Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 38: Short

Sorry this is so late in the day. We were playing soccer and stuff with the elders. I apologize.

Although my official halfway day is April 9th, I'm right around the real halfway point. I have no idea what day specifically it is, but it is close. So what I'm starting to discover is that my mission is very very SHORT. My mom (Sister Melo) is going home this transfer and I know that I'm getting to the point where I know no one else in the mission hahaha. After the transfer at the end of June, that's it. I won't know anyone. Oh well! 

This last transfer has been super SHORT too! Yikes! We get t-texts this Friday. WHAT?? I think I'll stay one more transfer in Marlborough, but I'm not completely sure. But wherever the Lord wants me to go, I will go. I will do and be and say what He wants me to. We'll find out His will soon!

This past week has been SHORT! Man! Haha but all of our appointments this week have been loooong. We did finally teach Gilmar and Carmen the first part of the Restoration, so they are officially investigators! Woohoo! They both came to church too, which was awesome, but left early because it was all about family history and Carmen was not really having it. But they want to come back next week! (which is General Conference, but still) We also visited with Ariel Holmes, who is just the most positive person I've ever met in my life. She's wonderful. And we had dinner with her and her non member husband afterwards :)
We have another new investigator too! Beth. Her mom is this really old cute woman who is a member of... I don't know how long, but she is the only member in her family. And Beth, who is in her 50s or 60s (I don't know for sure, okay!) has some really good questions about whether or not there is a God and why is there suffering, so we'll try to help her find some answers to those questions this week. :)

We finally saw Raquel again! She'll take much longer than I thought to get close to baptism... but Sister Cruz thinks her husband is a good potential! We had lunch with Gelma Kostetsky, who said that her daughter Alexa (who is definitely 9!!) wants to be baptized, so we suggested we could come teach her the lessons and help her make this decision for herself, so we'll do that this week too! The Lord is blessing us with a lot of really wonderful things to do in this area, and it's so cool to see! 

We also visited some members, helped out at a library book sale, and went to a Japanese Steakhouse with the Merediths. I forgot how fun those are! Hahaha the best part is when the cook shot a pea into Celeste's mouth, much to her surprise. That was awesome. Also, fire. 

Women's Conference was AMAZING as always--so much talk about families! I feel like this General Conference this weekend will have a theme along those lines too... I honestly don't know what's really happening out in the world, but I can tell that it gets worse and worse. Thank goodness we have the gospel--that is our rock, our iron rod. When the tempests and whirlwinds of this world start to get into our life to the point where we can't find stability anywhere, the gospel will always provide the rock and foundation for everything we do. Isn't is wonderful?? I am so excited for General Conference!! I'll come back to that in a minute.

Sunday was CRAZY because we had our Easter program during sacrament meeting, then we had a "family history blitz" where basically the last 2 hours of church were spend having everyone do family history work. Then! We had a linger longer--basically food after church. Then! We went to dinner with the Crums, who are my favorite (and they're the couple in the pictures on dropbox). But we forgot to buy gas on Saturday, so we just went straight home... we kind of freaked out about running out of gas but we didn't :)

And today was a chill pday! We want to go back to Boston next pday, so I may not email at the normal time.... sorry. 

Back to GC. This week, with Spring Break and all too, is the perfect time to share the gospel, specifically helives.mormon.org ! Oh, that video is so good. Take this week to share the gospel and your testimony of Christ and His Resurrection. You can do it! C'mon, if I can do it every day, you can do it for at least one day. 

Also, I would suggest you think of a question you need/want answered during General Conference this weekend. Write it down and try to find your answer as you listen. Pray about it too :) I have a firm testimony that we can and will receive answers if we truly want them and will act on them--here I am! Remember, I received my answer about a mission during the October 2013 conference, and here I am, and year and a half later. Crazy. 

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He lives! He loves us! He loves me. He loves you. And as we turn to Him, all else in our lives will be alright. Remember Him always, but especially this week leading up to easter!

I love you all so much. :)



Because I'm near halfway, I cut my hair. A lot.  Better than burning clothing, I'm told.

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