Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 15: 101 Days on the Mission

Seriously! If you say it fast, it will even sound like Dalmations.

Pictures: Us and Fabiana! She loves me too, I promise. Also, Me and Sister Jessop. I love her.

Whew, what a week! I honestly don't remember much of what happened, ahahah. That's why missionaries have planners, otherwise I would have NO idea what is happening. Ever.
We had FHE at Niquinha's house with Fabiana! It was perfect. Oh, Fabiana is the best. She learns quickly, is fluent in like 4 languages, and is so wonderful. Everyone who knows her loves her. Poor thing stays with her mom or alone all day usually, besides school. I hope church will help her have more friends.
Exchanges! Sister Jessop came to Brockton, and I got to drive!!! That was really great. Also, our day was simply fantastic. She's an English missionary, so It was mostly up to me in the Portuguese lessons. We did teach Miguel, and she knew some ASL, so that went well! We finally got Sister Olson, who knows ASL from her mission, to come with us. It was great! ALSO! We found out there are two less active deaf men in the ward here, as well as a hearing girl in the YSA branch who is fluent in ASL!!!! We're going to get a group started. Seriously. Sister Jessop will help me :)
We also saw Aurizanda, Jessica, and Laura, and we taught all of them about tithing and fasting. Here's pretty much what I learned from the day--I can actually speak Portuguese/some tiny bits of creole. I gave almost all of Aurizanda's lesson (our member fell through), and 2/3 of Laura's. In Portuguese. What. I can do it! That was the reminder I needed that I have learned so much and the Lord is really on my side and will help me as long as I try. It was really amazing, and I think a miracle.
Also, I just love Sister Jessop a lot. We had a really fun day :)
We saw Ilina and Clesio, and those lessons went pretty well. I dunno, missionary stuff. :) We also talked with the elders about the things we need to do to make Brockton better. There are a lot of things to improve on, but we're focusing on having members present at lessons. It really helps, so GO OUT WITH THE MISSIONARIES. And that's all I have to say 'bout that.
Weekly planning...... the usual. Always good! Just long. And I eat so. much. food. But it's good. We also taught Laura again, and she accepted the word of wisdom and chastity really easily! She does need an interview with President Haight of the mission presidency, but it's really not a big deal. She actually told us on Sunday that she wants more time for her baptism, which is on THIS SUNDAY.... she said she needs a month. No way! She is so prepared. But we're going to talk to her tonight about it, and we'll still go through with the interview. President Haight talked with us a bit about it this morning, and he said (like it says in Moroni 7) that we can only learn so much about the gospel with the Light of Christ. When we have the Holy Ghost, we can learn so much more! We really think that, and he, will help her. So stay tuned, my first baptism might be this Sunday!!!
We also visited Sandra, a really strong member in Cape Verde who is here visiting her son, who's dad is unfortunately very strict and doesn't let him come to church, even though he really wants to. We're doing our best to help though! It was a cool lesson--both Sandra and her son have such strong testimonies.
T-texts. That's when the mission sends out texts about transfers, it happens every Friday before the transfer ends around lunch time. Except it didn't. So naturally I stressed all day long about it, knowing big things were going to change. We FINALLY got them at 9:30 or so that night! Here's the scoop:
-Elder Lopes is shotgun training in Cambridge! Woo hoo!
-Elder Vecchi is going to be a digital missionary.
-Sister Belchior is going to Rhode Island! We actually have a whole plan for my mission, which includes her going to RI, and then I'll join her there soon. Then later on I'll be in a zebra companionship with Sister Asay in Southcoast. Watch. It'll happen.
-Sister Melo is going to Southcoast. I guess I'm not a greenie when my trainer gets transferred, right? I actually kinda knew this would happen... and I am a little sad. We did get close, but not super close. I've learned a lot from her, for sure. But I know I'll be glad to see her again, so I say that's a good sign :)
And now Sister Lowenthal and I will be companions!!! I'm way excited for that! Except literally NO ONE will be able to say either of our names. Seriously. They try hers, then end at "Lowe....." and with me, I usually get strange stares, or the usual "Nooddy". Good stuff. Even from Elder Moreira.... ugh, Brazilians. Just kidding. I really have become converted to Brazilian... everything. I guess that just happens when you live with two of them! Two more sisters are coming here, so that will be fun! I've met both, and they seem great.
Friday we had lessons, but they weren't extraordinary. Aurizanda fed us dinner though! Her food is delicious. I think Cape Verdean food would be GOLDEN for Elder Walter. Too bad he's just is Arizona. And the people here INSIST that you eat seconds, or they get offended. They are such good cooks. I want to learn from them.
Sister Melo taught the Socidade de Socorro how to make Brazilian Stroganoff. Also delicious. I will always be a fan of Brazilian food.
We taught Fabiana too! She's great. Her questions are so inspired. The poor thing is afraid of water, so her baptism is worrying her a little. She'll follow through, though. We'll help her :)
Crazy Sunday. Seriously. Sister Melo, Belchior, and the Elders were saying goodbye to everyone and I told people over and over "sim, eu vou ficar. Vou ficar. Oh, sim, vou ficar." I hug them and they talk to Sister Melo. My time will come. But hopefully not soon! I love Brockton, and I have lots of work to do here.
We talked to Jayla about JSH 1:11-20, and a bunch of other things. Really focus on v. 20. We're all disturbers and annoyers of Satan's kingdom! That's because we are so strong. And so powerful. So don't give him any power!
We also taught Jasiana the Word of Wisdom--no problems there--and the law of chastity. She does have some things to figure out, but she's so willing to do what we ask. It's awesome!
This next week will bring lots of changes. We get a new car, too! A red 2014 Toyota Corolla. What's up. Sis. L will be the designated driver though, sad day. But she's happy :) We have to split our investigators and give some to the sisters coming in, so that will be an adjustment. But a good one!
I love you family and friends. Keep strong in the faith. It's when we're the strongest and doing the best things that we are tempted and tried the most, but stay strong. Things will get better! It's good to hear everyone is doing well, though.
I really need to get better at writing less. I love ya, but I eat my time up...
OH! Fun fact for the week: Brockton is the district of greenies. Seriously, Sis. L has been out 1 transfer longer than me, and the elders are all pretty new too. So that's cool.

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