Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Week 37: ETs are interesting things

Guess where I am right now?


Can you believe I got emergency transferred here just this past week? I mean, it's crazy. And the only Portuguese area they have here is inhabited by elders.....

So you shouldn't believe that I got ET'ed because I didn't hahahaha that was just the first thing I thought to tell you to try to make you jump this week. But I am in Cambridge! We came here for pday today, where we went to the New England Aquarium, Quincy Market, rode the T all over, and saw Hahvahd (again). It was really fun! That's why we're emailing so much later. Also why this email will be very short. I took a good amount of pictures, so enjoy those. It's funny because we pass by places that I totally know we went to 2 years ago for Spring Break. We did not go to Mike's Pastries again, unfortunately, because we forgot. Whoops. But it was a good day :)

This week was good too!
We saw a lot of members for dinner and things, and we had stake conference this weekend! I really enjoyed it. Basically we all got reprimanded for not always paying fast offerings. But in a good way, where I want to change! President and Sister Packard talked too. Ah, good stuff.

Also, we have some AWESOME potentials, Gilmar and Carmen. He speaks Portuguese, she speaks english and spanish. But it works. They're so cool! Gilmar even came to stake conference! That never happens! We haven't actually taught them a real lesson yet, but we will this week. It's going to be great. Ohhhh they're going to get wet soon, I feel it.

Well. My time is super duper short because we were in Boston all day, but I love you all so much and am so glad to hear that you had a great week! I hope this week is awesome. Alsoooo


Wow, I think they're the only three that I've ever given nicknames. Sorry Ben and Spencer.

I hope your birthdays this weekend are awesome! I did manage to get you all a little something today in Boston, so look for a package soon.. probably next week. 

I love you all so much! This gospel is amazing. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever, and I'm really excited for Jared to be getting ready to serve his. That will be amazing.

I love you, I love the Lord, I love the gospel. I love Boston too :)

Have a splendid week!

RS Activity on Tuesday night was an International dinner! So here we are with all of the Brazilians plus Sister Meredith and Ariel Holmes who's Dominican.

I tried to walk over some snow the other day and totally tripped (I was not balanced...) and cut up my knee and hand. Whoops.

Ha the one of me and S. Cruz holding the plastic bag is from a "date" we almost had... we had dinner from a member, a scenic place to park.. but no silverware. Nartz.

Elder Cooper's birthday was on Saturday, so we decorated their car! Aww, they'll have confetti there for WEEKS! We also went to PF Changs before Stake conference that night, so that was a good time.

And the aquarium! the ride to Cambridge was interesting haha. We also stopped in Quincy Market. That's a cool place!

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