Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 50: I am just too old for this.

I only have 4 transfers left. That's less than 6 months. I will hit my year mark in 2 1/2 weeks. Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.

Well, sister Roman is older than me. She'll go home in December. BUT she only has one week left with me because... she's getting transferred! We found out about transfers last night (needless to say, we did not go to bed at 10:30... we can always improve, my friends.) because transfer meeting will be on Saturday, due to the new mission president coming on June 30th! What! I am so sad to see the Packards go home, but I am excited to see the Millers come. It will be so interesting to have a new mission president. So weird, but good.

Anyways, so Sister Roman is getting transferred to Lowell to serve with my good ole friend sister Lima!! They're going to have so much fun. They are Sister Training Leaders, and they are going to be so great :) My new companion will be Sister Couto!! I am SO EXCITED because I love her so much already. We're already friends :) We were also "companions" when we went finding in Boston Commons, so I already know it's going to be so great with her.

Transfer meeting will be Saturday morning, and after that... GUESS WHAT. YOU'LL NEVER GUESS. SERIOUSLY THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER.

So Friday we got a call from President Packard (truth be told, I really though he was going to ask my to train... hahah good thing he didn't, I don't know how to "rear" a new missionary--you raise crops, you rear children/mission children) and he said "Sister Knutti! do you drive?" and I was like uh no, you red-dotted me. He said "you got a letter, didn't you! What did it say?" and I said "That I couldn't drive anymore for the rest of my mission... I don't really remember, you read it to me!" and he said "Oh that's right! Well Sister Knutti, are you ready to drive?"

Did you read that? "Are you ready to drive again?"

Oh, yes, yes I am.

He then told me that he would try to "work things out from our side" which I think means he called Salt Lake and asked for me to have driving privileges again!! WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! That makes me so happy. I will get to drive again! And I'm pretty sure it worked, because Sister Couto doesn't drive at all.

Anyways, so that was one miracle of the week. See, you don't just get un-red-dotted after Salt Lake took away your driving privileges. Miracles.

Also! We had so many other miracles this week. For instance, when we went around to wake people up for Church on Sunday, we woke up a less active who actually did come, and we went to see one of the investigating families. Guess what? They were already dressed and ready to go to church! Plus a bunch of the other really large family came as well!! We had 5 official investigators at church, plus 4 that we haven't technically started teaching, plus a good amount of kids under 8 years old. There were 39 people in sacrament meeting this week! It was so amazing.

During the week we visited Vania, one of our investigators, and she told us her life story. I won't go into details, but basically her mom and her have a really terrible relationship. If you could pray for her to be able to forgive her mom, that would make such a difference. Vania is really amazing--she is so happy and so into learning about the gospel! Ana Goncalves also heard from her mother... who is Catholic and told Ana she is not allowed to go to church anymore or be baptized. So that's what Ana told us. BUT. When we went to go talk with her, we told her (and acted out, it was really nice) the story of Lamoni, Ammon, and Lamoni's Father when they meet on the road. The idea was to talk about courage and doing what is right even if her parents may say no (have I told you Ana is 27? Now I have.)

Ana told us HERSELF, which is big, that she realized she needs to make her own decision about whether or not to get baptized. If she decides yes, it will be this Sunday so far. I think we may need to move that though. We'll see, we need to talk with her still.

Sister Roman and I also met part of the gigantic Silveira family, who are amazing. Clarice, who is 12, just gets it. So do all the other kids! A bunch of them came to church on Sunday, even without their parents, who both work on Sunday.

We did some less-active hunting and worked hard this week! I also ate eel, and it was actually really good. Now you know. Haha I tasted it and said "oh, this is really good, I like it!" and THEN found out what I ate. But hey, I didn't get a bite with bones, so it was pretty tasty. Like fish, but squishier.

My friends, the mission is the best thing in the world. I love it here. I love Rhode Island,. I love serving the Lord. I love learning from the scriptures. I love Sister Roman. I love Sister Couto. I love our district (all of whom are staying, which is surprising!! Just Sister roman is leaving...). I love Central Falls. I love our Ward Mission Leader, who takes it upon himself to lead the missionary work here in this area. I love our bishop, who shared with us some really insightful things he has learned about the gospel when we went to dinner at his house on Monday. I love going to Cape Verdean weddings (we went to the one for Vania's mom and stepfather... can anyone say free food?!) even if the food doesn't sit right after. I love making lovely videos for Ryan and Spencer and the Packards (lol see dropbox). I love the Massachusetts Boston Mission. I love the temple and I am so excited for Jared that he was able to go last week! I love my Jeddy-boy and I am so excited for him to be a missionary too. I can testify that it will change his life and the lives of others, if he only lets it.

Homage to a Studio C sketch...

Poor Sister Roman has been patiently waiting for me to finish emailing. Also, I need to go look whenever I'll have to figure out BYU stuff. We're getting close and I don't like it.

I love you all so much. Thank you for your constant prayers and your letters and your love. I can feel your support for us, and I can tell that the Lord is blessing us because of your faith!! Keep going, keep being strong. You can do anything when you are with the Lord.

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