Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 45: From a Real Island to a Fake Island

That's right--I'm getting transferred to Rhode Island! Woohooo! I'm actually really excited. Sister Roman will be my companion, and I already know that she's awesome. I hope to be able to speak just Portuguese/kriolo with her, because I'd really like that all to improve.... 

It's crazy that I've only been on the island for a transfer, though. We did talk to President Packard slightly about it at Stake Conference that we had this weekend (my second in the Hingham stake, go figure!). He said that he wanted to keep me and Sister Redden together and he fought for it for a long time, but he figured he needed to listen to the Spirit. So off to another Portuguese area I'll go!

And I'm going to have roommates :)

This email will be super short because we have a zone pday today and therefore not much time at all.

This week we kept trying to work hard. We did a lot of digital mission work and we finally saw the Benoits!! That was great. We taught them the 10 commandments, and especially about keeping the Sabbath day holy. Tim has a hard time getting to church, and they've got a lot of tough things happening now, so please pray that they can find housing and he can get the sleep he needs.

We had some member dinners, we did a lot of gardening for some members (I'll send pictures of that next week :) ), and we got t-texts on Friday! Haha my first thought was "I'm going to have to pack AGAIN." but it will be fine.

We also had an amazing stake conference!! I loved it. I think my favorite thing is when a recently returned sister missionary said that we need to be "spiritually ripped". The enemy is getting stronger, are you? (Spiritually of course :) ) What a great way to think about it!

Sorry this is short, but know that I love you all and I will reply more next week :)
 The LDS church building on Martha's Vineyard

Typical missionary apartment

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