Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 70: Back in the City of Champions

I just have to say, as frustrated as I was about having to pack again, it is a DREAM COME TRUE to be back in Brockton for my last transfer!! It is SO COOL to be back here again, and we've only been working here for a few days. Lots of people still remember me, which is good to know hahaha. I was pretty sure few people would know who I am because a year ago I spoke very little Portuguese or Kriolo, soooo I didn't talk to people here much. 

But Brockton is the BEST! Wow. It is a HUGE blessing to serve in my first area one more time, and to have it be my last area too! I love it so much.

Because I was leaving Boston, and Elder Garrido was leaving too after being there for 5 transfers, we decided to pretty much go to the same appointments as the elders. Why not only make them cook once? Because the Cape Verdeans ALWAYS give you food when they know it is the last day you will see them. They all love Elder Garrido and kind of love me (it must be my boneca face), there was a lot of food to partake. 

Monday though, we went to the Prudential for lunch! It was so fun. I love the Top of the Hub, it makes me feel fancy and rich. We also walked around and I got ahead on buying some Christmas presents... :)  It was a pretty solid last pday. That night started the appointments of seeing people to say goodbye. I have a bunch of pictures on dropbox!

Tuesday was full of that. We also ate a delicious lunch and a delicious dinner while watching the Joseph Smith movie. Love it. I love the people in Boston too! They are so kind. :)

Wednesday we did actually have a lesson! With Ana, our investigator who went to Panama for a while. It was an awesome lesson and we helped answer some of her questions. I love that we can always ask questions. Heavenly Father doesn't want us to be confused, and that is why He will answer us when we ask Him those questions we have. :)

For the rest of the day, we had a most lovely last lunch with the elders at "Mac" (McDonalds, but how they call it in Brazil. Special request of Elder Garrido.) and packed and cleaned. So exciting. Transfer meeting was good! I knew, oh, all of the missionaries going home. The strangest thing about the whole meeting was that I knew that the next time I go to transfer meeting, I will be bearing MY final testimony. How crazy is that?? Ugh. But it was really good, I got to talk to some missionary friends I haven't seen for a while. And Elder Araujo told me that they had 59 people in church last Sunday in Central Falls! What! He showed me a picture, and so many people I love so much were there. Love it love it love it. 

And then I had the pleasure of driving back to Brockton with the tiwi box. I don't know if I've told you about those, but pretty much all it does is say "check your speed" when you go above the speed limit. It does other things than that, but I'm not an aggressive driver, so it doesn't yell at me for that :) 

But boy oh boy, it is good to be back in Brockton! And I LOVE Sister Bronovski, my (last) companion. She is the greatest! We speak SO MUCH Portuguese and we get along so well. I love her so much. 

Also, on Wednesday I actually woke up with a sore throat... that was WAY WORSE on Thursday. Did I mention that I've been sick for a month? Well, now you know. I had a nasty cough that turned into a sinus thing, but I got some antibiotics for that. I started having a kind of congested nose, but not too bad. But the morning of transfer meeting, I woke up feeling a little rough. The first night sleeping in Brockton was bad. I don't wake up almost ever when I sleep, but I woke up probably 3 times and said a prayer at probably 3am just asking to be able to sleep. I think my nose was so congested and my sinuses were dying that it made it so hard to sleep. Haha Sister Bronovski saw me pray that early, but this time it was a very conscious prayer (sometimes I do that in my sleep....). 

So Thursday I was pretty rough. Good thing we had weekly planning, so we did that with the elders, and then I just stayed home after we tried going to the doctor (didn't work). That morning we did buy some Dayquil and Nyquil because it was just so bad. I slept much better with the medicine!

Friday morning we were able to go to the doctor at an urgent care place! It took FOREVER. But they even did x-rays to see if it was pneumonia (since I've had it so long and it's so deep in my chest), but they said that I don't have it, woohoo! Just some nasty sinus thing. Ok. So they prescribed me a pill to take (a different one this time) and a nasal spray. We had to wait a little while to get the medicine, so we distracted ourselves with district lunch at my fav, Little Sami's, and then we got my medicine and went home. 

We just stayed at home all day, drinking (herbal) tea, reading talks, and bonding by talking about everything. Good Zion building, getting sick. I don't think I would recommend it though. 

Also I lost my voice on Friday. It was super funny.  By the end of the day I got better (we really did talk a lot), but mostly all I could do is whisper. The doctor told me to not talk much this weekend, but I was like "uhhhhh, I'm a missionary, talking to people is what we do." Welp, sorry Charlie. (Her name was actually Marie.)

So a good start to my last transfer, eh? Haha it actually was sad, but now I'm glad. Sister Bronovski and I are already pretty good friends because of it I think, so all's well!

I'm still a little sick, but DEFINITELY better than a few days ago. The medicine is helping, plus we tried some witch/homemade remedy of honey, onions, and oranges. It tastes NASTY. I don't know if it works yet, but most of it is still sitting in our fridge at home so I can always try it again haha. 

On Saturday we went to work!! We saw Patricia (investigator), Vania (investigator w/date), Ducha (recent convert), and Sandra (investigator). I love that Brockton always has so many people to work with! The investigators now are completely different and the missionaries now don't know most of the people I worked with a year ago, but that just makes it more exciting!

Sunday was fun too, because we had, you guessed it, STAKE CONFERENCE! My 6th. Sheesh. But it was fun because the Brockton Ward had a choir put together that I played for. The members who sang in the choir wore these... interesting robes. Think graduation with royal blue robes that have a yellow bow right in front. Yes. That is what the women wore, and the men all wore matching blue and yellow bowties. So funny. We looked a little bit like a Baptist gospel choir, but what are you going to do. 

Guess what though? Remember Laura Pinto? She is a lady I taught for about 3 months a year ago before she got baptized in December of last year. SHE MADE THOSE ROBES. WHICH MEANS (haha among other things) SHE IS ACTIVEEEEEEEEEEE!!! She is so great! She is really active, and even gave a referral for one of her friends a few months ago, and that is the recent convert Ducha we visited on Saturday! What! I love that lady. She saw me for the first time on Saturday before stake conference started, and said "what! Are you here now?" and I said "ohhhhh yeahhhhhhhh". Haha no I didn't say that, but I hugged her and said I'll be here for 6 weeks.

I love when we can see people that are truly converted to the gospel and they stay strong and help others! And I love that I am a part of that process of bringing people to Christ. It is so amazing. 

Also on Sunday, we had some amazing miracles. I've already written a lot and taken far too much time today, but I'll say this quickly. We have a goal in the mission to get 3 new investigators each week. Yesterday we were praying all day as we went to visit people that we would be able to accomplish this goal. And we did! 3 new investigators, all in one day. We went to knock on a potential's door, knocked on the wrong one (the houses here are very confusing when you have 139 Whatever Rd. and 139A Whatever Rd.), but we were let in by a very jolly Cape Verdean couple. The man, Antonio, had a pretty great bogode (boh-go-gee, it means mustache). I was admiring it the whole lesson. And they were so happy! So we taught them and set a return appointment. Then we saw another potential, who is AWESOME, and she's a new investigator. 

I love missionary work.

Basically this week was full of up and downs, but it was so great! I am so excited to be here in Brockton again. It's pretty strange, but a lot of people remember me and each day I'm remembering more and more. We're going to do WORK here! Sister Bronovski is the greatest and we are going to have so much fun.

Well, I'm all set to have a fantastic week in the City of Champions. I hope you all have a great week and remember to ponderize and study your scriptures!

Until next week! Pray that I can feel better and Sister Bronovski won't get my disease...

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