Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 22: FramBoro

Aren't we so excited for Christmas?

Yes, yes we are.

Well friends and family, I can tell you that Marlborough is literally the very opposite of Brockton. I love both places so so so much, but here feels a little more like home does. so that's nice :)

Tuesday sister Lowenthal and I said goodbye to a lot of people. It was sad to say goodbye, but it is really good to know that I love so many more people now. Unfortunately, Laura wasn't home or something, so I still don't have a picture with her, but I'm doing everything I can so we can go to her baptism that's happening on Sunday! I'll definitely have pictures if I do that. :)

Wednesday. Oh yes, let me tell you what happened on wednesday.

We had some studies and we packed. As we were getting ready to go run errands and some other last minute things, the elders knocked on our door and told us that as they were walking into the elevator of our apartment building, one of them tried to put the keys to the car in his pocket but missed. And the keys fell in that one exact place they shouldn't:

in that gap between the floor and the elevator. (it's bigger than you think!)

So. Their keys had fallen down the elevator shaft. All the way to the bottom. Sis. Lowenthal and I checked on the bottom floor--we looked between the gap with flashlights and saw the keys! They were about 5 feet away from us down the elevator shaft. So we came up with a plan--the maintenance guy and office lady weren't home, so we had to do something else. We went to our apartment and put 2 wire hangers together to create a long hook, which we subsequently brought down to the basement to try to reach the keys. Sister Goncalves, of course, has it on video. I'm working on getting that from her. :)

And you know what happened? It took a few minutes, but we got the keys! I pulled them right up from that elevator shaft, and we took them to the Elders and they have never been happier with us. You really must see the video, it's hilarious. I think this is a highlight of my mission so far, definitely a mission story.

That night we went to PF Changs for dinner and then off to transfer meeting! A lot of missionaries went home this transfer, and only a few came in. BUT guess who I saw??? SISTER ASAY! She's training this transfer and I ran into her and we took a picture! It's on dropbox, so you all should go find it and put it on Facebook or whatever else you crazy kids do these days (I'm starting to realize I really have no idea what's happening in the world).
Rachel and Sister Asay went to preschool together many moons ago!

Then Sister Lima, my new companion!, and I drove to Westborough Massachusetts, where we have our very own apartment (they took the English sisters out, so it's just us and some elders here in the area), complete with our own bathrooms, our own walk-in closets, and 4 beds. Really, it's the size you need for 4 sisters but it's just 2 of us.

Thursday! And the rest of the days!

Sister Lima and I get along splendidly. Actually, Sister Lima is the Brazilian version of Sister Knutti. We like the same things, we think the same things, we both need to learn a language, and I only came out on the mission (field, not counting the MTC) 3 weeks before her. It's just the two of us for miles (for sisters, we work with the elders here a lot), and I'm so glad that we're good friends already. We work just in Marlborough, not Framingham (there are english elders over them, plus Spanish elders over the branch there too), but now we work with English AND Portuguese! So that's pretty exciting. The ward here is a lot like the one back home, so that's a lot of fun. And the Portuguese here is easier, because the people are all Brazilian and it's not kriolo! But I almost speak kriolo (the little bit that I know), and then I have to stop myself haha.

There aren't nearly as many investigators here, but we're working on it! We do a LOT of work with less-actives, which is pretty neat. Different work, but definitely just as important. It's fun.

Oh yeah, and the Portuguese here means there is a little baby almost-group here. President Packard wants us to create a group, like the official church group. We can do it! :)

Thursday was weekly planning and starting to get to know some people, Friday we had district meeting and more stop-bys. THEN we had the ward Christmas party! That was really fun, and cool since it was a lot like how ours back home is. No Santa, but they put on a little lovely Christmas-spirit type skit. And free food for the missionaries... I mean everyone, so that was fun. We helped set up, and it looked really good. I forgot to take a picture though. Sorry. I met a lot of people that day, so that went well!

Saturday morning we had correlation, and our ward mission leader is really really cool. (he works for Google, if that interests you, dad. He majored in Computer science recently at BYU) This ward is so great! Basically all of saturday was stop-bys and things to get to know people. 

Sunday. Was. definitely the easiest sunday I've had my entire time in the mission field. In Brockton, the missionaries run church. Here, we just had to teach the portuguese relief society. That's as crazy as it got. Hallelujah! I love Brockton, but yesterday was much more restful. We did go to the Spanish sacrament meeting so that I could play the piano for them (stay in piano kids, you seriously will find so many opportunities to use it on your mission!)

After some more stopbys and a lesson with our two investigators (Gabbi and Joame, a girl and her mom--Gabbi will be baptized the 21st!) that went SUPER WELL, we watched the Christmas Devotional with the Bentos, some of the Portuguese members. It was so good. We did watch it in English, because this family knows english very well. That was very good, you all should watch it!

And today was Pday and it was glorious. We bought Christmas decorations so we have a little for our apartment now :) And we played some soccer with the elders and emailed and now here we are. Sorry it's a little later today. But you got some good stories, seriously!

We are in full-blown-out Christmas season, and it's really glorious. I love it. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ so much and I am so grateful that He was born so many years ago so that He could perform the Atonement and we have the chance to become perfect and return to live with God again. Please do watch and share it with everyone! The message of Christmas is that Christ came to save us, and we have so many blessings for being in His true church on earth today. I know that this Church is true, and I know our Savior lives. It is through Him that we can find the comfort, peace, and joy we all desire in life.

I love you all and hope you have another great week of this amazing Christmas season. Thank you for all of your support and love that you show me--even if I am terrible at sending a letter back or an email, know that I am so so grateful for everything that I receive, including letters, emails, prayers, love, and everything else. I miss you all and hope everything is going well!

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