Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 21: A November to Remember


I was right! I'm being transferred to Framingham/Marlborough and I'll be companions with Sister Lima, who came to the mission 3 weeks after I did! There are a lot of Brazilians there, so no more kriolo for me for a while. And we help the Spanish elders there, so I may or may not go to the Spanish branch and have to learn Spanish. Whatever the Lord wants me to do, I'll do! I'm excited. I've only heard good things about Framingham. We cover 2 wards, the Portuguese almost-group, and we help with the Spanish branch, so we have 8 hours of church on Sunday! It'll be good though. 


Our mission had a goal to get 70 baptisms in the month of November, and we worked very hard to reach the goal, including sacrificing things, praying for over 100 baptismal date names weekly, praying for the goal in every prayer, and other things. Last week we had 63 baptisms. And now, finally, the final number of baptisms is.... ONE HUNDRED. I'm totally serious. We had EXACTLY ONE HUNDRED baptisms this month. That's 41 more than we've EVER had in the mission in one month. 

Do you realize how much the Lord has blessed us? SO MUCH!! Can you believe it? You should, because it's totally true. Our sacrifices and work were only part of it, and almost nothing at all. All of this was due to the Lord. He is the one that made all of this possible. It was up to our faith, because He has been ready for a long time. We just needed to do our part and He was willing to work miracles. And let me tell you, there were some serious miracles that happened. I can't even remember exactly all the stories, but just know that there were so many miracles (think of a girl deciding to be baptized at 10pm the night before her mom left for Peru. Those kinds of miracles.). It's amazing. I love being a part of the Massachusetts Boston Mission and being a missionary for the Lord. The work of the Lord in spreading the gospel is amazing and wonderful and one of the absolute most rewarding things anyone could ever do. 

So technically Sister Lowenthal and I are closing an area, because there won't be sisters coming in to Brockton. I'm going to Fram/Marl and she's going to Dorchester. Elder Soller will go with her too, and Elder Rodrigues (from my MTC district!) will come here to Brockton. The good thing is I really trust Sisters Carone and Goncalves to help our people here. They can do it. They're amazing sisters and I've really enjoyed the chance I've had to work with them. I know I'll see them again :) 

Brockton is amazing and I'll miss it so much but I'm ready for the new experiences Framingham and Marlborough will bring! I will miss the people here so much. I have a ton of pictures on dropbox, so take a look. I'm trying to label them with the name of the people in the pictures so you know who they all are. 

Oh yeah, Thanksgiving. It was fun! We went to Niquinha's house, and it was packed. For hours after helping a little but before eating, we played card games with Elder Friebe and Soller, since the family didn't have anything else they wanted to help with. It was fun! Long day, but good. And the food was delicious--more Cape Verdean than American, but that's okay! I missed my rolls and cranberry sauce, but we're having those tomorrow at the Millers' house (senior couple in Brockton). I've got a picture of that too. Then for the rest of the day (after dinner at 3pm) we did weekly planning! Good stuff.

And we taught people and walked and it snowed on Thanksgiving but now it's a warm day and tomorrow will be goodbyes and pictures and Wednesday is Transfer meeting! Basically that's all that happened. Fabiana and Tracy and Laura were so sad when we told them we were leaving, plus other members too. AnaPaula and Beizinha were so mad. I have pictures with them. :) I love them all so much. The sisters will take good care of them, I know it.

Well family and friends, I hope you enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season. It is, of course, the most wonderful time of the year. (I'll have to send you a picture of my new decorated planner next week, it's pretty great.) We're listening to music again, and you know it's Christmas music! I love you all so much AND GO TO THIS WEBSITE: and watch the video and SHARE IT! Please do it. Now. Then go back and watch Because of Him. It flows beautifully :)

That's all, folks!

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Thanksgiving Feast

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