Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 16: The Book is Blue. The Church is True. Sister Knutti Loves You.

Well goooooooooood afternoon world! Somehow I'm using my time very well this week for emailing. Probably because I just scan other missionaries' emails, haha. I love 'em, but time is short, you know.
Fun Fact of the week: wow, Cape Verdeans seriously know how to have a goooood time. We had an activity for the adults on Saturday, and they had lots of music and dancing, and it was so fun. 

Last day of #futbol with my first District. It was raining and 7 in the morning, so the picture turned out really cool!
Our new district! Elders Moreira, Cavina, Soller, Friebe, Miller
Sisters Carone, Goncalves, mim, Lowenthal, Miller
It'll be a good transfer!

Hm, let's see...
Sister Lowenthal and I performed a little concert for Sisters Melo and Belchior, since it was their last PDay in Brockton. It was really fun, and we kind of all ended up crying at the end. Later, we visited Laura at dialysis. Can I just take a moment to remind you how AMAZING our bodies are?? The machine that filters her blood is probably about the size of Spencer. And we have TWO organs (kidneys) that do that in our bodies, and they are so much smaller. Be seriously grateful for them too--Laura, the poor thing, spends 9 hours a week sitting in a chair so her blood can be filtered. And she's had 9 surgeries. Be grateful for working bodies, for sure.
We saw Miguel again! He's supposed to come to church this Sunday, so that will be really exciting. We stopped by a bunch of people today because Sister Melo was getting ready to leave, so not much more exciting than that. BUT. Laura did have her baptismal interview with President Haight, one of the mission presidency counselors. It was really amazing. We got to both sit in on it, because Sister Melo needed to translate. President Haight is a powerful man. His testimony is really strong, and he is very wise in what and how he says things. Unfortunately, Laura decided to not be baptized yesterday BUT she's still planning on it! She's just trying to move apartments and wants to do it in a few weeks, so it'll still happen.
Sister Lowenthal and I kinda had a trial companionship day, haha. The other sisters needed to pack, so we ran a bunch of random errands like washing and vacuuming the car in the rain. Actually, it was closer to snow. Ugh, thanks New England. It was right between rain and snow, and it's only October! Winter's a-comin'...
Unfortunately, we were not allowed to go to transfer meeting, so we deep cleaned the apartment before the new sisters came in. Also, we had to say goodbye to our companions as they drove away... that was a little weird but it's okay and it feels more normal now.
It rained for probably 3 days straight, yippee. But that's okay! Missionary work carries on, rain or shine! We weekly planned, and it took SO LONG but we finally got out and ran into a member who gave us a ride to a lesson where she actually knew the whole family. I'm telling you, Brockton is smaller than the Mormon world. And! It was Sis. L's and my first lesson as companions, so that was exciting!
Okay. Sister Lowenthal and I made tons of calls after district meeting to set up people to bring food to the aforementioned activity, and we got sick of staying inside, so we walked to Fabiana's house. That walk literally takes at least an hour, and we were fastwalking. So, Mom, you should be proud of me. I'm proud of us! We were EXHAUSTED but we did go to a party thrown for the YW and Cindy, which went well. Then we stopped by Rita, the RS president. By then, though, I didn't pay attention to any portuguese... whoops.
Also not really any appointments today. We stopped by a couple of people and set up other appointments and made calls and went to the branch activity! Have I told you how much I love Cape Verdean food? Their rice is to die for. Not to mention pastel, panella, and their tendency to bring delicious juice of which I partake. The activity was so fun, though it did, according to Cape Verdean culture, start almost 2 hours late. Alas.

The Primary Program! I loved it, except that meant church started earlier, so a bunch of people didn't come... we were combined with the English ward. Oh well. We showed Fabiana the font--she was really scared by it before--and she's not scared anymore! Hahaha I love her. Then Sis. L and I were called in to help with Nursery, so that's how we spent our church time. It was way fun actually. 
Later we had an amazing lesson with a girl named Keila, who used to be a former. AnaPaula, our member, basically taught the whole lesson, which was fine by us! It went very well. 
Unfortunately, Sis. L and I have been getting sick over the last couple of days. Some sinus or cold thing. We kind of feel a little crappy all around, but the work carries on! That meant after branch council, we just went home to rest. Then had a lovely conversation with the other sisters about what happens to the bodies when people die. Don't ask me why. I squirmed the whole time anyways.
My bag broke the other day, so I had to buy a new one. Only 3 1/2 months in! Oh well. Errands, you know. And here we are! :)
It sounds like everyone had a really good week! I hope this one is good too. Have a happy Halloween! Missionaries get to go home early. Actually, we have to be home in our apartments a few hours early. Speaking of which! Some days we get snowed in and we aren't allowed to drive, SO WHAT WOULD BE LOVELY (PLEASE) is if you could send me a board game or two, some packs of cards, and instructions for how to play Narts!! Please. And CDs :) As far as other things, a new clothing item or something would be nice, but I don't think I really truly need anything. Want? That's a different story...
I'm glad to hear everything with TriVir and family and baseball and Halloween and everything is good! I miss you all so much. Have a great week and I'll talk to you in November! (already??)

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