Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 44: Mother's Day!

Talking to everyone was the best! Unfortunately for anyone who wasn't on skype when I skyped home, you won't get much this week. Because it's just that kind of week. 

Basically this week we did digital missionary work! We taught Isabella in Italy and Ismael in Brazil about the Book of Mormon, and I talked to Armstrong in Cameroon about my testimony and the Book of Mormon as well.  Who knew that I'd be doing missionary work throughout the entire world?? The Lord did :) I love it.

Otherwise, we had interviews with our Mission President on Thursday and boy I learned a lot. It's strange though, because the Packards go home the last week of June, so this was probably my last interview with President Packard! The Packards are so wonderful and I don't want them to go home (no one else does either haha), but that's okay. The Millers will be great too! I'm just really grateful for the things I have learned from the Packards.

Friday we stayed off island for zone meeting which was really great! We talked about having auxiliary interviews and ward council and how we can help and make that time useful for everyone. Then we had a lovely lunch at 99, a tradition for missionaries here who have 99 days left on their mission. 2 elders in our zone had their "99" on Thursday, so we went for them. I've got way more time than that left!!

And I skyped home on Mother's Day and it was the best. My mom is the best one that I've ever had, for sure, and she has done so much to shape me and teach me and help me get through this crazy thing called life. I'm so grateful for everything you've done, Mom, and I love you!!

Have a great week everybody!

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