Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 26:"Knutti.... é japonais?"

My life in one sentence.

"Nao nao, é da Suissa. Nao, nao é japonais." (No, no, it's from Switzerland.  No, not from Japan.)

"Mas se Sister Lima tem o nome 'Knutti', com certeza seria japonais." (But if Sister Lima's name were Knutti, it would certainly be Japanese.) Yeah, basically.  (In Portuguese, it's pronounced "Ka-noo-chee"--hence the problem.)

I love Brazilians. They just cannot understand my name.

This week FLEW BY. It was a good'un. We did go have dinner at the Harneys house, and it was really great! They have our Christmas card right up front on their mantel, as it should be. The dinner was really really fun. :) Haha they said "So, we were thinking your mom would call and we would say.... 'Oh Sister Knutti, will you answer it?'" Nope, sorry. Love ya mom but nope.
Rachel with her mom's dear friend

New Years Eve was the most relaxing day. And it was way fun! The Vails (a senior couple) had to take Sister Lima and another sister who's serving in Worcester shopping for warm clothes, so I went on a last minute exchange with Sister Badham, and we went and did their service in Worcester at Habitat for Humanity. It was really fun actually! They wanted us to reorganize things and put pretty things on one shelf and everything that was right up Alyssa's alley. It was so fun, and I love Sister Badham! She goes home in February, so that's sad, but she's really cool. Then later we met back up with our companions and we rushed off to appointments. We visited the Fosters, this old cute couple who are awesome member missionaries (and his conversion story is literally the coolest), then we had dinner at the Bishop's house! It was awesome. He and his family are so funny. His son and his family live with them, and  he's our ward mission leader and the whole family is super cool. 
Then we went home, played card games with the elders and went to bed at a solid 10:30. Slept like a baby right through midnight and it was awesome.

The next day we planned! We taught Gabbi about 1 Timothy 4:12 (go read that scripture again! It's awesome!) and later took out Adriana (who's 17 and my new best friend. Her mom is the RS President and I love that family so much. Adriana is the coolest.) and everything fell through! But she was a great sport and had lots of great ideas. I love young women. A lot. That night we visited Marli, a less active RM who is super cool and came to church on Sunday! She's a fantastic member missionary too. :)

Friday after district meeting everything fell through. Until we had dinner at the Steadmans' (where I skyped home) and then dinner at the Souzas, one of the solid Brazilian families. Luckily I survived the double dinner because Sister Souza isn't super pushy about us eating seconds. Oh, Brazilians. I love their food, I just can't eat as much as they want me to! We had a great member missionary lesson with both families. It was awesome.

Oh, Saturday. Let's talk about Brazilian food, shall we? We helped a member Nilva organize the library so she knew which pictures were where, then she took us to a Brazilian buffet-style restaurant (so. delicious. I love Churrasco.). Her son, Bruno, is the coolest. He kinda looks like Jared, just Brazilian, so that's fun. He's really really nice to his mom and to the sisters (hmmmmm) and is really strong in the gospel. He's cool. The food was delicious. 


We went to Framingham to have a few appointments with investigators and Maria, who's a super member missionary. Then. She took us to dinner at a Brazilian buffet-style restaurant. Not the same one, but the same idea just in Framingham. Again, delicious, but I was still so full after lunch that I couldn't eat all of my food. Ohhhhhh I love Brazilian food though. 

And it snowed on Saturday!! Like a lot. Like we had our first red dot--when we aren't allowed to drive. We were driving home though, so that was allowed. No worries, we got home safe. We still had church the next day, and now there's almost none of that snow left on the ground. Welp. (But it's supposed to snow a bunch this week, so that's exciting! And kind of not. We have to drive to really do much of anything here.)

Church was great. I realized I like crazy church days. We ran around getting things done and still felt the Spirit! Gabbi was confirmed, hurray!! She was so mad at me when she found out she'd have to go sit up in front of everybody, but she survived. And church. Yep. Late that night we visited the Kostetsky family again and we had a great lesson, including a great discussion about how Christ literally brings light. When He was born, it was light that night in the Americas, and a new star appeared. When He and Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph Smith, They came in a pillar of light. Study that up! It was a great discussion. I think we'll be able to help them get back to church someday. It'll take a while, but it'll be good. 

It was really such a good week. The Lord is continuing to bless us and we are trying to work hard! Transfer texts are this week. Sister Lima and I are pretty sure we're both staying, but I guess we'll see. I know this week will be good as long as we work hard and keep up the faith!

I love all of you and I hope that you all have a great week. Good luck with school and seminary and everything. I know that this church is true and I KNOW that miracles happen everyday. We just need to pay attention and we'll be able to see all of the things the Lord is blessing us with. :)

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