Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 67: Just an Average Missionary Week

Really, it was pretty average. 

Monday we went to Bunker Hill and climbed the monument--294 steps. Man, that'll kill your calves, I promise. But it's pretty cool :) 

Um kind of a lot of our appointments ended up falling through and our numbers were pretty bad this week. But I don't want you to think it was a bad week! I was still pretty great. Like on Wednesday, I had an AMAZING exchange with Sister Webber, my Spanish-speaking STL. I love her a lot, so it was super fun. We stayed here in Portuguese area, so I learned how to get around using buses all by myself, pretty much. We did some dancing with Cape Verdean ladies, we did some running for the bus, we got lost a lot, we did a LOT of waiting, and even more contacting. Whew, but we found some really great potentials! Also, we asked the elders if there was a place they thought we should go, because we had some time because our appointments cancelled (like they always do on exchanges). They told us to go visit a former investigator, Gugu. We had zero idea who this lady was, but we went and talked with her for a while. We ended up sharing a scripture we had planned to use for someone else--Moroni 8:25-26, which basically outlines the entire Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then the coolest thing happened:

We talked to her about faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. Mind you, we didn't know anything about this lady. But we asked her what step she felt she was on. She said "baptism". We asked why, and she told us that she wanted to be baptized! What! So we set a baptismal date with her for January 24th. It's far away because her kids will come from Portugal then, so she wants them there. Haha what a crazy appointment! So she is our new investigator AND new baptismal date! Miracles. Everyday. 

This week Maria Lopes told me that she dreamed about me. I was praying and looked like an angel, a little angel. On Sunday she caught my eye, mouthed "I love you" and blew me a kiss. But don't worry, after Sacrament Meeting, she hugged me and told everyone else that I was her daughter. So I think I now officially have a #1 Fan. Good thing she sees me as her daughter ahahahaha. Maria Lopes. 

Oh guys and GUESS WHAT? I don't know if you remember Armstrong, my investigator from Cameroon. Well, I'm finally back in contact with him and the elders, and this week we HAD OUR VERY FIRST SKYPE WITH HIM! He is so awesome. The elders there told me they want to extend a baptismal date to him for the middle of December, and this Saturday we are going to try to Skype in as the elders teach him too! That would be so sick. So I'll let you all know if that ends up happening. The Digital Mission is amazing.

Speaking of which, we got permission this week to follow our friends on Twitter to try to look more like a real person. So hey, if you have a twitter, you are allowed and encouraged to follow me! We are using the website to try to find people who may be interested in learning more about the gospel, and we are experimenting, so anything goes! We just cannot really talk directly to anyone (except to briefly explain what we are doing or ask if anyone has friends who might be interested). So if I follow you, please follow back! Haha it is weird for me too, but we are trying to make this successful :)

Saturday was also an adventure, because all of the missionaries here in Boston went into Brookline and we were basically told to tract and contact people all day long to find some investigators for the sisters who serve there! Let me tell ya, I don't like tracting much, but miracles happened that day. Not so much to us, because we gave up a little too soon, but some elders actually were let in and taught lessons, and the sisters have TONS of potentials! Missionary work is amazing, and miracles can happen. Remember, you never know who could be prepared to hear the gospel :) Keep inviting!

I was supposed to go down to Central Falls yesterday for a baptism, but unfortunately all of the people who were supposed to be baptized weren't ready yet. So just please pray for Zito, Filomena, Tiffany, Ciara, and Adelisa. One day they will all get baptized!!

And yep, other than that, it was an average missionary week. I had a couple of weird dreams last night though haha. I woke up after one at 4:50am, but no worries, I fell back asleep. The more you know.

There ya go! I hope you all have a fantastic week this week and that you continue to study and ponderize the scriptures. This past week I had D&C 24:7. I haven't decided my scripture for this week yet though. I love it. I love missionary work :) This week we have both a zone conference AND interviews, on the same day! AND stake conference! Rock on. Yesterday we got a ton of free apples. You know, all good things. 

Have the best week ever, and I hope that you all write me letters this week ;)

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