Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week 42: Crazy Adventures

Let me tell you about the crazy adventures we have had this week on Martha's Vineyard. Are you ready for the ride?

Monday. Our dinner cancelled, so I don't even remember what we did. Probably records and things. BUT. We found a Brazilian store that's right next to our apartment! Score!!

Tuesday. We had the Book of Mormon WebEx that we have every week (where President told us none of us are allowed to go on Facebook any longer. So you'll just have to bear it without me there until December. I know you can do it.), and after--even though we were planning on doing this on Thursday--we decided to go down to Aquinnah. Now, Aquinnah is the bottom-left corner of the island, and it is like a 5-hour trip to get down there, do some work, and get back to Vineyard Haven, all due to the bus schedule. So we went home, grabbed our bikes, and rode the bus alllll the way down to Aquinnah to stop by 2 less-actives (one of whom wasn't home, but her husband was, and the other moved to Utah but no one knew that). While we were there, we decided to bike down to the Gay Head Lighthouse and Cliffs, because that is a very popular touristy spot and we were already down there and had loads of time to wait for the bus anyways. So we got some great pictures!

On the way down we also taught most of the Restoration to a tourist, who declined the book of Mormon. Oh, well. Almost. Then, ahah, he got on the same bus as us and this other older man to get back to Vineyard Haven. So we were like travel buddies going home. That was fun as always. 

Wednesday. Was actually pretty normal! Everything we planned came through. Service that morning was so fun--people brought baby ducks and chickens and baby lambs for the nursing home residents to see. I got to take pictures on a really nice camera and it was super fun. Later we worked on the digital mission (we are now working on Google+ and it's so cool!!! I love the digital mission. There is so much potential and opportunity there and it's just the coolest!!) and visited with an 11 year old and her friend for "lanche" (snack in Portuguese), then had Branch Council. In MV, the Branch Council basically IS the branch, so that's fun haha. But they are great!

Thursday. The Fishbowl Sisters visited us!! We love them. They are the sisters that work on the Digital Mission full time. They came to help us understand Google+ and get used to the work. Oh, that was fun. They have a lot of energy. Plus, we're a 45-minute ferry ride away from any other missionaries, so we like visits. AND. In the morning, we got a text from a number we didn't have saved.... and it was Sister Meredith from Marlborough!! She and her daughter and Sister Hutchins and her daughter were on the island and they wanted to take us out for lunch or dinner! So we were able to visit with them at Sharky's for dinner and it was literally SO FUN. I love those women so much. Adriana is going to BYU in June and Sara will go to Utah State. And their moms are great. I just loved that all so much. And I really appreciated that they wanted to see me :)

Friday. We went off island for the first time since I got here! Woohoo! We actually went to district meeting this time, which was great, and then we went to Friendly's for lunch. Remember Friendly's? how I always wanted to go there? Yep. And it was delicious. We ran into wal-mart to grab some things and we rode the ferry back to the island and did digital work and worked on our non-existent Finding Pool. 

Funny story from Wal-mart--we had just gotten into the store and this guy walked by me really slowly, just staring. I was so confused. I finally figured out he was looking at my tag (and I was wearing the English one this time, so I don't know why it took him so long to read it). We had a lovely discussion about how we were missionaries, and yes sometimes people think we are Jehovah's Witnesses but we definitely aren't, and we asked if he wanted to learn more. He said "Oh, I'm Jehovah's Witness!" And I was like "okaaaaaay." Haha but he said " It's a website." and I said " It's a website." and we kind of shared this I-see-what-you-did-there-trying-to-convert-me moment. It was actually super funny. Ah, JWs. So interesting.

Saturday! We had service (I love service. It's just the best. The people there are so funny!) and lunch and we taught Ronald without a member. But we had a really spiritual lesson about baptism and trying to understand where he is coming from. He did not accept out baptismal date of May 8th, but he does say after summer he wants to be baptized. So that's something. And he said a really amazing prayer at the end. Those are the best. While we were doing digital work later we skyped this guy in Brazil, Marcelo, who is so cool! I think he'll totally want to learn more. We kind of just talk the first time but then try to teach them later. He's really nice. And to top it all off, we had dinner at the Oliveiras--arroz e strogonoffe. Mmmm. Com salada de fruta pela sobremesa! Eu amo a comida brasileira. Sister Oliveira promised to teach me how to make rice and strogonoffe :) I am so. excited. 

In the car ride home we were joking (in Portuguese!!) that if I can make strogonoffe, arroz, and brigadeiro (the 3 easiest Brazilian foods), I will be ready for marriage. Watch out dad, those American boys will love my Brazilian food. 

I was mostly proud that I was part of a joke in Portuguese :)

Sunday was great! We had that same regional broadcast as you did (I loved it. the talks were amazing!) for church. Later we worked on the digital mission and skyped Rodrigo, a guy from Guadalajara Mexico. I kind of sort of spoke a teensy bit of Spanish to him, since I could understand his Spanish. Cool stuff. We also visited Sister Marshall, a really kind less active older lady, and the Browns with Ronald. We taught about the 10 Commandments and ate cookies. 

It was a full week, even though we didn't think we would have quite so much happen! It was great though. Lots of very funny things happened (like how I tripped over a 1-inch rock .... twice.) and we had a good time. 

I know I am learning so much on my mission, and I am so proud and excited for Jared to go serve in Texas!! That's so cool!!!! And Congrats!!! to Michael and Chase, and in advance to Landon. Missions are the best thing ever.

I loved how Elder Kacher and Elder Anderson both spoke about being examples, being lights, to those around us. "We must be visible men and women of Christ" and "We must keep our light visible". Good reminder! Our lives need to reflect the things we believe. When we do that, we will truly have Christ's image in our countenance. (I also had the pleasure to read Alma 5 this week! Good stuff.)

I love you all. Live what you believe, and be visible men and women of Christ this week! Go share the gospel!!

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