Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 64: O caminho estreito é o caminho dretu!

A kind of less-active member told us that on Friday, and I just laughed for days. Literally it translates to "The strait path {as in the strait and narrow path} is the good path", which isn't as funny, but "estreito" and "dretu" (which is a kriolo word that they use instead of "bom") rhyme, so it's my new favorite saying. 

Here's how you say it: Oo ka-MEEN-you es-TRAY-too eh oo ka-MEEN-you dr-AY-too. Now you can speak Kriolo!

Boston is amazing. At first, I'll tell you the truth, I was nervous to be bus around Boston and have to like talk to people and stuff. Haha, I'm still really rusty on my street contacting, but Elder Shibuta, one of our Portuguese elders here, is really good at it, so I will do my best to learn from him. I have to give it one last good push, right?

But now, I love it. Taking the buses is super fun! Normally we take 1 bus from near our house and the church to go to Forest Hills, a main station, and from there we usually take another bus to get to Dorchester, which is where most of the Cape Verdeans live here in Boston. So far I've only ridden the T once to go anywhere, but we are planning to go shopping in downtown Boston, so we'll be riding all over the place now :)

(The lights are much brighter there. You can forget all your troubles, all of your cares, so go DOOOOOWNTOWN! Things will be great when you're DOOWWWNTOWN! No better place for sure. DOOOOWNTOWN. Everything's waiting for youuuuu. downtown, downtown, downtown.....)

Sorry, I got a little apostate there. That's just what I think of every time I hear "downtown Boston".

It has been a crazy and awesome week. We didn't have tons of lessons, because I started the week by saying goodbye to everyone in Central Falls, and I just don't know anyone here yet, so it's been a bit slow. It's going to pick up though :)

I managed to get packed by Tuesday morning, because we needed to drive to Johnston, RI (30 minutes away) to drop our luggage off with a member there who would take it up to transfer meeting. Aren't you proud that I'm getting more efficient, Dad?

Transfer day was a little crazy. We finished things at home and drove up to Weston, where we had lunch with the Dowling family (as Mom already knows), then practiced a musical number for ages. Transfer meeting was good and it was so fun to see all of the missionaries I know! But here's the things--I don't know anyone anymore. When we got t-texts last week, I realized all of my friends are dead. They all went home. Everyone here now is so YOUNG! Weird. Luckily, I got to meet Sister Couto's greenie, who is from Mozambique! That is pretty cool. I told her Central Falls is the best place in the world. Which is pretty true. She's lucky to start there.

Best photobomb ever.

Then I met up with Sister Marques and the Walshes, the senior couple here for our Portuguese group, and off we went to Boston!

We live in a house, which is different than everywhere else I have been. We live on the first floor and have this creepy basement where our laundry machines are. The English sisters are our roommates, and they are so fun. We only have one bathroom. Believe it or not, it works out, and I think my showers are getting faster!!

From home we are a few minutes' walk away from the church, but like I said before, we are 2 bus rides away from our real proselyting area. It's okay though, Dorchester has the nickname "Lock your Dor-chester" so Roslindale is a little bit safer than that haha. Also, we get to see most of the missionaries in our zone every day. There are English elders, English sisters (our roommates), Portuguese elders (our zone leaders), us, Spanish sisters (our Sister Training Leaders), Spanish elders, 4 Haitian-Creole elders, and the Walshes in our zone. Oh, plus the sisters who are in the Brookline ward, but they are far away and have a car. All of us (except Brookline) meet in the same chapel on Sundays and we play soccer together and we're just always together. I love that.

Well, since I've been here, we've done missionary work! We have been visiting a lot of members because our little group here has slowly been going a little bit less-active. On Sunday we had 39 people at church, which was pretty good for the last couple of weeks! In a lot of ways, it is the same as the Central Falls group, but here the people are generally newer to America, and they have a LOT more problems with rides. Don't even get me started. But otherwise, the work seems about the same--Cape Verdeans are, at heart, all pretty much the same. They are pretty much all family, if you look hard enough. 

Our group leader here is great--he's from Cuba and speaks Kriolo perfectly, but his Portuguese is just a lot of Spanish-Portuguese-Kriolo mess. He's such a great guy though. His kids are super cute. He's married to a Cape Verdean lady, who is super solid. Love that.

I've met a couple investigators so far--Ana is amazing. She took notes when she read Enos. What? She came to the Women's Conference on Saturday when we went to Sister Walsh's house with the women in the group, and now she's been to church 2 Sundays in a row! We want to extend a baptismal date for her this week!! Gabriela and Briana are teenagers who have a lot of really good questions and are super funny. Maria Rodrigues has been really great and was really excited with the chapters we gave her to read on Sunday! She has dropped a few dates though, so we're still working on commitment with her.

The members here are great. My kriolo is improving (which is good, because it was pretty terrible before). My Portuguese will improve, because the elders are teaching me all sorts of new words that I never would have otherwise learned! Sister Marques is awesome. In some ways, she acts and talks a lot like Arissa White, which is just so funny to me. We have had a lot of fun together though, and I am really grateful to be her companion! Her 9-month mark is on Wednesday, so I need to do something special for her :)

I love being a missionary. I love riding buses. I love Boston. I love Cape Verdeans! I can't believe I only have 2 transfers left. I sure hope I stay here, because I already only have a really short time. But I am working hard and doing my best and just loving every second I have to be a missionary. 

Have a fantastic week, everyone! I love you!

Sister Knutti

P.S. I LOVED the Women's Conference!! President Uchtdorf's talk was the bomb dot com. So go read that one, it doesn't matter if you are a woman or not. Also, go read Alma 13:28-29. I read that today and it is SO GOOD. 

P.P.S. General Conference is this week!! Get excited. 3 new apostles?? And the prophet is going to speak to us?? Nothing gets better than that. I think General conference is my favorite weekend ever being a missionary :)

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