Monday, December 29, 2014

Week 25: 2015

Remember when everyone said the world was going to end in 2012? Ha.

This week was a good one! Christmas was really fun, we got to go to a lot of members' houses for meals and to hang out a little bit (missionary style of course) and I got to skype home, which, for those of you who weren't there, was awesome. It was really good to talk to you all! I miss you.

And then Elizabeth got married on Saturday. I thought about it all day long. I'm sad I missed the wedding and everything else, but it sounds like it went well and was beautiful. 

This week was a little hard (it's hard when you get really trunky) but the Lord is blessing us more than we deserve. Saturday night we went to a party for the Spanish branch and Portuguese members, and it was fun! PLUS we had 3 potential investigators go, plus a really awesome less active named Marli. THEN yesterday we had a lesson with some potentials, Denise and Paulo, and they're new investigators! They're both really interested in the gospel and we actually saw Denise today at the grocery store and she told us she's reading and praying! The word of wisdom and law of chastity will need to be taught very soon... but it will go well, I just know it. PLUS we had another lesson with a potential named Milton, and he's a new investigator now too! With him, we had 2 members come with us, and they basically taught him the restoration all themselves. Milton has a lot of really great questions and is really willing to try it out. We extended a baptismal date to him, but he wants to prepare more, so he didn't accept. Yet. Then on Saturday we'll have another lesson with Milton plus one with another potential, Jose, who is a member's brother.

And Milton and Jose came to church yesterday. So.

The Lord is really blessing us. Sister Lima and I have been weirdly just SO TIRED but we try to go to bed a little bit early, so we're doing okay. I know that the last couple of days, the Lord has had to help me continue on a little bit, but I honestly didn't really notice until yesterday. I really do know that the Lord is helping us in every single little part of this work and that without Him, we would truly be nothing. I am so grateful for Him and everything that He has done and is doing for us right now. I honestly would be so lost without His help.

Gabbi didn't get confirmed yesterday because she was really sick and couldn't go to church. That ended our plans to take her to the temple on Tuesday (literally everything was so ready), but it's totally okay. I think in the end it works out better this way. We forgot she would have needed a membership record like NOW and there are just a few other things that need to be taken care of before she goes to the temple. We'll get her there soon though :)

Christmas and Christmas Eve were really great. The members here are so kind to us. So kind in fact, that we have more chocolate than I've ever had in my whole entire life at any one time. We're slowly working through it all, but I still think it will take until at least Valentine's Day to finish.

And this week is the new year! crazy. 2014 has been a wonderful year, and I know that I've learned so much already. I have only around another year left on the mission, so I'm trying to work my hardest as I'm here on the Lord's errand. I hope all of you have a wonderful new year! Enjoy staying up until 12. Sister Lima and I have decided to go to bed very early that day--we need to be home by 6 or so, so we'll be in bed at 8, thank you very much. I find it slightly ironic that we'll be in bed the earliest on New Year's Eve, but so be it. Thus is the life of a missionary. And what a good life it it.

I also finished reading the Book of Mormon and marking the tender mercies of the Lord this week! Each time I pray to ask if the Book of Mormon is true, I always get this "duh, you already know this" kind of a feeling. But I think this time it was cool, because it spiked my desire to share the Book of Mormon and to use it a lot more as we teach. Sometimes it's hard to do that, but I know that people really can receive answers to their prayers and ultimately a testimony through the Book of Mormon. I KNOW that it's true, and I promise that if you read it, you will feel God's love for you and you will gain a testimony that it is true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I love this gospel so much, and I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. They are so good to me. Like Moroni, I say I "will not deny the Christ". (Moroni 1:3). Please go read Moroni 10:32-33. I really love those verses, and I know that it is only through Christ that we can become perfect and sanctified. 

I love the work. I miss all of you back home so much, but I know I'm right where the Lord wants me to be. I know He has a plan specifically for each of you, so I hope you pray to Him and ask Him just what He would have you do. He'll answer you, I promise.

Have a happy new year!

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