Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 28: Spring?

Well hey there.

Yesterday it rained all day and today it's a freezing 50 degrees, so welcome to New England I guess! Haha. It feels glorious outside, but I'd really like one or two days where it snows so much that we're stuck inside, then we can be done with winter. Please and thank you.

This week was probably one of the most interesting ones I've had thus far on my mission. It was all the same, yet really different. Sorry, I'm getting to this point in my mission where I mostly want to hear every detail of your life, but I don't want to tell you any of mine :) I'll try though! But basically all we do is teach lessons sooooo yep.

Monday! We had a dinner with the old couple in our ward who used to be mission presidents and the Boston temple president and now he's the patriarch. We had a lesson after with the guy who's dating their daughter, and it was a very interesting lesson. Basically, we gave the guy wayyyy too much information, so we hope that he did read the Book of Mormon and that he felt the Spirit enough to want to learn more :)

Tuesday. We had a meeting with Sister Wood, our YW president and it was really good because we're going to get a lot more involved with the YW! I love the young women. I'm so excited--we're going to plan a movie night watching the Testaments or something, we'll do an activity where they go street contacting with us, and it's gonna be great. I'm actually so excited. Later we had a lesson with Joame and Gabbi (and Joame's probably reading this, hi Joame! She found the blog and says she loves to read it.) about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was awesome! Gabbi helped us teach since she basically knows everything. :) That night we had a dinner with the Pitcavage family and it was one of the most fun dinners I've ever had on my mission. Love it. Love them.

Wednesday we saw Gabbi and Joame again and we had a little tea party! With juice and Brazilian cake! Love that too. Then we watched Because of Him, my favorite, and talked about it with them and their friends. That night we had dinner at another member's house and that was awesome. I love member dinners. 

Thursday was weekly planning! It's usually good and always long. We did see two less actives that day, one english and one brazilian. Love that. I just love missionary work.

Friday was district meeting as always, with another lovely lunch at the classic Burger King! We've been really trying to do language study every day, so we did that. Later we met with a whole bunch of the Brazilian members and that was way fun! I ate a lot. They always want you to go back to get 2nds and 3rds and 4ths. I usually go for 2nds but more than that is hard... I'll keep training myself to do it. We also got a new investigator that day! We got a media referral over text, so we went to her house (she asked for a missionary visit!!). She wasn't there, so we left a note but decided to go back later. When we did, she was home and we taught her the first lesson! She met some missionaries when she was visiting Fortaleza Brazil (she doesn't know Elder Wilhelm), and they referred her so we could go teach her. Her name is Raquel and she's awesome. Love it.

Saturday we had 6 appointments set and only 3 held up. Welcome to missionary life! But it was okay, because we were able to go to the Olive Garden again for lunch :) We also visited Nilva, who gave us pao de queijo and bolo and it was great. Then dinner at an english member's house (love it!!) and we visited the Kostetskys! I love that family so much. They're the ones with 2 autistic boys. All of them are so great. When we went on Saturday, it was about 8:20pm so when the boys were going to bed, one came and told us goodnight! It was so sweet! PLUS Sis. Kostetsky is reading the Book of Mormon again! After 20 years! She read up through 1 Nephi 9 in one night, and Sister Lima and I were just grinning like fools while she told us the story up until then. We are so proud of her! she's really starting to catch on :)

Sunday! I love crazy Sundays. We had correlation, PEC, church (where it was ward council too! Go figure!) and then right after church we went to visit Gabbi, who is currently in a support group type thing at a hospital in Natick. Don't worry, she's all right. But I think where she is now is helping her. Anyways, we saw her with 2 of the YW leaders. I love that girl. And we had a really cool experience where we were sharing something from the November Ensign. When we finished, I had the feeling I needed to give my Ensign to Gabbi. It really wasn't that big of a deal to me--I had actually ordered that Ensign, but it was still only a dollar--so I was like "well okay." Afterwards as we were driving back with Sister Wood, she AND Sister Lima said they had both received the same impression for us to give Gabbi one of our Ensigns. So there you go. We don't really know why she really needed it, but we followed the Spirit and I know she or someone will be really blessed by it.

That night we had dinner with Sister Hutchins, the seminary teacher. I told mom about it. :) I love that woman too. 

Love. That's basically it. That didn't really sound like it was a weird week, but there were a whole bunch of weird things I don't think I should really get into. A good week, but a weird one. 

I hope you all have a really great week this week. Keep reading the Book of Mormon--I know it changes lives. I'm seeing it do so now, and it's amazing.

Missionary work is the best. Please find one thing you can do this week to participate in it! Go out with the missionaries, give them a referral, feed them dinner. Do something. The Lord will bless you for it. :)

I love you all! Have a SPIRITUALLY UPLIFTING week!! :)

P.S. Thanks dad for the hot chocolate :)

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