Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 61: Whatever You Do, Do it in Rhode Island

I guess that's a good a slogan as any. Why you would pick Rhode Island I don't know, but we saw a billboard that said that close to Providence yesterday. 

But hey, I do missionary work, and I do it in Rhode Island!

Today we went to the temple up in Belmont, and then it was BRAZILIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY (which supposedly Brazilians don't actually celebrate unless they live in the USA) so we went to a Brazilian barbecue(churrasco) and went to a Brazilian bakery to eat açaí, which is the best fruit ever I think. Anyways, we were up in Cambridge all day long and didn't have time to write earlier. We're just writing something quick now because it's late and time to go home soon. 

My favorite thing about today is that we got to see and talk with a TON of the Portuguese missionaries. They are some of the best people I know. Also they are super fun. 

I also want to say that the temple truly brings us a TON of peace. This morning we left at 7:30am to drive to the temple for and hour and a half, and the last 30 minutes of the drive were spent trying to do our best to still get David, our recent convert, and Odete, an endowed member visiting the states, to the temple. Oh, it was horrific. The one thing I absolutely hate the most about missionary work is finding rides for people. Which probably means I will be in charge of that for my whole entire life, but at least I'm starting to get experience with it. Plus we got to the temple later than we were "supposed" to for our session that we were going to go through.

But let me tell you, when I finally got settled in the chapel of the temple waiting for the session to start, I had a real heart to heart with Heavenly Father and this temple experience was one of the most peaceful I've ever had.  The temple really is the House of the Lord and it is the place where we can find the most peace and the answers to our questions, even when we are in the midst of other problems beating upon us. I love the temple so much.

Here are the highlights for Week 61!!
-For pday last week, we watched Meet the Mormons in the Elders' apartment complex's movie theater. Also, we all had facial masks, and it was so great.

-School started for the kids this week in Rhode Island! We did Clarice's hair and nails for her first day of school and she was so happy :)
-we helped 2 families move this week. One we did all the work, the other we just ate their donuts. You do what you can.
-We sat at Firestone for 3 hours waiting for our car to get fixed. Good times. Michelle Obama was on Ellen, so that was cool. Not that I watched or payed attention....
-We are teaching this family in Brazil! Julio and Miriam Silva. We found Julio through the digital mission, and we met his wife on Thursday when we skyped him. They have really awesome potential and live just down the street from the Sao Paulo temple! #baptismsinBrazil
-we have a new investigator! Her name is Elizabeth, and I wasn't sure how interested she really was, but we taught about the Book of Mormon one day and Jesus Christ and His purpose the other. The lessons were so good. We'll get her wet too.
-Maria Silveira and Walter and Paulinho are progressing!! Their interviews will be on Tuesday and they are getting baptized on Saturday at 7:30pm!! Wahoooooooooooo!! Pictures will come of course. Also, we got Walter's clothes in the mail and he wore them to church on Sunday. He loved them so much, thank you a million times mom! I'll definitely have a picture this week for you.
-I played the piano in Primary, which reminded me how hard those songs are to play. Haha. I'm racking up a lot of experience in every church calling imaginable. You name it, I've probably done it. I'm not kidding when I say we basically run church some weeks.

Yep, there you go. That's all for now folks!

I love you all. Sorry if you emailed me and I didn't reply, I'll do it next week. Things are going great here and I am so glad to be a missionary.

On Thursday it will be my "99". It's a tradition in our mission to go to a restaurant called "99" on our "99", because it means "99 days left in your mission". So that's weird. I got an email this week asking about my departure date and which airport I should fly to (I put Dulles, don't worry). So that was bizarre. Anyways, me and Sister Asay and Sister Watts and Elder Montes all go home the same day, so we'll go to 99 after Zone Conference on Friday! Wahoo!

I gotta go. I have just a few really lovely pictures to send, hopefully the compute will work. I love you all! I hope you have a great first week at school. Enjoy Milwaukee for me (I guess you already did) and I'll see you when you're on Winter Break!

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