was AMAZING. We mostly talked about her baptism and what she wanted to do about that. Celia was there too, actually. Jayla was such a help. She shared some very personal stories, but they helped Jessica a lot and we ended up praying about which day she should be baptized. She said the prayer--it was nice, long, and mostly consisted of silence. At first, in the middle of the prayer, she said she wasn't feeling anything but, as she told us later, she remembered what we'd said about having faith and realized she needed to really have faith she'd get an answer! And she did--the 30th of November it is. A bit far away, but it sounds and feels right to all of us. Thank goodness for Jayla. She is amazing.

We had weekly planning today, so that was exciting as always. Later, we visited Isabel again. She may not have the strongest testimony, but she is still so willing to share the gospel! We watched Elder Bednar's Conference talk with her and it got her very pumped up. I love her. Later that day we taught a potential, Clesio, who's now our new investigator! So that was exciting. He's very open and ready to listen.
Unfortunately, we heard that night that a young woman in the branch got hit by a car that morning. (hence, AXL) Good news is she's doing okay! We saw her yesterday--she's home. She has a broken arm and some scrapes on her face and needs more time to recuperate, but she'll be okay. Keep her--Cindy--in your prayers please. Jayla was talking to us a little about it and said she hopes Cindy's family SUEs the guy because he definitely saw her but didn't stop.

President and Sister Packard, President Haight, the APs, and one of the Providence stake counselors and his wife spoke. The theme of the conference was Zion--how we can actually go about creating Zion. It's totally possible--4 known groups in the scriptures have had Zion, namely Enoch's people, the people after Christ's death--think Acts--the people of Mosiah after Alma created the Church (ps ask me one day about what I've learned about the Place of Mormon. Some of it might surprise you...), and the people in the beginning of 4 Nephi. And the MBM can do it too. We all need to have one eye, one heart, one mind, and all be working at it, but it's possible. You can have Zion too! In any relationship, Zion is possible. Study about it. 
We also got to watch Meet the Mormons! It's amazing. Please tell everyone to go watch it. If you need to persuade them, tell them at the end it talks about missionaries--which is what I'm doing! And it will and can only brighten your day.
Conference lasted literally almost 12 hours, so that's all we did. But it was probably the fastest 12 hours of my life.

We had a Zone WebEx and discussed more about Zion! Really, it's so cool and a goal I'm striving for. And because of all this Zion talk, Sister Melo and I talked a lot about how we really need to work and be better at having a Zion companionship. It's not that we don't get along, but that we haven't been loving each other like we should. We had a good long talk about it but we are working harder. 
We visited Angela, the less active lady, again, and Karen. She dropped off the map a bit, but we'll see her Friday
And Fabiana again! Oh, she's the best. Let me give you a taste--there are unicorns in the pre-mortal life and the celestial kingdom (I mean, why wouldn't there be?) And I guess Jesus must have had extensions in the Bible video when He got baptized. We told the other sisters later, and Sister Belchior agreed only a little black girl would say that. So funny. 
Anyways, we extended a baptism date--November 8--and she accepted! She is the best. She did come to church yesterday, and got to see a confirmation. I am so pumped for her. She's totally on the road to baptism. We're seeing her tonight for an FHE at Niquinha's house :)

Basically all we did was visit Jayla and run around a bit before we went to the baptism! The elders had one baptism, a man named Manuel, and we all went. He was so late, but it did happen. Oh, and the little visit with Jayla was so good! She is so sweet--in her woodshop class she made us a key holder. I'll get a picture for next week. She is amazing. I will always stay in touch with her. Mom, due to some crazy school circumstances, she can't go to Seminary without missing the bus. Any suggestions of what she could do?
We also talked to Celia after the baptism.... right now we're mostly focused on helping her and being her friends. She's going through a tough time right now.

We had SEVEN investigators at church! It was fantastic. Lots of running around, but fast and testimony meeting is always so good for them to hear.
Long story short, we only had one lesson that day--with Jasiana. She is more than golden, she's platinum. She basically quoted Alma 32:21 before we even read it. She is so ready for the gospel. We extended a baptismal date for the 30th of November, and she accepted! I love her so much, she's wonderful. She told us, too, that she believes God put us in her path for a reason. :)

And here we are today! The week has been long, full of ups and downs, but things will be okay. Laura was sick all this week, but she came to church yesterday and is fine. This week is packed, and we actually have a lesson with a different person all the way until the end of this week, except for Laura! Such is life here in Brockton. Tomorrow we have exchanges, and I'll stay here with Sister Jessop. I'm excited! I love those sisters. And AND I'm green-dotted, so I'm going to drive tomorrow! (AXL) Yippee!

I love you all. Have a great week, watch a few Middle episodes for me, keep these people in your prayers. This week will be long, hard, but good. And on Friday we get T-texts--transfer texts. We'll see who stays and who goes. Honestly, Brockton has crazy transfers, so no one feels safe. I'll let you know on Monday how that goes. 

Mom, Dad: could you send me some CDs please? Pretty much just church music. Whatever you can find is good. Also, Christmas time is coming! So could you find/send me one or two or more of Christmas music? Sadly, Rudolph won't cut it this year. But all of the more spiritual songs will. Thank you!!!

Also I would love a cookbook. For Christmas or whatever is fine, but I just never cook anything hahaha. Popcorn for days. 

And tooooooast. All day. 

I LOVE YOU family and friends. Have a good week. Keep strong in the faith. Read and study Mosiah 18, about the Place of Mormon. Here's the starter: The Book of Mormon is actually named for the place where the people "came to know their Redeemer". Think about that.

Superhero Pose

Air guitar?

Superheroes in the Field

Zone Conference before and after the paint war

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