Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Week 46: Sister Nudey, Kanudia, Knitting, Canoe-T, KNUTTI

I have been called every single one of those names this week. True story.

Well this week has been awesome. Can I just tell you how much I love Central Falls? So much. It's good to be back in the land of Portuguese and Cape Verdeans. Yesterday we were fed a very bony fish though, so that's not as nice. But I'll take their bolo any day :)

Monday... we had FHE with the Polleys again, and they were so kind. They gave me a Martha's Vineyard magnet so I can always remember them :) The members on the Vineyard are amazing and are so kind to the missionaries.

Tuesday I'm pretty sure I mostly packed all day long. then we had dinner with the Bilodeaus one more time and an activity with the Relief Society making blankets. Also awesome.

Wednesday was transfer day! We had one last service at the nursing home (I love the people there so much), where they brought ferrets!! Who doesn't love ferrets? I guess they did pee all over the floor, but not while the people were holding them. that was a plus. I finished packing and we caught the ferry just in time! One last ferry ride to the mainland and a car drive up to Weston took us to transfer meeting, which was amazing. Only 7 missionaries went home, so they all got a lot of time to bear their testimonies. It was really great. Then Sister Roman (ho-MON) and I drove into Rhode island!! Wooho!! (we have our own car and it's awesome :) )

Thursday! We had a meeting with our Relief Society president in the ward and the RS president in the group. Let me explain:

We cover the Central Falls Portuguese group. There is a Central Falls English ward, and we just meet at the same time downstairs. Our chapel used to be a Catholic Church, so it's pretty strange and not very big. But it does have 2 floors! The group right now has an average of 30-35 people who come every Sunday, but this past Sunday 38 people came!! The group leader, Irmao Machado, said that me and Elder Araujo (who just got transferred here too) can't leave until the group is a branch. I'm totally fine with that.

there are also now English sisters, who are our roommates, who cover the ward, plus Spanish elders who cover the Central Falls Spanish Branch.

Also, remember Elder Friebe? From my MTC and Brockton districts? He's in my district again. It's pretty funny. Our Portuguese has definitely improved since then.

So Thursday we had that meeting and then we did weekly planning, which mostly consisted of Elder Friebe and Sister Roman telling the English sisters what to do for the English investigators. We finished planning on Saturday morning for the Portuguese people. We share investigators with the Elders, so that makes things interesting! It's kind of nice though. The only thing is one companionship will probably be taken out at the end of this transfer.

Due to that fact, Sister Roman and I made goals on Saturday. We want to work so hard and have so many investigators that we just simply can't be taken out, or it would hurt the work here. I know it can happen, and I have a really really good feeling about this transfer! Sister Roman is awesome. She's been out for 13 months, so she and I are about the same pace. We try to speak just Portuguese when it's just us, and that helps me a lot. She likes to share clothes and she has a lot of cute stuff. Also, she gave me a dress that is too small for her. So all in all, she's a great companion :) But really, she's awesome. 

Anyways, so we made goals. We want to increase the attendance of sacrament meeting in the group and the number of investigators we have--we want to find 3 new investigators every week. Part of our goals is to pray for them every time we pray, so if you would like to, we would certainly appreciate your prayers for that :)

We visited a lot of members and a few investigators too. The people here are great! They are so happy and so kind. I like them a lot. 

I just want to share one miracle that happened this week (sorry time is short). On Sunday, church finished and we were just eating lunch in the kitchen when the elders texted us and said that Antonia, a less active, called them and told them that she was at church! We were like whatttt? (the spanish branch meets at 2, so she was there in that meeting). We went to say hi quickly, and she told us her boss let her choose what days to have off. So she chose Sunday andMonday and she wants to come to church!!! That was a miracles, my friends!! And we visited her later that day, and she works at a nursing home and might have a sweet service opportunity for us--playing music for the old people. #bestserviceever.

The Lord is blessing us immensely here in Central Falls. I know that He has a great plan for us and this area this transfer, and we just need to do our part. I love all of you and hope that you focus on the miracles that happen every day this week, because there are so many little miracles that just pass us by. Try to pay attention to them!

I love you all. Have a great week, and enjoy summer! (Because Memorial Day means the start of summer :) )

OH! And also I saw the Penrods, an awesome family from Marlborough, on the Vineyard on Tuesday. Plus I saw most of my past companions plus AnaPaula from Brockton when we went to the temple yesterday for the recent convert temple trip. The Lord is so good to me :)

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