Friday, November 21, 2014

Week 19: O primeiro batismo

So! The pictures included are from FABIANA'S BAPTISM on Saturday! I love that girl. In the picture, the two in front in white were baptized (Fabiana and Bruno), the two in the back baptized them (Elder Cavina and Andre) and the other missionaries are the ones that taught them. The baptism went wonderfully, and she got confirmed on Sunday!

The second is because Christmas time is coming and Sis. Lowenthal and I matched accidentally yesterday. Notice our lovely warm smiles. 

Since it was her baptism this week, things were mostly concentrated on Fabiana. So let me tell you more about her. Ready? On Tuesday we went to drop by to teach her briefly, then Wednesday we taught her all of lesson 5 and had her interview (which, of course, she passed with flying colors). We saw her Friday night as well, then her baptism on Saturday and confirmation on Sunday! I told you so. 

Fabiana. Is. Amazing. On Friday she had a speaking presentation at school, and she decided to talk about the Book of Mormon (after getting my "permission" and her teacher's). She told us that she spoke about it in front of almost the entire school, and it was a competition. She spoke about Joseph Smith, Lehi and Nephi, and other basic stuff, plus the Bible a little bit too. And guess what? She won FIRST PLACE! The girl has only known about the Book of Mormon for less than two months and she is already out sharing it with the world. We gave her a "Future Missionary" nametag to wear, and she loves it. That night, after she told us about all of that (which is just great enough!) we watched "Because of Him" with her in English. After talking about it for a little while, her family came in, including her less active mother and non-member (but investigating!) aunt and cousin, Rony. We watched the same video in Portuguese and there wasn't a single dry eye. The Spirit was so strong. Fabiana and everyone else bore a small testimony and it was great.

Then. At her baptism, her mom, Filomena, was there, and at the very end she went up and bore her testimony. It was very powerful. She even said that she was so grateful for us to come and teach her daughter because she couldn't do it. Filo is coming back. I know it. We're trying to work with her more now. This work is amazing, and the Spirit can and will touch more lives than we alone as missionaries could.

Other than that, not much happened this week! On Friday morning we did have interviews with President, and that went well. We also received training on how to teach the restoration better, and it was really helpful. 

It's been a good week! We've got another one ahead of us. And Thanksgiving is next week! When did that happen? I'm grateful to be here, even though it's getting really cold and starting to snow a little. A missionary from the branch just got back this week, and we were at a dinner with him and another return missionary yesterday. They both served in California and were reminiscing about burritos. Evandro said "This ain't cachupa man!" (which was actually hilarious) then Quizinho (most recent) said "man don't make me trunky!" 

It's strange to think that one day all of this will be over and I'll think back on my mission and wish I could come back to it. When I think like that, it makes me all the more grateful to be here now. Due to transfers, I may actually only have just over a year left if I go home the December transfer next year for school. Time is ticking very quickly, and it is honestly freaking me out.

But I'm trying my best to enjoy the time I have! I'm learning a lot, I'm speaking the language, and we'll see where the Lord takes me.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe and happy and warm! I love you!

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