Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week 20: The Great Tie Escapade

Let me explain to you a thing.

A few weeks ago, we decided to do a secret service-type activity for all of the elders in our district, because they gave us an envelope that we aren't allowed to open until December 1st. And, being my father's daughter, I just knew we had to make it a good one. 

Meaning a prank.

But a service-oriented prank.


We enlisted the help of the Haitianaries, who also serve in Brockton, to take some of the elders' ties then hand them over to us. Just a few, 4 from one, 2 from another, you know. Then the next day they took just a few more. Then just a few more. That's when the elders started to notice--and complain. We could tell they weren't quite sure who took the ties, so no accusations were made. But a few days later, we found a glorious opportunity and took all the rest of their ties. (see picture) Elders have quite a lot of ties, if you didn't know. We had possession of 70 of their 78 total ties. That's when the elders REALLY noticed.

But never fear. We would not do a prank such as that without planning to return the ties with an added bonus!

We bought them each a lovely new Christmas tie that is also missionary appropriate! (see picture) It ended up really funny and the elders enjoyed it in the end. And hence, "The Great Tie Escapade."

This week! 

Monday we had FHE with Fabiana at AnaPaula's house and it was awesome. I love all of those people so much! They're the greatest. AnaPaula is the cutest--she's almost 25 and comes out with us and she's amazing. Then Fabiana is, as you know, wonderful herself. And she always asks us funny questions--this time it was about murder. But no worries! We got it cleared up. Just 10 year olds, you know how it is.They can be a little weird (right Spencer?).

Tuesday we were on exchanges with the sister training leaders! I love them a lot. And Sister Rushton was great, she put up with some crazy things that day. We lost my Cape Verdean grandma, Ernestina (who was home the whole time), had Domingos dropped by Tomas (a super solid member), got laughed at by the Dunkin' Donuts drive-through man (we asked what sizes they had for hot chocolate and what flavors of muffins. Just so you know, they have small, medium, large, and extra large. And they're types of muffins, not flavors). Then, you know, a member told her usual story of how her son with paranoia tried to kill her once.... she's fine, no worries. She tells that story I think everytime we go there. So yeah, Tuesday was interesting! 

Wednesday we dropped Miguel. We decided that these deaf men just haven't had the willpower to go to church or something, so they aren't really progressing. President bought 20 ASL books of Mormon, so we'll give those to them soon, but that's about it. (Plus I really think I'll get transferred, so the work will drop anyways...) I'm not 100% sure if he understood, but oh well. I feel significantly less stressed now! So I think it was the right thing to do in the long run. Maybe one day in the future it will happen.
Later we had some really good lessons with Tracy (bap. date Dec. 20 we think!), stopped by Laura at dialysis (she's doing well! We're having FHE with her tonight and it's gonna be great! She lost her glasses though, so she really can't read anything, which is hard on her. But she'll be okay), and we taught Rony finally! It was a really good plan of salvation lesson, and we had Fabiana and a very-recently-returned-missionary Quinzinho with us. It was great! Rony's going to get baptized for sure. (Dec. 14)

Thursday was planning day and we had dinner at the Moreira family's house. I like their food :)

Friday I'm not even sure what all happened, to be honest. Haha. We helped AnaPaula's husband Bryan with something and had dinner at Ernestina's house. Also delicious food. Cape Verdean food is really so good. I need to learn how to make it. 

Saturday was another strange day--we walked a lot and stopped by a bunch of people and helped Jayla make hearts for a heart attack for one of her friends who's our potential! That was fun. And we finally saw Beizinha after a few weeks. She's doing well, and better now that we prayed with her :) I love that girl. Then we had dinner at Lucia Carla's house, a now active member. It was really delicious. She speaks French at home to her kids, and I understood what she was saying! I can't speak French to save my life now, but I can understand and read it just fine. Go figure.

Sunday was the second craziest day of my whole life. Let's just call all that crazy "Church". I love church, but it is NOT restful for us missionaries. Not complaining, just telling the truth. We rounded out the day with Branch Council and a really good DTR lesson with Keila, who's thinking about a new baptismal date. Good stuff!

And this week is Thanksgiving. I don't know when that happened. We're going to Niquinha's house at 10am to help cook, eat at 1, and after eating we'll probably stop by other people's houses. So I may have multiple Thanksgiving dinners. It's gonna be fun! 

Then Friday we'll get t-texts (transfer texts--where she might be sent next).......... and I'll tell you what happens next week.

Things here are really good. Thank you for the hot chocolate and the letter Dad! It's good to have the good stuff again. It's about to snow this week too, so that will be fun. We could have a white Thanksgiving! Thank goodness we aren't in Buffalo, NY.... they've had at least 5 feet of snow so far! It's bad out there. But here in Mass, it's a lovely 65 degrees today, dropping to freezing later this week. Welcome to the east coast.

I love being a missionary and that's about all I'm gonna say 'bout that.

I love you all so much! Have a great week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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