Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 57: Fufunana

To begin, I want to remind you all of the holiday today: Victory Over Japan Day. It's a real holiday, I swear! All of the libraries are closed because of it. Hahahah but only Rhode Island still celebrates it. Good ole Rhode Island.

This past week was crazy. Thursday we had interviews with President Miller, which was actually really great! President said that our area (Central Falls) is probably one of the best ones ever, right? and I said "right." And he said that if he were a full-time proselyting missionary like us, he would want to serve here. You know that's right! He also just talked with me for a few minutes and asked if I was happy. And I can honestly truly say that I am. I love this place and these people, and I feel like I am still learning a lot. I have a ways to go still though!
The Zone Leaders gave us trainings about making goals and getting investigators to pray, and we've since tried to implement the prayer training, but it has been much, much harder to get some people to pray than we thought it would be. Ana Goncalves is a tough cookie sometimes. 

Friday we had Zone Meeting! We talked about how to put the things we've learned over the past few weeks all together, and I liked how people have been saying this weekend (they also mentioned this in ward council on Sunday) that "The Spirit is in the details". Some things may seem little, but they can be some of the most important. Also, you should know that they had us close our eyes and imagine we were in our favorite restaurant with our favorite people. So get ready to go back to Sweetwater at least once when I get home!!

Saturday. Let me tell you about Saturday

First of all, we started off with our weekly ultimate frisbee game. Always lovely. And then due to trying to save miles and complicated missionary plans, we switched around some cars and ultimately ended up driving home to a locked apartment... with one key locked inside and the other key with the elders 20 minutes and 6 miles away. I remembered that our sliding door to the little porch in the back was definitely unlocked (sometimes I put my stinky shoes there to air out :) ).

So naturally, I decided to climb up to the second-floor balcony of our apartment to let the rest of the sisters in.  I'm attaching some pictures for proof. As I looked up at our balcony, I remembered all those times that Dad and I played Tomb Raider, and I tried to internalize everything I learned from those experiences as I climbed up using the 1st floor balcony, some air vent thing, and our balcony. This successfully landed high on my list of the crazy things I've done on my mission.

I guess I should also point out that all of the other 3 sisters helped me up haha I don't have the arm strength or courage to go up all by myself. I'll work on being Lara Croft, but I need to work my arms more... maybe I'll get swole or something too, right Jared?

That was before 8am. We showered and ran (drove) to the church for a baptism of the English sisters', which went well! EXCEPT. Transfer texts literally started coming in right as the baptism started, so all of us (for some reason we had all 8 Central Falls missionaries plus the 2 PVC sisters there) started to go crazy and we had to turn off our phones and pay attention. So we did! A lesson in patience. 

When the baptism finished, we all gathered in a room and read the t-texts out loud. My past companion, Sister Cruz, is now a PVC sister, so she was there and filmed the whole thing haha. I haven't seen that video yet... anyways! Elder Cagle is getting transferred and becoming a Zone Leader (at only 8 months. Crazy.) and Elder Friebe is getting transferred BACK TO BROCKTON! They should make a movie with that name or something. It's very catchy. He'll be district leader there, if you're interested to know. Other than that, no one else is moving!! That means I get to stay with Sister Couto for another transfer :) And Sister Watts and Field, they are awesome and I love having them as my roommates. Elder Montes will train, and Elder MacJanet (who was in Brockton when I was "born" and who was my ZL while I was on Martha's Vineyard) will be the new Portuguese elder. It will be interesting because we'll have an elder just starting his mission, an elder just about to finish his mission, and a whole bunch of us in between. It'll be a good transfer. 

Haha sorry, I probably give more info than you need or want about transfers, but that's all we talk about. Transfers are life. That's all the drama we get on a regular basis. 

The rest of Saturday was spent preparing for our Noite Cabo-Verdiana Brasileira Portuguesa! It really took all day to get ready. But boy, it looked good. I also tried to start writing my talk for Sunday, but I ended up talking with Sister Cruz instead :) (her mom is doing great! She's the one whose mom had a stroke while I was her companion. Her sister just had a baby, and Sister Cruz loves being the Portable Visitor's Center Sister.) It was good to catch up with her. 

That night was our party!! We had a lot of people and a lot of food. Sister Couto and Walter took a lot of pictures, so I only put some up on dropbox. President and Sister Miller even showed up to the party! They danced a little bit too, much to the enjoyment of their 7-year-old daughter and all the missionaries :) It was a very successful party! 

Sunday was crazy. This week was crazy. We taught people and did missionary work and things, but it will be nice to have this new week to kind of refocus ourselves and make some goals when Elder MacJanet gets here for our area. We've been feeling lately like we've been missing something in our work, so we are going to try to figure out what we can do better. So, the work moves on!

This morning I was studying about covenants and the Atonement, and I think I realized that as we make covenants and perform ordinances, we have more and more access to the Atonement. Just something to think about. Also, if you want something else to study, try studying about the "name" King Benjamin talks about between Mosiah 1-5. It's pretty cool!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week! As Mom and Dad know, I figured out how to make nutella brigadeiro, so I'm set for life, and I don't need to learn anything else. ;)

Sister Couto's mom called this one "a cara de riqueza" which means "the face of wealth"

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