Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 58: Get 'Em Wet

Hellooooooooooooooooooo family! And friends! We had a lovely week this week. Let me tell you why.......

Tuesday we had Kambry with us for a good part of the day! Kambry is the step-daughter of the high councilor, Irmão Dias, who is over the Portuguese group. She is really nice and we had a good time, even though pretty much all we did was go to support Antonia (LA) at her naturalization test. Good stuff though! Now I know all about America, let me tell you. Sister Couto does too.

We did get to Skype with our investigator in Taiwan, Mars! I don't think I've told you about him. He is so cool. And he has a baptismal date!!! He is set to be baptized on August 29th, and it is so especially amazing how the gospel and Spirit can touch the lives of anyone you talk with, even if it is through the computer. We are trying to work with the sisters there in Taiwan as they teach him. He has been having some doubts about giving up coffee and tea, but when we Skyped him, at the end he said that he would try to stop drinking them. Kambry was great in the lesson! So pray for Mars. :)

That night we went to visit Brianna again. It was a lesson fueled by the Spirit if I've ever seen one. We went in and started talking to her, and she really opened up to us about the things she is struggling with in her life. We talked about the lesson afterwards, and found out that we had both been receiving the same promptings the whole time. So we shared with her Alma 7:11-12 and had her look for the word "sin". Try it. We talked more about the Atonement and ultimately how we access the Atonement more and more as we make covenants with God and grow closer to him. So we invited her to pick a day to be baptized, and she chose September 16th!! It's a Wednesday, but if your investigator picks it, it's their day. Sister Couto and I are so very aware of the long road Brianna has in front of her on her way to baptism, so please please pray for her. Pray that she can get out of her situation and be courageous enough to make the changes she wants in her life. Also, please pray for her little sister, who is 4 and is having heart problems. And her mom who has cancer.

We taught Brianna last night, on Sunday, too. We were able to bring the YW president, sister Piscienski, who is AMAZING. She has gone through some of the exact same things Brianna is going through right now, and she helped so much. She will be a great encouragement to her. She invited her to church like 10 times! Brianna wants to go so badly. So pray that she can do that :) Her situation is very difficult and very sensitive, but she has the desire to change her life. The gospel can truly do that.

I might have said this before, but with Brianna, it is very visible when we teach her that the gospel truly brings us happiness. Almost every single time we go to teach her, she is having a bad day and doesn't really want to talk with us. She usually has headaches and things too. But she still listens and talks with us. Then you can see how through the lesson, her countenance changes and she starts to sit up straighter and smile and laugh. She is so pretty when she smiles, and it is literally a miracle every single time to see the gospel change her mood. MIRACLES ARE REAL!

I just love Brianna so much.

Other than that this week, we also painted a shed, tried to teach Ana Goncalves (it was a very difficult lesson... crazy kids are hard to deal with...) about prayer again, had dinner with the Frandsens (sister Frandsen is from McAllen, Texas! she wants me to keep her updated on where Jared is :) She's great. She says her mom will feed you and take good care of you) and talked about helping in Primary, got a new investigator and so much more!

Our new investigator is Ana, (again) the friend of our favorite Nair. (Na-eer) She has been reading the Book of Mormon. She is also in a difficult situation and is very quiet, but she has been liking the lessons so far. Clarice went to help us teach the Restoration with her too :)

We taught David Lopes a little bit more to prepare him for his baptism! And he passed his interview and everything to be baptized on Sunday!! It was a great baptism. Even though he just left, Elder Friebe came back from Brockton for the baptism, and we also had an investigating family there!! David bore his testimony at the end, and it was so perfect for Zito and Filomena and their daughters. So great. David is going to be a really really good, strong member! Wahoo!

Also, Saturday we went to the temple with Anselmo and Clarice so they could do baptisms for the dead. Wow, it was an awesome day, even though we stayed at the temple wayyyyyy longer than we planned (members that came with us wanted to do sealings AND a session....). But really, when is it a problem to stay all day in the temple? Anselmo was baptized for his grandpa, and Clarice for her grandma. It was really special. :) Afterwards, we went to Cambridge and ate some exquisitely delicious Brazilian food, because when in Cambridge... do as Elder Araujo would do! He used to serve there.

Hahaha sorry this email was so scatterbrained! We didn't have tons and tons of lessons, but we did have just some great days. Sundays are literally always so crazy. A new problem always pops up each week, but that's just how it goes.

I love you all! Have a great week. Enjoy summer. Do what the Lord wants you do to!!

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