Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 66: Sacrifices and Musicals

Well my friends, what a week it has been!

Last week we went to the New England Aquarium for pday! It was super fun. We also went to Quincy Market to get some dinner, where 5 separate times, people said "Hi sisters!" or "Hi elders!" to us. Gotta love that small Mormon world. 

On Tuesday we worked on the digital mission! I forgot to tell you, I am now assigned to work on Twitter. Seriously, no joke. So I made my first twitter account a week or two ago. It's really strange. we are trying to find people to teach on there, but I'm not sure how successful it will be. But hey, I already have 22 followers! #score Unfortunately, neither Julio nor Allan has been able to talk with us over the last few weeks, so the digital mission is not so exciting...

Wednesday was a very interesting day. We started by doing our weekly service at the Cape Verdean Center--basically a daycare for Cape Verdean adults. It was SO FUN. AND SO FUNNY. Old Cape Verdeans are hilarious. We help serve them lunch every week, and the 2 most important things to know are "leite ou suco?" and "galinha ou peche?" It was super funny. I like that service a lot, and we have already found investigators from it! Love that. Later we went to try to teach an investigator, Nazare, but I played dinosaurs with her grandson instead. Sister Marques tried to teach her, but I think it was a bit of a train wreck. Afterwards, though, we asked her if she knew of other people who would be interested to learn more! She took us to 2 people--Nhanha, who is a pretty solid potential, and Emilia. Emilia, oh Emilia.

When we visited Emilia, Sister Marques and I experienced our first Cape Verdean "visita". It was an experience for sure. Emilia's son died, so Cape Verdeans related to her in any sort of way go to visit her over a period of a few weeks. When they come, everyone hugs her, gives condolences, and sits in the front room as she sings/cries. She kept singing/crying "ohhhh nho fidjo..... ohhhhh nho fidjo...." (which means "oh my son") It was both very sad and very funny, so Sister Marques and I couldn't look at each other. Her vibrato was ridiculous. Haha. Remind me later and I'll act out the experience for you.

That night we did have a great lesson with Gabriela about finding answers through the Book of Mormon!

Thursday was also an experience. After weekly planning, Maria Lopes (the lady who calls me a doll and thinks I am beautiful) came out with us. Unfortunately, the investigator we went to see wasn't home, so the night ended up being full of missed buses, a lot of walking, pizza, and burger king. Also, Maria told me that when I go home I need to marry a boneca in order to  "fazer bonequinhas". Oh dear goodness. I told her I would introduce her to my husband when I get married hahaha.

Friday we had an amazing zone meeting. At the end of the meeting, we were encouraged to each sacrifice something to further commit to the Lord. I have a picture of the "altar" we placed everything on, it's on dropbox. It was really emotional and spiritual, but it was very cool to see as each person in the zone sacrificed something. For me, I sacrificed a few things, but one of which is talking about going home. So I will do my best to not get trunky and to not talk about how I go home so soon! I know that the sacrifices I have made will help me to stay more focused on my missionary work and on doing the Lord's will. 

Sometimes we need to give up something we want for something better. I know that is true. For me, my time as a missionary is so important to me, that I am trying to not let other things get in the way of giving my all.

We also had a few great visits later with Maria Rodrigues, our baptismal date, Maria de Pina, a less active, and Maria Julia, a less active recent convert. Yes, they are all named and called Maria. Welcome to working with Cape Verdeans.

Saturday was cool! We worked on the computer for a bit, then we went to Downtown Boston and had a meeting with the Portuguese elders (we are going to share investigators!! woohooooo!!!). After a lovely dinner in Chinatown, we went to the front of a theater showing the Book of Mormon Musical. We had brought 80 BoMs with us, and we stood outside the door of the theater and handed out as many BoMs as people wanted to accept. It was so fun!! The range of responses went from people just laughing at us to people walking in, then coming back out to ask for a copy, plus one for his wife and the pass-along cards that come in the books. 

Love it.

The book is ALWAYS better.

We passed out 77 Books of Mormon that night! It was so cool. Sister Marques and I have a real feeling that SOMETHING will come out of it, because both of us received the prompting to put our number in the books. We'll see :)

Also, earlier we went to Boston Common for our meeting and we fed some squirrels. Really. And pet them. Go look at the pictures, mom, I know you'll love them.

Sunday was pretty great too. We had a good sacrament meeting, a crazy Sunday School, and a good 3rd hour lesson with EQ and RS! Solid. We were also able to visit a less-active and one of our investigators, Quentino. Just as we started the lesson, a really solid less-active came up and helped us! We're going to activate/baptize his whole family. 

Well family I am trying to finish fast because we are going to Bunker Hill and to do the Freedom Trail today! Also, Sister Holt and I are treating ourselves to Alex and Ani bracelets, because I think we deserve it today. 

I love you all! Happy Colombus Day and have a fantastic week!

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