Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 56: Time is Running Out

We should get news of transfers the end of this week. I only have 3 more transfers left, which is about 4 1/2 months. What?
Every time that I remember how short my time is left on my mission, I freak out a little and forget about it so I can go back to work! So we'll forget that for now and get back to work.
This week!
We had a really successful week, actually! We were really productive. We had 25 lessons! That's a ton! 6 with a member present to investigators, 9 other lessons (to investigators without a member present), 4 lessons to members, plus 6 digital (skype) lessons. I know that numbers really aren't important, but I think it just shows that the Lord blessed us with a lot of work this week! Whew!
What to tell you all about. I have to write a lot faster than I have been going so far. Well, we'll do the days:
Monday we taught Brianna! We started the Plan of Salvation, and I think it is answering a lot of her questions about life. She is an amazing person, and I KNOW the gospel is just what she needs and wants. We also visited Lo Moreira, a potential we've kind of been stalking for a few weeks. She's great! Catholic. But she seems truly curious, and we think that she would be a great investigator.
Tuesday we taught Walter the rest of the Restoration. We helped Antonia study for her naturalization test (again). I am learning a lot of things about America that even I didn't know. For instance, the governors of New Hampshire and Vermont are only elected for 2 years, whereas for all other states, it's a term of 4 years. The more you know. We also visited Zito and Filomena, some AWESOME investigators! We taught them the Restoration with Domingas, who is the most solid member we have here I think. She's awesome. The Spirit was so strong in that lesson, and I feel like I had never taught the Restoration like I did that day. I think that means it was all the Spirit. I hope so.
Wednesday I had exchanges! Sister Lira came with me to Paw-tuck-eh-tee. It was kind of a weird day and we only really taught Clarice and Maria. Good stuff though. We also ate at Rosa's Kitchen for dinner (a Cape Verdean restaurant), which is always yummy. During the morning we scraped paint off the Bishop's shed for a few hours, which is strangely relaxing. Also, Sister Wild (Bishop's wife) is really cool, so it was fun to talk with her for a while.
Wednesday was also Sister Field's birthday!! So we threw her a little surprise party with balloons and brownies. I have to get the pictures to you later, we gave our car to the elders for the day but forgot the camera there. Anyways, it was awesome.
Thursday we had some great lessons on the digital mission! We pass people off to local missionaries like crazy, which is so fun. We called sisters in Brazil to give an investigator, and they were like WHAT NO WAY THAT IS SO COOL!! when we explained the digital mission. We also weekly planned for forever and ate a lot of food. That night we drove down to Providence to try to see a LA Portuguese family, but instead we saw Inussa and Carmen! They are awesome. That wedding we went to last Saturday was where we met them. Inussa is a (less-active) member of about 13 years, and he has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. He also pretty much taught the whole Restoration after I asked him what he remembered about the book of Mormon, hahaha. Carmen is great; she met with the elders in Florida before and is so excited to learn more! she already has a testimony! They are awesome. they are also from Guine Bisseau, a country in Africa where they speak Portuguese. The more you know. Please pray that Inussa can get work off on Sundays so they can all come to church. They would be such a fantastic addition to our group!!
Friday was the most productive day I think I've ever had. We visited Yara & Viviane, Brianna again, David Lopes (who will be baptized on August 16th!! He's so cool), Amelia (an awesome potential interested in the BoM), and Filomena. Plus district meeting. I think one of my favorite parts of the day was when David started talking to us about how he believes God has this plan for our salvation, and we were like "wait" and grabbed a Plan of Salvation pamphlet from the car to show him. He was like "No. Way!" And we were like "way." That was the lesson we had planned to teach him! Haha the Spirit is so great.
Saturday we had a sweet game of frisbee in the morning, then we helped a family start to move, and we went to a Churrasco at the Machados' house again! Brazilian food is so delicious. So. Delicious. There were some other members there too, so it was nice to get to know them better. That night we did a lot of computer work that needed to be done and we helped Antonia study again. She'll pass, I know it!
Sunday (whew, maybe this wasn't short haha sorry) was church! That morning we were asked by Sister Wild to teach Gospel Doctrine, so we were like "uh okay". After we took the sacrament, we went to prepare our lesson on Acts 1-5. When we went to give it, it went surprisingly very well! Heavenly Father helped us out a lot. We only got through Acts 1 & 2 though haha. We also sat with Walter in Primary, which reminded me how awesome Primary is. Later we taught a couple of lessons, including one to Ana Goncalves! I love her! She remembers a lot about repentance, and we can tell that she truly is growing a desire to be baptized. She's awesome.
Here's one thought I got from when we taught Gospel Doctrine: Now that we have experienced what the gospel is like, we need to turn around and share it with others. Even though we were not with Christ while He was on earth, and we did not see God and Jesus Christ with Joseph Smith, we still have had our own experiences, and because of those things, we know that this gospel is true. Think of it like a delicious plate of food--if I tell you it's super delicious, how will you know? You need to try it. Try the gospel, read the Book of Mormon. Get baptized. Once you do, you will have a desire not only to have more and more, but you will also feel the desire to share with others!
I loved that. "You have had your own experiences with the gospel".
And that's all folks! This Saturday we will have a "NOITE BRASILEIRA CABO-VERDIANA PORTUGUESA" activity, so I think we will prepare all week for it. We want all of Pawtucket to come and dance and eat and give the missionaries the leftovers.
I love you all! I love the Lord! I love missionary work.
Stay faithful, my friends.

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