Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 71: #illbehomeforchristm

I'll start by saying that I LOVE BROCKTON. It is still SO GOOD to be back here. A lot of people actually remember me haha. That surprised me, considering the very small amount of Portuguese/Kriolo I spoke or understood a year ago. But now I can really talk to everyone and it has been so good to see everyone again. I'm even remembering the streets and random houses that we tracted or taught someone in. Good stuff! If you want to know what the ultimate missionary dream is, it would be dying in your baby area. And for some reason, I have the amazing blessing to do that! I think I'll say that every week, but it's true, so it's fine.

We'll do bullets to make me go faster:
-I started using my last missionary planner.

-We still do service at the Catholic Charities food pantry, and even those people remembered me! I like those people, they are so great :)

-Tuesday was hard. Hahaha we walked ALL DAY in the rain, but we survived and learned more about each others' past lives. Zion. Bonding. Good things.

-We have 2 investigators who are having some seriously deep questions, Patricia and Tilan. Patricia is a hardcore Baptist engaged to a kind of active member, and Tilan is a former Jehovah's Witness also engaged to a member. We've been learning a LOT about the Millennium, the Apostasy, the 3 kingdoms, baptism for the dead, and eternal marriage. Also we had a cool revelation about why the Garden of Eden was necessary:
--basically God never goes away from us, right? So even in Adam and Eve's situation, I think THEY needed to make the choice to leave God's presence. Hence the fruit and everything. Just a thought that we had the other day studying about the Plan of Salvation

-New investigators!! Monica, Nela, Tilan!

-We taught that jolly Cape Verdean couple again and the Spirit was really strong :)

-Zone meeting! #hinghamagain

-we made some serious GOALS this week! I'll send a picture of our board next week. I love making goals now, because I know that when we make them according to the Lord's will, we will ALWAYS be able to accomplish them with His help!

-I have been transcribing a piece of music this week. Basically I am going to help with a piece in the Christmas Fireside we are going to do in a few weeks, and I was given an mp3 to listen to and learn the music that way. There is no sheet music. SO I have been listening to it a lot and writing down the music. It is hard, but it's been a fun challenge! Who knew that 2 measures of music could be so difficult to write down? Now I do. But I'm actually pretty close to done because there are a lot of motifs. LOVE IT. 

-We are so involved in the relationship drama here in Brockton. We know everything and it is so hilarious. It's like we're in a YSA ward or something.

-We went to a Cape Verdean baby shower. Think a wedding, that scale, but it's just for a lady having a baby. Cape Verdeans are so weird.

-Claudia and Nunu (investigators) came to church for the first time and LOVED IT. Baptism? Oh yes.

-We had a baptism this week!!!! Vania was baptized. I think not a single one of our pictures was completely good. Vania is so great, and I had the pleasure to help finish teaching her the lessons! Her sisters, Carla and Nela, will be baptized in 2 weeks!! Woohoo! 

--This was easily the most DISORGANIZED BAPTISM I HAVE EVER BEEN A PART OF. But you know what? Vania didn't know that and she still felt great and loved it. That's what matters. 


We'll do better.

Guys, the work here is so good!! We are shooting to have a baptism a week, and I really think that we are going to accomplish that! We are also going to have at least 20 lessons a week. It's a bit of a stretch, but totally possible here. There are so many people to visit and so much work to do!

Sometimes lately I have been feeling really weird about going home... I both am excited to go home and really terrified because I know it will be hard. So I've been trying to work through that a little bit and just do my best to do missionary work. One month left? Hey, that's 30 more days to give my all to this work!!

Christmas is coming. We made a Christmas CD today and now that is all we will listen to. Christmas decorations are going up. It IS the most wonderful time of the year. Brockton + Christmas + baptisms + Sister Bronovski = the best transfer ever.

Sister B is the best, btw. She is such a good example to me! She shows me that if we want to progress and be better, we can and should be active about doing it. I love her so much!

I hope you all have a fantastic week. Remember, there's only one week until Thanksgiving! And that means it's almost Christmas season anyways, Mom.

I love you all!

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