Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 36: Are you sure you're American?

Last night one of our Brazilian members asked me if I was American, just to make sure. He said that my Portuguese is a lot better than a lot of the American missionaries' that serve in Brazil. I assured him that I am 100% American. But wow, that was a nice compliment :) I never thought anyone would think I am Brazilian! So that was neato.

SISTER CRUZ CAME BACK!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed her! She's doing well, she's really happy. Her mom had surgery on Wednesday and everything is going well. She needs to relearn how to walk, but that's it, which is actually amazing, considering the type of stroke she had. So Sister Cruz came back Sunday morning and we picked her up at the airport and just ran all day long through church and 3 appointments afterwards. She's a trooper. We're ready to get back to work and do the Lord's will!

I'm glad you got everything Mom, and I'm glad to hear you had a great birthday :) Of course, who wouldn't choose laser tag, mani/pedis, Sweetwater and Chickfila? I mean really. 

This week we just saw a LOT of members. It was really good though! I love the members here, and it's exciting to get to work with them. On Saturday, we were supposed to pick Sister Cruz up but she had been stuck in 4 hours of traffic, so she had missed her flight. So Sister Heileson and I went to the chapel in Boston on the other side of the stake (her chapel, actually) so she could still have an appointment she had made. It was fun though because I got to help Sister Lowenthal and the other Portuguese missionaries there set up for a Cape Verdean party! Boy I love Sister Lowenthal. That was pretty fun. 

Well there really isn't much to my week than that. OH. BUT. We officially broke the record last night--2015 was the official snowiest winter in Boston EVER!! Woohoo! It snowed the last 2 inches or so yesterday (after it had been a beautiful 60 degrees on Wednesday!), so I'm done with winter, we're good, let's get some spring now please. I've decided I will now wear tights this winter any more. I just won't.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! Enjoy this almost-spring weather everyone seems to be having! We're looking forward to a really good, really productive week full of new investigators :)

Go read Omni 1:26 (I think). Talk about consecration! What more can you do this week?

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