Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 72: I like to put MINE on my HIPS!

So every morning Sister Bronovski and I do an exercise video called X-factor or something, and it's pretty tough, but I can tell I'm getting stronger! Anyways, the guy who leads all of the exercises is this really ripped black man. Before every workout, there is the warmup (which is CRUCIAL by the way), and we do just normal not too hard stuff to get warmed up. My favorite part is when we do the criss-cross, where we jump and cross our legs, then jump and uncross them. Our instructor says we can put our hands/arms anywhere we want, but he says "I like to put MINE on my HIPS!" I think it's hilarious and I give it a chuckle every time. Just thought I would share that bright moment in the darkness of exercising hahaha.

Well my friends, Brockton is the same as it has always been. Church is crazy, the work is crazy, the elders are crazy, we're all crazy here. But I love it all the same! I was talking to Sister B last night (we talk a LOT hahahaha) about how blessed I am to be back here in Brockton for my last transfer. I've really been able to see the changes in myself because of that! It's good to see those and to see my improvement, you know?

For example, I was playing piano for our choir practice (I know, I was surprised the Cape Verdeans had organized a choir too, but it's not half bad!), and Solange, the director, was talking to me about what she wanted done. Then she started to explain it to the choir, but I explained it again before I started playing: "Gossim ami sta toca keli parte de mudjer, e despos ami sta toca keli parte de homem, ok?" (hahaha don't google translate that, I tried it and it is so wrong hahahaha it's because Cape Verdean kriolo isn't an official language). Then as I start playing, I hear EVERYONE start whispering (not quietly) to each other (in kriolo mostly) "She speaks kriolo really good now! Wow!"

I just pat myself on the back for that one. :) A lot can change in one year, that's for sure! And you can learn a language, as long as you have God's help.

Let's just do another bullet point list for the week, I feel like that works better:
-3 new investigators: Karine, who has come to church for weeks already because she's friends with a recent convert (!!), Monalisa, the 8-yo daughter of our investigator Monica, and Maya, the mother of another investigator, Jane. MIRACLES!

-free dinner with my favorite jolly Cape Verdean couple on Monday night

-Monica ASKED for a baptismal date on Tuesday! What? We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ, moved it towards committing to baptism, and we almost just said "pray about a date", but Monica asked "Can't you just give me a date?" So we were like "uh sure i guess" haha and she is planning to be baptized on January 2!

-Maria Montrond gave us dinner on Tuesday. Oh, that woman is hilarious. And so kind! She was explaining to a girl she takes care of that we (the sisters) are extra pretty because we are doing the Lord's work. Also, we are like a light in her life (she even turned off and on the lights to make a point). I love her! :)

-Man, we cleaned our car this week. Let me tell you, that was a victory. Jared, whenever you have a car on your mission, KEEP IT CLEAN. It's worth it, I promise. 

-We had a BOMB lesson with Tilan on Wednesday. She's the lady who grew up Jehovah's Witness but is engaged to a member and goes to our church every week. She has a lot of doctrinal questions, usually to do with our doctrine that seems to contradict the Bible, but she's so great! Teaching her is helping me learn a lot. Also, we talked about baptism with her too! When I mentioned setting a date as a goal, she looked shocked, but then the more she thought about it, the more she liked the idea. We even showed her the baptismal font because we were already at the church. So this week she has been praying and should be letting us know what she thinks about setting a date. PRAY FOR HER! She's so great.

-We taught Vania, Carla, and Nely a lot this week! Which is good because Vania just got baptized (and was confirmed yesterday), and Carla and Nely are planned for this Saturday!! I love those girls a lot. 

-Keven, a guy the elders have been teaching, was baptized and confirmed this weekend.

-We made a new Brockton Vision! That's good, because we have been working on having more Zion with the elders. Patience is the key.

-HEY GUYS I finished the Silent Night music! I'm so happy. And really proud of myself. I listened to the mp3 I was sent and wrote the music from there. Whew! Glad that's done. I have a bunch of other things to do. Elder Raymond named it "Sister Knutti's Trunky List", which is accurate.

-Crazy church. But hey, what else is new?

I love Brockton. I don't know if my emails explain any of this, but there are so many miracles happening here now. the Lord is hastening His work, and I am beyond blessed to be here at this time. We are trying hard to help the ward work together better, so we are starting to train all of our auxiliary leaders. Honestly, if the leaders worked together well, this ward would split into 2 wards in a matter of months. Pray for a stronger Brockton Ward! 

Being a missionary is the best. 

I love you all! Have a happy Thanksgiving, eat a lot of rolls with cranberry sauce for me (Cape Verdeans just don't do rolls and cranberry sauce. It sounds like our dinner this year will be more American, but with rice. And possibly katchupa.) please! Also pumpkin rolls. Those would be nice too. 

And let Christmas season *officially* begin!

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