Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 39: It's Spring, I'm Halfway Done, Time for a Vacation, Right?

Of course it's not time for a vacation! But President didn't listen to me. Guess where he's transferring me?

Martha's Vineyard!

Seriously though. I wouldn't even have been smart enough to think that one up. It was the place I LEAST expected to go. 

I talked to the sisters who are currently serving there, and they said there is a 25-member branch on the island and they currently have 3 investigators! I also happen to be going at a great time, right during Spring and Summer, so we'll have lots of contacting to do! It will definitely be a very different work than here in Marlborough. Plus, we only come off the island for things like Zone meeting or interviews with President Packard. The closest missionaries are in Cape Cod, a 45-minute ferry ride away. Yay!

But hey, who else gets to say they lived on Martha's Vineyard? Pretty much just the people that do live there hahaha

Boy oh boy will I miss the Marlborough ward though. I did not have any idea before my mission how much you can come to love so many people so quickly and without reservation. I love each person in this ward so so so much and I am extremely sad to be leaving so soon. I was serving here for 3 transfers--4 1/2 months--but it feels like 4 ;) (ps dad I told that joke that you say "feels like 23" when you say you've been married 22 years, but it wasn't as funny to the other people... sorry)

I am grateful in that respect for things like facebook that will allow me to stay connected with all these people I love so much when I go home. Especially because I don't even get to say goodbye to the whole ward since we had Conferenceon Sunday...

Charity--the pure love of Christ--is real and it will change your life. I will always remember the Marlborough ward as one who I love and who loved me :) WHEN I come back and visit, you KNOW I'll be visiting this ward on a Sunday. I love them.

One great thing about this week is that we got to visit a lot of members :) We also did a grand total of 12 1/2 hours of service, which is probably 6 times more than we usually do, so that was pretty exciting! We cleaned some nasty window sills, moved a Brazilian lady, helped a 1st-grader with her math homework, and served food to those who need it. 

On top of all of that, we have TWO new investigators this week! The first, Maria, is a friend of the Silvas in the ward. Haha she's a funny lady. She talks very quickly, so it was hard for me to understand her. She'll definitely get baptized though :) The other is the 9-year-old daughter of the Kostetsky family!!! You have NO IDEA how happy that makes me. I've been working with that family literally my whole 4 1/2 months here, and the entire family has progressed so much. The daughter wants to be baptized, the mother started to read the Book of Mormon a bit after 8 years, the father wants to be worthy of the Priesthood and temple covenants again so he can baptize his daughter, and the autistic twins are just perfect :)

If I've done nothing else in my time here in Marlborough, I knew the Kostetskys and helped them come closer to Christ. And if no one else remembers me, I do think they will. And that's just fine by me. 

So Sister Cruz and her new greenie will continue to teach the daughter and help her prepare for baptism, and I will do my best to make it back for that, because that is not something I could easily miss. 

We also finally talked with Gabbi--I love her. Pray for her please. We had a lesson with the Crocketts (new investigators from last week) about receiving revelation. Beth will get baptized too, I know it. 

The work here in this area is amazing. The miracles of the Lord are amazing. Just like Elder Andersen said in Conference this weekend, when we see the hand of the Lord and the miracles happening in His work, we can see the miracles in our own lives better.

I encourage you all to remember what Elder Nelson said--think about the things you've learned at Conference and ask yourself "what will I do to CHANGE because of these things?"

I LOVED CONFERENCE. We sadly missed the Saturday morning session, but we'll watch it soon. I was so grateful for the Spirit I felt and the wonderful talks that we shared. I learned so much and especially enjoyed Elder Bednar's, President Uchtdorf's, and Elder Pearson's talks. I need to study Elder Pearson's again for sure.

I love you all so much and hope you enjoyed conference and your past week too :) Have a fantastic week! Remember to apply what you learned at conference.

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