Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 48: You're like 1/6 Cape Verdean By Association

Apparently that's what happens when you're "born" into the mission in Brockton, aka Cape Verde Junior. Or so says our YW Nair.

Well my friends I'm going to warn you, I really do not feel like writing a ton today. Also, this week went by so quickly I don't even know what happened. It was good though!

Monday... we just practiced for our sweet service gig that we'll have tomorrow (we thought it was last week but it is actually tomorrow)

Tuesday we saw lots of my favorite people! Ana, our baptismal date (who really needs prayers, if you can. She doesn't feel prepared to be baptized, but we're not sure what that means yet....), Maria Graca, a recently reactivated member who is just so cute. She's like a grandma. She's super funny. Also Emilia and Joao, our recent converts, and AnaPaula. AnaPaula is an investigator the elders found recently, and she is actually cousins with my very favorite AnaPaula in Brockton!!! What??? But she's amazing and she and her family have a TON of potential!

Wednesday Nair came out with us, so we visited some less active YW, Linara & Liara, then Lovely. Those girls are all so great. They just need to come to church!

Thursday we visited Ana again with Maria Silva, a funny member of our group. And we weekly planned and things. All good stuff.

Friday we had an AMAZING zone meeting in Providence where we learned more about how we can improve our teaching, and then we talked about what investments we can and should make in the gospel. Rather than call them sacrifices, like I've talked about before, we called them investments, because when we give up something for the gospel, we get so much more back than what we give up. What will YOU invest in the gospel? Time? A bad habit? Think about it. Find something you know the Lord wants you to give to Him, then do it!

We had a bunch of appointments set for that day, but they all fell through. So we tried to visit some people but Sister Roman's back was hurting pretty bad, so we went home a little early so she could rest.

Saturday was the best day ever. We spent almost the whole entire day at the temple!! It was the Providence Stake Temple Day! We helped Emilia, Joao, and Maria Graca be baptized for their family names for the first time. That was amazing. They loved it!! The blessing of the temple is immense. We sometimes take it for granted, but it is so important that we don't. I loved when Emilia said "Maria da Luz has been baptized!!" and Sister Roman replied "and irmao Pascal too!" Her parents now both are baptized and can accept those covenants there in the Spirit World. What a blessing. Joao was baptized like 16 times for Emilia's dad, Maria's dad, and a bunch of other family names.

Then we took tons and tons of pictures on Emilia's phone! We also had Café Rio for lunch in the cafeteria (almost the real thing... but not quite) and took more pictures with the rest of the Portuguese speakers who had gone to do some sealings. At the end of the day, we got to do a session!! What a blessing that was. I love the Boston Temple. I love being able to go there often. I love the things we learn in the temple and the blessings of peace and comfort and answers we can receive there. It was a really special trip for me.

We all went out for pizza after with the member couple that drove all 8 of us Central Falls missionaries. So funny.

Sunday we had a super productive day! We had a GREAT fast and testimony meeting, 4 investigators at church, plus a member told AnaPaula and David and their family that they had to come back next week. So great. Sister Roman and I visited Zenaide, a new investigator now who gave us delicious homemade bread, Euridece, an MIA less-active who wants to come back to church, Dulce, a less active who's husband would need to join to come back to church, and Flora and Antonia, less actives (Flora is going to go on a mission!! wahoo!!). We also made a lot of contacts and it was just a really productive day. Good stuff.

And here we are! That's about it. This morning I read 1 Nephi 8 and made the comparison between the Parable of the Sower and the 4 types of soils to the 4 types of people in Lehi's dream. Think about that one. Go study it out. It's really cool! The Church is true.

I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful week! Just another reminder that my birthday is on Sunday. I'll be entering the 3rd decade of my life, so that's something to celebrate!

(0-9 is the first, 10-19 is the second, 20-29 is the third... now you understand)

I would probably love pictures and letters in the mail for my birthday. And I guess anything that anyone wants to send. I don't really need anything.

Have a fantastic week! Good luck keeping up with all those crazy end-of-the-school-year activities!

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