Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 51: The Last of the Romans and the Packards

Can I just tell you about the awesome week I had? Good, I'm going to right now. 


Sunday night was when we found out about transfers, as you already know. Because we didn't know before church, we ended up spending a decent amount of time visiting a lot of people to say goodbye. Sister Roman also needed to pack, so we stayed at home Tuesday morning and early afternoon to do that. In the meantime, I cut out a LOT of paper hearts that we used to decorate the English sisters' study room. :) 

Tuesday night there was this tornado warning and it seemed fairly serious, so we spent a little while deciding whether or not to go home early. Actually what we did though, is we said a prayer (I was getting anxious about it... like, symptoms of serious anxiety. My chest felt strangely tight. It was kind of weird that I got so anxious but... who knows.) asking what we should do. I didn't feel any one way or the other really, so we went to go visit Nair really quickly. When we walked out of her house, the sky had cleared up a TON! It was blue again! 

Seriously, miracles my friends. Miracles. Heavenly Father loves us so much. 

I also had a really good talk with Sister Roman about myself.. she has helped me to learn a lot about myself this past transfer, because I've been able to talk with her about everything, including some of my deepest thoughts and feelings. She was such a blessing to be companions with. I know Heavenly Father put me with her because He knew how much she would help me. I needed her, and I am already changed for the better because of my time with her!

And I forgot.... well, I just didn't make Ben's birthday video yet. But I'm seriously going to do it today and send it home later in the afternoon. So be on the lookout for that one. 

Wednesday morning we had the Farewell Conference for the Packards. That was so sad. I love the Packards so much. They have become like parents to me. (just a reminder though, love just grows. My love for them does not diminish my love for my own Ma and Pa. Never you fear.) They first gave us a training that they received from a meeting they had with Elder Holland a few weeks ago. I'm going to share my notes/thoughts on that soon. Then Sister Packard gave us advice.... and we sang hymn 152. The worst one out there. Good thing I was playing the piano, so I didn't have to sing, but I still totally cried. Such is my life. 

THEN. We all got to hug the Packards and say some official goodbyes. You read that right--I HUGGED PRESIDENT PACKARD AND IT FELT SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD. We haven't been allowed to hug him because you know I'm a sister, but it was awesome. It was like hugging Dad, but just not quiiiiite as great. Almost though. Almost. President Packard has taught me so much though, and he really has such faith in me and in the power of the Atonement, which has been a great support. I already miss the Packards so much. (I saw them at transfer meeting, but didn't talk to them. They leave today after the Millers arrive....yikes.) Good thing they gave us their address, so we'll just have to go visit them in San Antonio. Oh yes. 

That afternoon we tried to teach a bunch of kids the Plan of Salvation. It went pretty well, but I forgot how distracted some kids get when you introduce chalk outside....

Thursday we visited Nair one last time, weekly planned, and visited Maria Silva, Maria Graca, and Tracy, Nair's older sister. I love these people. They're so great. Also, ANOTHER MIRACLE--Wednesday night we knew we would  visit Maria Graca. We felt like we should talk about the Sabbath day with her. So when we visited her on Thursday, she started off by saying she wouldn't come to church for a while. We asked why, and the poor woman said she didn't have any money to pay tithing, because she and her son (with cancer) don't have jobs. We were like "hey, you don't actually need to pay tithing to go to church!! No worries! In fact, we wanted to talk about the Sabbath day with you today...." and we explained how God created the Sabbath for us. And He would never say someone could not go to church just because they don't have money to pay tithing. She promised she would come every Sunday. though she had a bad headache yesterday... so.... we'll visit her. She's awesome though. We love Mary Grace.

miracles, my friends.

Friday we had a lovely District meeting complete with pizza burritos for lunch, then we all went to help a new family move in! It took 3 hours and 8 missionaries plus the High Priest Group Leader, but we did it. In skirts, may I add. We were so gross after, so we went to buy ice cream at this magical place called Lincoln Creamery. Dad, you would like it. A lot. We later visited a member, Celeste, for VT and Emilia and Joao. We also taught them about the Sabbath day, and it went so well! The Sabbath Day is the best day, my friends. Seriously.

Saturday was transfer dayyyyyyy! We woke up, played a sick game of ultimate frisbee, packed, showered, and drove up to Weston. That was a really emotional meeting. I knew almost every single of the 30 missionaries that flew home this morning.... I'm so old in the mission. Also, President and Sister Packard spoke, and that was so powerful. They have such strong testimonies of the gospel, and I know they have affected mine. Whew. Good meeting.

then Sister Couto and I rode home with our ZLs and went to work! AND GUESS WHAT I DO DRIVE NOW WAHOOOOOO!! It's awesome. We taught Ana Goncalves and Luisa Goncalves (not related). Good stuff.

On Sunday! We had FORTY FIVE people in church!! It was so great!! We had to chase around a 5-year old during second hour (he came with our investigators who were in the youth classes), but no worries.  Later we had a potluck lunch and we visited Lu and Luis, new investigators, and did other missionary-like stuff. Now I'm getting lazy. Sorry :)

And here we are! I love Sister Couto :) Because we've already been friends throughout our missions, the adjustment to being companions has been super smooth so far. She's awesome! We're working hard and doing the Lord's will.

Alright. really quick I'll talk about the Sabbath Day. 

Fun fact: the Friday before every General Conference all of the General Authorities and Auxiliaries have a training meeting by the 12 and the First Presidency. That's where this training came from, from Elder Holland to President Packard to me to you.

If you didn't already know, the GAs want to stress the importance of the Sabbath day. I need to go faster, so I'll just jot down some thoughts and notes quickly. 

The Sacrament
-we know this is the most important thing we do on Sundays. All of us can make it even more sacred.
-we: REMEMBER, WITNESS, and ARE INSPIRED when we take the sacrament.
--we should be thinking about the Atonement during the sacrament, like literally thinking about it and remembering Christ's suffering for us and the glorious blessing that is to us.
--the sacrament is an outward witness to an internal commitment. What commitment is that? Because the sacrament is actually an ordinance that we take part in every single week for ourselves, it is super important. Is there any other ordinance that we take more than once for ourselves? No. Think about that. Anyway, the commitment we make is that we literally are renewing ALL of our covenants we have thus made with God. This includes, but is not limited to, our baptismal covenants. It also includes our temple covenants and others we might have made. 
--"Spirituality and covenants are not stagnant."
-The Name of Christ. What does that actually mean? His Name is His work. When we commit to take upon us the name of Christ, we are committing to do our part of His work--to fulfill assignments made, to magnify our callings, to spread the gospel, to improve ourselves. Think about that! It's like we each have a share, our own part, in the work of the Lord. Doesn't that make you want to do it more and with more vigor? It does for me.

Read Exodus 31:13 and Ezekiel 20:20. the Sabbath is a sign we give to God. What kind of sign are you giving Him?

This was a loooong letter, but I had so much to tell you all :) It was a fantastic week for me, and it sounds like it was so great at home to. I can't believe Jared will become Elder Knutti on Wednesday, but I am so proud of him. He will learn more than he can even imagine and his mission will change him for the better. This is his time to devote everything he has to the work of the Lord! This is his time to practice consecration. It's so worth it, I promise. It has been for me.

I figured out this morning that once Michael enters the MTC, we should have 10 missionaries serving from the good ole CV2. then we all start coming home, but can you imagine that?? 10!! Me, Calvin, Connor, Garrett, Jeff, Duncan, Michael, Landon, Chase, Jared. #onlysister #bestsister

I love the Lord. I love the work. I can testify of miracles. I've made it a habit to write a miracle of the day in my journal each night, and boy the Lord blesses me a lot. I have changed and I look forward to the change I will see in myself over my whole life. The gospel is amazing and the greatest blessing of my life.

I love you all so much and hope that everything goes well this week! It's going to be a big one, but it will be so good. The Lord will carry you though if you need it, I promise.


Sister Knutti, the one and only.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 50: I am just too old for this.

I only have 4 transfers left. That's less than 6 months. I will hit my year mark in 2 1/2 weeks. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

Well, sister Roman is older than me. She'll go home in December. BUT she only has one week left with me because... she's getting transferred! We found out about transfers last night (needless to say, we did not go to bed at 10:30... we can always improve, my friends.) because transfer meeting will be on Saturday, due to the new mission president coming on June 30th! What! I am so sad to see the Packards go home, but I am excited to see the Millers come. It will be so interesting to have a new mission president. So weird, but good.

Anyways, so Sister Roman is getting transferred to Lowell to serve with my good ole friend sister Lima!! They're going to have so much fun. They are Sister Training Leaders, and they are going to be so great :) My new companion will be Sister Couto!! I am SO EXCITED because I love her so much already. We're already friends :) We were also "companions" when we went finding in Boston Commons, so I already know it's going to be so great with her.

Transfer meeting will be Saturday morning, and after that... GUESS WHAT. YOU'LL NEVER GUESS. SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER.

So Friday we got a call from President Packard (truth be told, I really though he was going to ask my to train... hahah good thing he didn't, I don't know how to "rear" a new missionary--you raise crops, you rear children/mission children) and he said "Sister Knutti! do you drive?" and I was like uh no, you red-dotted me. He said "you got a letter, didn't you! What did it say?" and I said "That I couldn't drive anymore for the rest of my mission... I don't really remember, you read it to me!" and he said "Oh that's right! Well Sister Knutti, are you ready to drive?"

Did you read that? "Are you ready to drive again?"

Oh, yes, yes I am.

He then told me that he would try to "work things out from our side" which I think means he called Salt Lake and asked for me to have driving privileges again!! WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! That makes me so happy. I will get to drive again! And I'm pretty sure it worked, because Sister Couto doesn't drive at all.

Anyways, so that was one miracle of the week. See, you don't just get un-red-dotted after Salt Lake took away your driving privileges. Miracles.

Also! We had so many other miracles this week. For instance, when we went around to wake people up for Church on Sunday, we woke up a less active who actually did come, and we went to see one of the investigating families. Guess what? They were already dressed and ready to go to church! Plus a bunch of the other really large family came as well!! We had 5 official investigators at church, plus 4 that we haven't technically started teaching, plus a good amount of kids under 8 years old. There were 39 people in sacrament meeting this week! It was so amazing.

During the week we visited Vania, one of our investigators, and she told us her life story. I won't go into details, but basically her mom and her have a really terrible relationship. If you could pray for her to be able to forgive her mom, that would make such a difference. Vania is really amazing--she is so happy and so into learning about the gospel! Ana Goncalves also heard from her mother... who is Catholic and told Ana she is not allowed to go to church anymore or be baptized. So that's what Ana told us. BUT. When we went to go talk with her, we told her (and acted out, it was really nice) the story of Lamoni, Ammon, and Lamoni's Father when they meet on the road. The idea was to talk about courage and doing what is right even if her parents may say no (have I told you Ana is 27? Now I have.)

Ana told us HERSELF, which is big, that she realized she needs to make her own decision about whether or not to get baptized. If she decides yes, it will be this Sunday so far. I think we may need to move that though. We'll see, we need to talk with her still.

Sister Roman and I also met part of the gigantic Silveira family, who are amazing. Clarice, who is 12, just gets it. So do all the other kids! A bunch of them came to church on Sunday, even without their parents, who both work on Sunday.

We did some less-active hunting and worked hard this week! I also ate eel, and it was actually really good. Now you know. Haha I tasted it and said "oh, this is really good, I like it!" and THEN found out what I ate. But hey, I didn't get a bite with bones, so it was pretty tasty. Like fish, but squishier.

My friends, the mission is the best thing in the world. I love it here. I love Rhode Island,. I love serving the Lord. I love learning from the scriptures. I love Sister Roman. I love Sister Couto. I love our district (all of whom are staying, which is surprising!! Just Sister roman is leaving...). I love Central Falls. I love our Ward Mission Leader, who takes it upon himself to lead the missionary work here in this area. I love our bishop, who shared with us some really insightful things he has learned about the gospel when we went to dinner at his house on Monday. I love going to Cape Verdean weddings (we went to the one for Vania's mom and stepfather... can anyone say free food?!) even if the food doesn't sit right after. I love making lovely videos for Ryan and Spencer and the Packards (lol see dropbox). I love the Massachusetts Boston Mission. I love the temple and I am so excited for Jared that he was able to go last week! I love my Jeddy-boy and I am so excited for him to be a missionary too. I can testify that it will change his life and the lives of others, if he only lets it.

Homage to a Studio C sketch...

Poor Sister Roman has been patiently waiting for me to finish emailing. Also, I need to go look whenever I'll have to figure out BYU stuff. We're getting close and I don't like it.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your constant prayers and your letters and your love. I can feel your support for us, and I can tell that the Lord is blessing us because of your faith!! Keep going, keep being strong. You can do anything when you are with the Lord.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 49: It would NOT have been better to die in Jerusalem.

Ok, ok. My time is short but I have a SUPER COOL THING to tell you.

First though, thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!! I had a great birthday :) The Ward Mission Leader and his wife let us stay at their house for lunch after stake conference yesterday, and they pulled out their cake from their anniversary I think to use as my birthday cake :) It was so nice! Also, the Spanish Elders had a pinata made of me. Definitely look at those pictures and the video, it was awesome. 

The sisters I live with are the best. They sent an amazing birthday text to Sister Packard (who sends it to the whole mission), they decorated the apartment, and they tried to make my day so good. I love them a lot. Because of them and the members here, I had a great day!

this week was also so great. There are tons of miracles happening here! We extended a baptismal date to Vania, out 17-yo investigator, and she accepted! It's not until Oct. 25, but due to her circumstances and the fact that she picked that particular day, I think it will be perfect for her. She's amazing. She says she likes to ask if the church/BoM is true because it makes her feel good inside when she does. What?

We also are in the middle of teaching AnaPaula & David and their family. So solid! PLUS the Portuguese elders and us found 9 new investigators yesterday alone. If anyone tells me that miracles don't exist, they're wrong. I can see them in every single day. The Lord blesses us each so much.

Stake conference this weekend was also amazing!! I learned a lot about fasting (boy, I need to improve my fasting, that's for sure), getting investigators to the temple, and how to stay spiritually strong through my whole life. I really want to tell you all a lot more about this week, but I don't have a lot of time. But I do really want to share this insight I had this morning during my studies.

I was reading 1 Nephi 17 (when Nephi builds the boat). In verse 20, Laman and Lemuel are complaining again, and they say something along the lines of "it would have been better if we had died in Jerusalem instead of coming here and having so many afflictions. We could have been happy living with our possessions and land back in Jerusalem!"

I thought about that for a while. I remembered the talk "Cast Not Away Therefore Thy Confidence" by Jeffrey R. Holland (go listen/read that for sure!!). In it, he says something that applies to Laman and Lemuel. He says it would NOT have been better to just stay in Egypt (he was talking about the Israelites and Moses). It would NOT have been better to die in Jerusalem. 

Laman and Lemuel, I realized, do not understand the purpose of this journey their family has taken towards the promised land. They cannot see how much better life will be for them in the promised land. They do not understand the gospel. They do not understand God's Plan. They do not understand grace. ("His Grace is Sufficient", Brad Wilcox)

Afflictions are necessary for our happiness. Sounds strange, right? But it's true. Many times we cannot see the future. We cannot see our promised land or the plan God has in store for us. But that does NOT mean it would have been better to stay where we were, to be who we were in the past. It would NOT have been better to die in Jerusalem. 

When we go through afflictions and trials, they are the things that move us forward. They help us to change, to grow, to learn, to become better. Without them, we would be coasting. Coasting is not an option in the gospel. We need to grow. We NEED to become better. In short, we NEED afflictions. 

This reminded me of D&C 121:7-8. Read that. We are promised that our afflictions are FOR OUR GOOD and will be but a small moment. We can't see the end, we can't see the future. But God has promised us that it will be so much better than the past has been. 

That's where faith and hope come in. This is where the gospel applies so beautifully. When we see the point of our afflictions and trials, that is when we use the gospel in our lives and THAT is when we progress.

I hope you were able to understand some of that. I can't quite explain everything I understood this morning, but I hope you learned from the Spirit.

I love you all. Sorry my time is short, but thank you so so so much again for all the love you have shown me, and especially for everyone's kindness on my birthday! I am so blessed.

Have a wonderful week and try to trust in God that your afflictions are for your good!!

Also, being 20 is awesome. I love not being a teenager anymore.


Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 48: You're like 1/6 Cape Verdean By Association

Apparently that's what happens when you're "born" into the mission in Brockton, aka Cape Verde Junior. Or so says our YW Nair.

Well my friends I'm going to warn you, I really do not feel like writing a ton today. Also, this week went by so quickly I don't even know what happened. It was good though!

Monday... we just practiced for our sweet service gig that we'll have tomorrow (we thought it was last week but it is actually tomorrow)

Tuesday we saw lots of my favorite people! Ana, our baptismal date (who really needs prayers, if you can. She doesn't feel prepared to be baptized, but we're not sure what that means yet....), Maria Graca, a recently reactivated member who is just so cute. She's like a grandma. She's super funny. Also Emilia and Joao, our recent converts, and AnaPaula. AnaPaula is an investigator the elders found recently, and she is actually cousins with my very favorite AnaPaula in Brockton!!! What??? But she's amazing and she and her family have a TON of potential!

Wednesday Nair came out with us, so we visited some less active YW, Linara & Liara, then Lovely. Those girls are all so great. They just need to come to church!

Thursday we visited Ana again with Maria Silva, a funny member of our group. And we weekly planned and things. All good stuff.

Friday we had an AMAZING zone meeting in Providence where we learned more about how we can improve our teaching, and then we talked about what investments we can and should make in the gospel. Rather than call them sacrifices, like I've talked about before, we called them investments, because when we give up something for the gospel, we get so much more back than what we give up. What will YOU invest in the gospel? Time? A bad habit? Think about it. Find something you know the Lord wants you to give to Him, then do it!

We had a bunch of appointments set for that day, but they all fell through. So we tried to visit some people but Sister Roman's back was hurting pretty bad, so we went home a little early so she could rest.

Saturday was the best day ever. We spent almost the whole entire day at the temple!! It was the Providence Stake Temple Day! We helped Emilia, Joao, and Maria Graca be baptized for their family names for the first time. That was amazing. They loved it!! The blessing of the temple is immense. We sometimes take it for granted, but it is so important that we don't. I loved when Emilia said "Maria da Luz has been baptized!!" and Sister Roman replied "and irmao Pascal too!" Her parents now both are baptized and can accept those covenants there in the Spirit World. What a blessing. Joao was baptized like 16 times for Emilia's dad, Maria's dad, and a bunch of other family names.

Then we took tons and tons of pictures on Emilia's phone! We also had Café Rio for lunch in the cafeteria (almost the real thing... but not quite) and took more pictures with the rest of the Portuguese speakers who had gone to do some sealings. At the end of the day, we got to do a session!! What a blessing that was. I love the Boston Temple. I love being able to go there often. I love the things we learn in the temple and the blessings of peace and comfort and answers we can receive there. It was a really special trip for me.

We all went out for pizza after with the member couple that drove all 8 of us Central Falls missionaries. So funny.

Sunday we had a super productive day! We had a GREAT fast and testimony meeting, 4 investigators at church, plus a member told AnaPaula and David and their family that they had to come back next week. So great. Sister Roman and I visited Zenaide, a new investigator now who gave us delicious homemade bread, Euridece, an MIA less-active who wants to come back to church, Dulce, a less active who's husband would need to join to come back to church, and Flora and Antonia, less actives (Flora is going to go on a mission!! wahoo!!). We also made a lot of contacts and it was just a really productive day. Good stuff.

And here we are! That's about it. This morning I read 1 Nephi 8 and made the comparison between the Parable of the Sower and the 4 types of soils to the 4 types of people in Lehi's dream. Think about that one. Go study it out. It's really cool! The Church is true.

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! Just another reminder that my birthday is on Sunday. I'll be entering the 3rd decade of my life, so that's something to celebrate!

(0-9 is the first, 10-19 is the second, 20-29 is the third... now you understand)

I would probably love pictures and letters in the mail for my birthday. And I guess anything that anyone wants to send. I don't really need anything.

Have a fantastic week! Good luck keeping up with all those crazy end-of-the-school-year activities!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 47: The Best Month of the Year

I think you know why that is. Connor was born this month! Obviously.

Ah, this week. Let me begin by publicly saying I am a terrible daughter and did not make Dad his birthday video on his birthday. but I have promised to do it today and get back on the computer to send it later when we go to print some things out.

Dad, you're the coolest.

Sorry I'm the lamest.

So after we emailed on Tuesday, basically we talked with Irmao and Irma Machado, the group leader and his wife, about people on the ward list who could be Portuguese-speaking. We got some good action items, and we're working on bringing those less-actives back!

Wednesday we learned more about the digital mission! Which I already know, but our stake (Providence, RI) is luckily going to be doing digital missionary work soon!! That's so great. There are so many people ready to hear the gospel, and the digital mission is the way to find them. So pumped.

We also visited Ana Goncalves, our investigator, and we extended a baptismal date to her, which she accepted!!! She will be baptized June 28th. Please pray for her though--her family will likely give her opposition because it's not the Catholic church. But she is pretty great--after we extended the date, she told a woman who barely walked in that she should come to our church too, and hey, she's going to get baptized on June 28th! That's the best.

Thursday we weekly planned. But you know what else we did? We scored a sweet service gig at a nursing home where a less-active works!! Sister Roman and I will go sing and play the piano there on Tuesday at 3pm. We're so excited. We just need to find the line between missionary appropriate and "not too many things that say "Jesus" or "God"". um.... we'll see.

We also had a pretty good on-the-front-porch lesson with a new investigator, Kelly! she has a lot of questions, and we tried to answer as best we could. I think she will be a more difficult investigator, but I know the gospel is for everyone, so we just need to help her as much as possible :)

On Friday we had district meeting, which was lovely, and afterwards we went to visit Iolanda, a less-active. That woman has had such a hard life, but she is pretty great. She got Hepatitis B from a blood transfusion, was in a coma for 3 months, and lives alone. But wow, she is doing her best. I think we'll be able to get her back to church! We just need to keep reminding her. Later that day we went with a YW, Juliana, to visit a potential named Carlos. He wasn't home. But never fear, his girlfriend and nephew were!! So we came in and taught them the Restoration. Ancelmo, the 17-yo really was interested!! Ana, the girlfriend, was pretty interested. They agreed to have us come back! Wahoo!

Saturday. We were so tired after Saturday.

Sister Roman and I woke up at 4:45am to get ready and drive to Lowell, Mass where we helped with a New England Women's Conference there. It was really fun! We helped pass out waters and with registration and guiding people and all sorts of things. Oh, and we also listened to Elder Holland as he talked at the end of the first part. In person. No big deal. He said that he's heard that by 2020 the baseline for missionaries will be 100,000. Can you believe that? I got chills when he said that. I was also able to see a lot of the women I've met in my different areas on my mission!! That was so fun. There are a lot of amazing women here in New England :) (P.S. Grandma and Grandpa Knutti, I met the Shumways! They apparently know you and asked me if I was related. I said something like "yes, yes I am." There you go, small world.)
when we got home that day I finished writing my talk (oh yeah, I was asked to talk for Sunday. In Portuguese.) and we went to bed nice and early. It was so nice.

Sunday I gave my talk! In Portuguese! For 20 minutes! I think I'm just a long talker. But my talk was on the Parable of the Sower, the talk from Elder Oaks in General Conference. It went well I think. That was my first official talk in the field! I made it through.

After church, we had a potluck lunch with the group and I ate cachupa for the 1st time in 6 months. Oh, glorious. Now I'm fine for at least another week to not eat anymore.

Then we all carpooled to the Latina Conference in Weston, where Elder Holland spoke! It was so good. One of our recent converts, Emilia, bore her testimony, which was a miracle. She was asked to do it before but she was really nervous and really didn't want to do it. But she did it!! She's awesome. Haha she's a funny one.

Anyways, Elder Holland spoke in English, so luckily I understood it all. :) He spoke about standing in holy places: our homes, our chapels, and the temple. He also said "Have more first-hand experiences with Christ." I think that means something different for every person. I still haven't figured that out for me yet. I think it mostly means that I need to read the Book of Mormon a lot more than I am currently doing.
So my challenge to you today is to figure out what that means and then do it!

It was also so sad to hear that Elder L. Tom Perry passed away this weekend. But I can promise you too that I felt a comfort as we learned of the news--things are fine. He's actually really happy. I can't quite describe it, but I just felt so comforted after I heard. Things are okay. He was an amazing man and a wonderful apostle.

Well family and friends, I love you. I hope you have had a wonderful week and that this next one will be just as good. Another shout out to my good ole Daddio, who is a young 46 now. Sorry again I didn't make the video. But can I just say, you are the best dad I've ever had.

I love you all!