Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 17: Gonna give Amulek and Alma a run for their moneyyyy

Hello family and friends.
Sister Carone has this CD of primary songs that are remixed, and "I hope they call me on a mission" has a rap in it. It's honestly so great. Try to look it up.
WELL LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! Meaning the gospel.
I'm a little short on time, plus this week was rather... dry, so I'll just give the highlights of the whole week.
-a lot of appointments fell through-->that was our fault. We didn't plan quite well enough.
-We DID get a new investigator this week, named Rony. He's Fabiana's mom's cousin--or Patricia's brother! He's pretty cool. We taught him the Restoration, law of chastity, and the word of wisdom all in one (because it was with Fabiana too). He's so ready and open! We're going to extend a date this week. He's really cool--he took his earrings right out when we told him that he should! We'll get him wet soon enough.
-Okay, ZONE CONFERENCE WITH ELDER LAWRENCE. SO GOOD. I'll have to let you read my notes when I get home, but basically it was about the house of Israel, and he and his wife had so many insights that I never guessed. Most members, actually, are truly from the house of Israel--very few true Gentiles join the church. I wish I could just show you a non-existent video of the whole thing. It was so good! Then we went to Outback for dinner, and it was delicious. 
-Friday was Halloween! We had a good zone meeting and talked about what we'll do as a result of the zone conference, then all of our appointments fell through. That night, we had to be home by 6, so we played Settlers of Catan with the elders. Unfortunately, I did not win, but it's okay. We played and ate food and it was a very tame Halloween, but it was good.
-Saturday we taught a new deaf investigator! His name is Greg. Funny story, actually. At the end of the lesson, we were saying goodbye and he went in for a hug. I kinda really forgot that I'm a missionary, and just about went in for the hug (watching sign language for an hour after not seeing it for two weeks makes you forget some things), then remembered I can't hug him, so I squirmed away. He was like "what did I do??" and Angela, our member, had to explain why. So that was lovely and awkward. Angela and Sister Lowenthal laughed at me for days about that. anyways.... Saturday was actually the most bizarre day of my life. I don't really know why or how to explain it. But everytime Sis. L and I tried to start to pray in the morning, someone texted or called us. Seriously. Plus the thing with Greg. And appointments fell through, men screamed and ran behind the car, weekly planning was late a long.... it was just a weird day. 

But don't worry, things are okay now! Today's pday, so that's always good :) You need weird days to have normal ones, right?
-Sunday! We had 6 investigators, including Rony and another new one (actually a former), Tracy, plus another 4! It was pretty great. 
-it snowed on Sunday.
-Sis. L and I walked for an hour or more on Sunday afternoon. Luckily, it wasn't snowing anymore. (For now... New England winters...)
And that's just about it. Unfortunately, I'm a little boring this week. And a little lazy.

I think this upcoming week will be a little bit better than last week, so that's good. And honestly, I've started to listen to Christmas music. (sorry mom) It's just time. I need a little Christmas. But life here is good! I really do still love it here. And Sister Lowenthal is awesome; I love being her companion. We have a lot of fun and good moments together. Plus we endured a ridiculously bizarre day together, so we're all the more close for it.
I love you all, I'm glad to hear Halloween was fun, and I hope this week is good too!

P.S. Look at the pictures on dropbox. Mom, I found some 80's themed sharpies that I bought. I thought immediately of you.
P.P.S. Many elders here in our zone greatly enjoyed the picture of Spencer as a unicorn and Ben as a nun. Elder Lee says you look great as a girl, Ben (in the nicest way possible). Thank you for the pictures, they're the best :)

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