Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 29: O campo ja esta branco para a ceifa.... literally.

(Translation: The field is white, already to harvest)
Because it snowed 7 inches on Saturday! We're also expecting a blizzard tomorrow with 2-3 feet of snow. We've got a lot of stuff to be prepared, so we're going to be fine. Maybe a little bored staying inside the apartment for a few days, but it's okay. 

A lot of stuff fell through this week, but it's okay. Let's remember what happened.

Monday we had dinner at the Hutchins again, and it was delicious. We had a really good discussion about prayer too!

Tuesday a bunch of stuff fell through and then we had dinner with a young family and we went to the Relief Society activity! Good stuff. 

Wednesday we were able to talk with a kind of less active lady who's super awesome, then to another one who came with us to a dinner with another member! Lots of members. But it was fun, and the dinner was at IHOP, so what's not to love? Nothing. Love everything. That night we taught Sean the Word of Wisdom. He's still just the coolest guy, and he is so committed to the gospel already. He's been off coffee for 2 weeks--I think he was told earlier he can't drink it--and he's going strong. It's really neat to have a good conversation with him, because he tells us about his doubts and worries, and then we tell him that everyone else knows exactly how he feels! And he's easily one of the most prepared people I've seen for baptism, right alongside Laura from Brockton. SO MUCH LOVE!

Thursday we had a really good weekly planning session, we ordered pizza, and then we had Chinese with a Brazilian for dinner! We're getting rather ethnic around here :) So it was Maria who had us over, and her brother Jose was there too! Afterwards we taught him the Restoration and it went really well. He's a new investigator! I think he'll be really strong. He's really busy, but his sister is such a strong and fantastic member, so he will be too. 

Friday more things fell through! So we wrote nice things on sticky notes to stick on Joame's door. When she saw it later, she told us that she loved it and read them all. I love doing things like that :) We also saw Marli, an AMAZING member who's really coming back now. I love her a lot. Then we had dinner at Priscila's house, and it was absolutely delicious. Brazilian food is awesome.

Saturday we had a red dot in the morning, so we didn't go anywhere until the afternoon. It had snowed 6 inches or so, but the roads were clear, so we visited Raquel again. She believes the Book of Mormon is the word of God! She's not ready to change her religion (she's actually a practicing Catholic). Yet. Then we were able to stop by a couple of formers/potentials and we set appointments with them! We visited Joame for a few minutes but we got a text telling us to go home (another red dot, it was snowing pretty hard again), so we left.

When we were driving home and almost there, we came to an intersection where we had to turn left. The snow was packed pretty hard, and I put the break on too much, so we skidded and crashed into the guard rail directly in front of us. (yes, we got in an accident.) Luckily, we had slowed down enough so that we weren't hurt at all. Not even a scratch. The airbags didn't go off either. So just the front right bumper of the car got damaged, and we're okay. Just without a car for a few days (which sounds like it will work out, because of the blizzard tomorrow we won't be going anywhere).

But you know what? I know the Lord is protecting us. If we had driven through the guard rail, we would have driven into a stream that was in the ditch behind the rail. Imagine what would have happened if there hadn't been a rail at all. And we don't even have a scratch. I will admit I went home and cried for a while--I'm pretty certain I did go into mild shock afterwards--but otherwise, we're fine. It's starting to be funny now. The Lord still has work for us to do, and there's a reason we don't have a car. I just know for sure that there were angels there that helped stopped the car so we would walk away unharmed.

Also, yesterday at church Maria told us that she had been thinking about us right at 6:45, when the accident happened, and that she had felt bad for us--but didn't know why--so she was praying for us right as the accident happened. And I know that all of your prayers back at home helped protect us too, so thank you.

We went home and watched the Testaments because I was just so done for the day.

All of that made Sunday an interesting day. Church went well, and the elders gave us a ride there. We got a ride with the Nixons to their house for dinner--they're so cool! They gave us a lot of food for the blizzard. They also just have really cool old stuff--and from there to our other appointment with a boy named Dylan. He's 8 and he lives with his less-active grandma, but he decided to be baptized so they're coming back! He's a lot like Ryan, and he's really funny. When we got home, we watched a reaaaaallly cheesy 80s video called "Our Heavenly Father's Plan". Good stuff.

So it was a good week! Not a lot actually happened as far as appointments, but it was still a long email, so there ya go. 

We're ready for this blizzard. Bring it on. In a few hours, though, so we can have a little more PDay time. But then bring it on.

I know that the Lord lives. I know that He is truly protecting His missionaries. I know that He loves each and every one of us and each one of YOU. I love Him. I love being a missionary. 

Stay safe this week. I love and miss all of you! Keep coming unto Christ! And go look up the "Come Unto Christ" song from the youth theme last year. It's my current favorite. 

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