Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 27: We're Missionaries, Not Nuns.

We know more than some people think we do. And that's all I'm gonna say 'bout that.

(I promise, nothing to worry about. One of our investigators just really likes a member and it's really easy to tell. that's all.:) )


So much Portuguese. Sister Lima had me start to learn how to translate when someone speaks English (she'd read an English talk and I'd have to translate). It's really hard. I get really frustrated that I don't know all of the words and I get really behind and everything, but I know the only way I'll really know how to translate is if I do it. I'll learn.

Boy oh boy, this week was busy.

Monday we did a sweet FHE with Brazilian members (okay, like one family, a family where the parents both served missions in Portugal, and Gabbi's family) about the tree of life. Oh, you know it was good. What's better than hershey's kisses taped to a fake tree? Just about nothing.

Tuesday everything fell through! Yay! Except dinner. That was good. A couple who are from South Africa are in our ward and they gave us dinner. I know Connor would really appreciate their accents. Also, their food is absolutely delicious. They're so fun. 
Also on Tuesday, I was really just having a rough day (that was the first day we practiced translating....). But we stopped by a former's house, and his wife let us in! It wasn't a super duper good lesson, but it was good. It made me feel the Spirit, so that's what matters. Then we were sitting in our car after and we called a potential who is one of 10 children and she set an appointment with us (that fell through but it wasn't her fault. Disregard that.). I really felt of God's love for me. When I have a really bad or hard day, something goes right, I think, just to show me that God is there and that this work is really up to Him. I have so many tender mercies in my life that come when I really don't deserve them. And for those, I'm grateful :)

Wednesday we had tons of member lessons! The coolest one by far was our dinner appointment with an Indian couple in our ward. They told us that they met the church in Idaho (they moved there from India), and that's where they first really knew about the church and more about Christianity than they had ever known before. They joined there, and they told us too that they know the gospel is true. Their friends will and do make fun of them and God if they talk about how they are Mormons, so it's really hard for them. But they recently received their endowments and are planning on getting sealed soon! I don't know if I've ever seen such wonderful examples of people who are truly and absolutely converted to the Lord and the gospel. Wow.

Thursday we started Gabbi's new member lessons! Man, I love that girl. She's so great. We had dinner at a Guatemalan family's house (I love them. They're the best.) and afterwards had a lesson with Sean, who is their friend (he was the elders' investigator, but we decided to share him). Sean is so cool. He LOVES to read the Book of Mormon because he feels the Spirit and always feels better when he does. He's really so ready for baptism. Right now he's praying about a date (he won't be in town for his original date, so he's deciding when to be baptized instead). He's awesome. 


We had a very last minute (like we knew on Tuesday) Zone Conference! It was amazing. I'll tell you about it in one second. But later we had dinner with a family that has 6 kids under 14 (sound familiar?) Literally it was just like home. I actually loved it so much. I can promise you that when all the kids don't necessarily behave, the missionaries actually enjoy it. It reminds them of home and they aren't upset or offended or judging at all :)

Oh yeah, and it was my 6 month mark! Strange. Elders Friebe and Rodrigues were there too, so that was kinda cool that we were together on that day. Hence the sweet pictures.
6 months!

6 thumbs-up for 6 months

Saturday we went to an 8 yo's baptism and Sean went and it was great! Then dinner at a filipino family's house. We're very diverse here, actually. Huh. Good day.

Sunday was another really awesome Sunday. Some less actives were at church, but most of our investigators weren't. Sad. It's okay though, I'm definitely getting better at Portuguese! I can understand a whole lot and have a conversation with people usually now :) Also, another dinner and another appointment with Sean. He's so cool.

Okay let's talk about the Zone Conference. Basically it was a reminder that we need to be working our hardest to reach our new goal, which if you forgot or I didn't tell you, is to have at least 70 baptisms each month until July (when Pres. Packard goes home). Remember the miracles I talked about that happened in November? We need to keep those going. The Lord has a lot of people who are so prepared to hear and accept the gospel, and we need to do our best to find them and bring them to Him and the gospel. This goal will take a lot of work on our and the members' part, but I know that the Lord will prepare a way. We've been sharing this goal with all of the members we see for dinners and things, and we keep sharing 1 Nephi 3:7 with them--this goal is a commandment of God for us right here right now, and He WILL prepare a way for us to accomplish it, but we need to do our part and act in faith.

Part of this goal is that we need to each sacrifice something and everything that is holding us back from doing our best work and consecrating our whole selves to God. I've made a couple of sacrifices.  I know that I need to be as obedient as I can be and as focused as I can be on the Lord's work, because this goal is really important. The Lord has shown us what is possible, and now that we know what He wants us to do, we can't just not do it. 

So please pray for us--please pray that this goal will be accomplished and that we will be able to find and teach the people who are ready to hear the gospel. Pray for them to gain testimonies and have a desire to be baptized, and please pray that we can find those 70 and more individual people who are ready to come closer to God.

I love you all so much and hope that things are still going well. Enjoy the snow, have a great week, and I'll talk to you all soon!
All but one of the Portuguese-speaking sisters


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