Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 68: Working Hard or Hardly Working?

I promise we are working hard! It has been a strange week though. Our numbers were really low... and we only had 6 lessons! Yikes! It's okay though, because we did a lot of planning that is changing the way we are doing missionary work here in Boston. Pretty much we decided (with the elders) that we would drop most of our investigators and focus instead on strengthening our group and the members we already have. Most of our members are recent converts, meaning they were baptized within the last year, and their testimonies aren't necessarily the strongest. 

So we decided that even though we have no idea how to do this, this is what the Lord wants us to do here in Boston. It's crazy--we literally went from 19 investigators to about 5--but it will be so good! For a few days this past week we were really stressed out and had no real idea of what this week would hold, but luckily last night we had a great correlation meeting with the elders and the Walshes, the senior couple here, and we have some amazing plans for the next couple of weeks! President Miller will come and speak (in Portuguese! What a great guy) in a few weeks, we are going to create a group Facebook group, and we're gonna sit down with the English ward Bishop to figure out what he wants us to do. 


Tuesday we had zone conference and interviews! Let me tell you, that was one of the best days of my mission I think. I learned so much! During the zone conference, we talked a lot about how we can become better disciples of Christ, and it was really good for me. One thing that I have noticed in the last week about myself is that I become too angry or frustrated at things far too quickly. And it's not good at all! So I'm going to try to brainstorm and pray about some ideas for how I can do better at keeping calm and not getting my feathers ruffled over small things. 

After the zone conference, we had more training with our ZLs and STLs while we had interviews with President Miller! My interview was pretty great. We talked about how I am going home relatively soon, and he suggested that I think about some of my life goals during my last transfer--when I want to get married, how many kids I want to have, things like that. Hahahahahahah weird things to think about on my mission, but that was his advice! We also discussed the group and how we need to help strengthen the members (thus the whole focus we have now). 

My favorite part about the day, though, was after the ZLs didn't have any more training--we decided to all share our favorite part about the day, as well as our favorite thing about the gospel. Afterwards, we all sang hymns around the piano. Sometimes I just love being a missionary and being able to immerse myself and everything I do in the gospel :)

We finished the day with Panda Express.

Wednesday we tried to see so many people, but no one answered the door! It happens. Thursday we planned all day, Friday we planned more after District Meeting--and we did visit a few members!--Saturday the elders asked us to plan more, so we got all ready to do that but then they were caught up with translating talks for stake conference, so we didn't actually do any of that...

But hey, we had stake conference this weekend too! It was really fun, because this is the same stake as the Marlborough ward, so I was able to see and talk with a lot of members that I knew there :) I love that ward, just seeing those people makes me feel at home! Also, the talks we heard in stake conference were awesome. Good thing I like stake conference, because that was the 5th one I've been to on my mission! Crazy. 

Yep, that was pretty much it. 

Oh, but guess what? That investigator I have in Cameroon, Armstrong, he has a baptismal date for December 19th!!!!! THE DIGITAL MISSION IS THE GREATEST. So I'll go home and the next day there will be a baptism for an investigator I found 6 months ago :) He is amazing, we were also able to skype him this week! What a good guy. I'm attaching a picture from our skype :)

Well family and friends, that's about all for this week. Not much happened, apart from a crazy change of missionary work, but what's new? I can't believe next week is November. I think we'll just stay at home Halloween night, but we should be carving pumpkins today for pday with our zone! And guess what? President Miller allowed Sister Marques' sister to come visit us for a few hours while she is in Boston! So she' going to be with us really soon for the day. Crazy stuff! Makes me miss Alyssa :)

Have a happy Halloween! I think I'll be Sister Marques for Halloween this year. I'll have to take a picture of my really great costume to show you. I hope you all get a lot of candy and get a little scared! 

Also, good news--I have been sick for literally the past month with a gnarly cough and cold, but it's finally almost gone! Woohoo!! Prayers and blessings work, my friends.

My Ponderize scripture for the week is Omni 1:26. Who knew such a great verse would be found in such a small book? Probably Mormon did. 

Sorry this has been such a random email, my brain has been going haywire like this for a few days already. Hopefully we'll get a little more back on track this week! We also receive t-texts this Friday. We're pretty sure Sister Marques and I will stay here, but one of our elders is probably leaving. We'll see how it goes!

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn!!!
Waiting at the T station

Boston in the fall...

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