Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Week 35: The Strangest Week of My Life

Have you ever had to watch your mission companion walk into the airport while you stayed behind? I can attest that it is one of the strangest feelings ever.

Why can I say that? Good question. Let's begin with Monday of last week....

We went to Chuck E Cheese, and you KNOW it was a good time. I won enough tickets to get a balloon dagger, so that's pretty sweet. Our dinner had fallen through so we stayed at Natick Mall and ate sushi and it was lovely. Later we went and talked to some potentials for a while.

Also a weird thing that happened--while we were changing back into our proselyting clothes in the mall, the fire alarm went off. Mind you, that is a HUGE mall. HUGE. So I have no idea if there was a fire or not because when we left the bathroom, everyone was walking around like there was nothing wrong. Soooo that was strange.

At 6:45am we got a call from President Packard asking us to come to the mission office because he had to tell Sister Cruz something in person. So we got ready and went. He and Sister Packard told Sister Cruz alone first, then with me what happened. Her mom had a stroke on Monday. Things were looking pretty good--when she woke up she asked for her children by name--but she was going to have brain surgery on Saturday to take the bad stuff out. She called and talked to her family for a little while about it and President told her to pack and get ready to go home for a visit, just in case she had permission. So that was pretty much our day. That night we found out the brethren had given her permission to go without being released, and that she would leave Wednesday afternoon.
Oh yeah and we also went to Chick-fil-A for lunch because that's just what you do when your world is falling all around you.

We finished getting her ready to go and long story short dropped Sister Cruz off at the airport (a senior couple took us). And that's how I know what that feels like. I stayed at the Mission Leadership Council meeting so that Hermana Heileson, who was in a trio in Boston, could stay there and then come back to Marlborough with me. And that's what happened.

Well, everything we had planned for the day happened! We taught Sharon and we weekly planned and we taught Jose the first part of the Gospel of Christ and we had dinner with the Silvas, and it was awesome. 

We had a zone conference! It was a really good one, focused on how we can improve our teaching skills. I learned a lot in that conference, and I really feel like there are so many things that I need to improve on... but that's what the Atonement is for! Here are some good quotes from the day:

"Don't underestimate the POWER of the Book of Mormon"
"We cannot lift someone unless we are on higher ground"
"Get off your knees and pray with your feet"
"If we magnify our callings, the Lord will magnify us"
"When you are release, call yourself on a mission!"
"Want real change? Feed your faith!"
"Once we ask the right question, we will receive the right answer"
"Repentance is a process of becoming"
"The Celestial Kingdom is about who you are and who you're with"

It was a good day.

We also got to play in the lunchtime game "Who Wants to be a Mile-ionaire" in which Sister Heileson and I won 250 extra miles for the month!!!! That means when Sister Cruz comes back, we'll be able to drive to the Boston Aquarium just like she wanted without any issues with our miles :)

Correlation meeting, English class (where our really solid potential Gilmar bought us a WHOLE BUNCH of Brazilian food... I put the picture of all of it on dropbox. That cheese is not cheap, my friends. Even I can appreciate that.), a lunch appointment.... we did some good stuff like updating records and studying and things. We had an appointment over the phone with Sean who's back in town!! Woohoo! He's awesome. He said he's been struggling a little bit, and we gave him the link to speeches.byu.edu which has, as you know, some pretty amazing talks on it. You should go look at them too.

Oh I love this ward. Ward council and church were wonderful as always!! I translated for Portuguese during sacrament meeting and it was only half a train wreck, so hey, improvement! The Brazilians kept complimenting me, but boy they were totally just being nice about it. One thing that has helped me over the last couple of days is that I have really been able to see how much my Portuguese has actually improved--basically, although Hermana Heileson is AWESOME at Spanish and is learning Portuguese, it's still up to me for the bulk of the Portuguese lessons. And I've kind of discovered that I can actually speak to people almost without problems! Which I did kind of know before, but it has been a good reminder for me this week. Sunday night we had an amazing dinner with the Ramseys, an awesome family in our ward, and the Buffs, and part-member family. It went really well! I just love those people and I'm looking forward to working more with all of them. Also, their kids are really cute. Their little boy was pleasantly surprised to find out that I had a cousin who was also named Garrett who is serving his mission in Brazil right now. Hahaha that was funny. And Vivian was singing about a party in her tummy, so that brought me back.

And today here we are!

AND TODAY IS MY MOTHER'S BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!! I have a video just for you on Dropbox. I apologize that it's probably actually the most awkward video that you've ever seen, but there you go. I'm your daughter. And that's what you get. Hahaha I also sent you something in the mail :)

And happy 8 months to meee! But let's be real, my mom is more important. After all, she is now officially the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Feliz anniversario, mamae :)

I love you all, I hope that everything is going well. We are experiencing some BEAUTIFUL weather--it's 45 degrees today! Hallelujah, spring is on its way! I love being a missionary, I love my companion(s), I love the Lord. Keep doing what's right and reading the Book of Mormon and everything will turn out just fine.

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