Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Week 31: Just Another Manic Monday...

For some reason that line of that song has been stuck in my head for 2 days now, and I feel as if it accurately describes yesterday. Enjoy.

We had another snow storm yesterday so we were snowed in again! I think I'm entirely done with red-dot pdays, thank you very much. It is good because they don't stop proselyting days, but still....

Last Tuesday we had dinner at the Waterfalls' house (they're members in the Framingham ward, but he speaks Spanish and she speaks Portuguese so she came out with us afterwards)! It was so fun. They have 4 cute kids and one on the way. Their second daughter's name is Rachel, and when I told her that that's my name she was like "whaaaat?" It was really cute. So with Sister Waterfall we stopped by a less-active Brazilian member and Raquel (but we didn't teach her). Sister Waterfall still remembers a LOT of Portuguese! I hope to be able to keep mine up like that.

On Wednesday Gabbi came home from the hospital!!! (I hope I told you that hahahah but she's fine) We went over to see her and it was really good to see her :) I love Gabbi a lot. That day was crazy, lemme tell ya--we were constantly talking with our ZLs who had a new car for us (WOOHOOOOOOOOOO) and then they were going to meet us at our dinner with the Indian family in our ward but then they got lost without a GPS, so Brother Thatavarti directed them over the phone to their apartment. THEN the Thatavartis told us they will be getting sealed on Valentine's Day and they invited us to go!! We're really excited. What a better way to spend your only Valentine's day on the mission? (we will be going to Chick-fil-A for dinner afterwards, that has been decided for a while, so that is better).

So on Wednesday we got a car again!! It's not our old car, it's a different one, but at least for a while, it's ours. :) 

Thursday was weekly planning! We tried to stop by a few people afterwards and we did teach Sean, which was really great as always. Then we rushed to dinner with Sister Silva where we ate delicious Brazilian food :)

Friday we had zone meeting and exchanges with the sisters in Weston afterwards! Zone meeting was awesome--we talked about how to improve our companionship study, and we got lots of good ideas. Then I went with Sister Nielson to Weston for 24 hours, and we had a great day! We taught some really good lessons, got stuck in the snow with our car for 20 minutes (but we got out, thank goodness), and had a delicious Venezuelan dinner. Love it. And Sister Nielson is so awesome! She goes home at the end of the month, which is so sad. She's an amazing missionary :)

SATURDAY. Big day. Sister Nielson and I had studies, a lesson, and some service and lunch for a lady in Weston, which was one of the most delicious lunches I think I've ever had in my whole life, so that was good. We went back to Marlborough and exchanged back and set up for Sean's baptism!! His baptism was beautiful. The PVC Sisters brought a display and the Spirit was there and the APs even came! (one of them had taught Sean once... also the APs are really cool). Ah, so good.  Then we went to the Bishop's house for dinner, which is always so fun.

Sunday it had snowed in the morning, so we didn't teach Dylan but we went to Church! OH AND THIS IS IMPORTANT. For ward council, they taught us how to do some more family history. And guess what??? I FOUND 3 NAMES TO DO!!! 2 males and one female. They are the 7th great-grandchildren of my 10th-great-grandmother Janet Thomon (mom's side). The one girl is Janet Jean Laing. I'm not sure when I'll get that work done, so maybe I'll send at least the boy names home. But that was so cool. And church was fun--I tried to translate sacrament meeting, failed pretty badly, helped in nursery for an hour, and taught YW. Good stuff! Then we had dinner with the Crums, who are my favorite couple for forever. And we visited Ariel. PLEASE keep her in your prayers today--she's going through a HUGE surgery as we speak. 

I'm out of time, we have to run, but I love you all so much and hope that you all had a good week! President Packard said this to us after our WebEx today, and I'll say it to you:

Be safe. be happy, act in faith!

I love you all!

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