Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 74: The Countdown Begins

10 days.

Well my dear friends and family, I have very little desire to write any emails, and I apologize for that. You'll all just have to be patient with me.

I don't remember what we did last week. I don't think I'll ever learn how to survive without my handy dandy missionary planner.

-Lesson with Karine. She's praying about baptism :)
-member dinner with a sweet lady who doesn't hear very well, but I didn't know that haha
-Oh gosh and I got the most annoying parking ticket ever. Why? I parked "more than one foot away from the curb". I had to pay $15 dollars for it!! Why??? Don't worry, I sucked it up and paid the ticket today.

-oh my goodness I had so much to do. Luckily a mission meeting cancelled and we spent hours in the morning finishing something for the mission (we have a lot of responsibilities as departing missionaries)
-we took Beizinha out with us to teach. We didn't teach anyone at all, because no one was home, but we were able to talk with her about some of her concerns and questions. It was very good and a good reminder that the Lord makes sure we do what HE wants done :)

-We talked with Tilan about why Jesus Christ is Jehovah. She mentioned some things that I never thought about before, especially about how much we focus on Jesus Christ. I think I take that for granted usually. But it's so good to strengthen my testimony like that! I love our meetings with her. Tilan is the best. 
-We had a few other lessons, one with an investigator from the Central Falls Sisters, another with Fabio and Leo (17 and 9 year old boys), who accepted baptism for Jan. 2!! We also found Lulucha, a less active lady. She's great!

-weekly planning
-apartment inspection (which means we cleaned. a lot. But our microwave got the Sister-Alger-thumbs-up-of-approval, so I feel quite accomplished.)
-We had dinner at our Primary president's house. Whew, Niquinha could run the world if she wanted to, let me tell ya.

-Last district meeting
-Sister B practiced parking, and she's a pro! Way better than I was haha
-We visited Vania and Nely for the first time all week. It's been strange. I love those girls!

-We took some time to practice parking again
-We taught Zelinda and Zenilda, sisters who have been coming to church for a few weeks already! They were great. Taught by JWs in the past, but they seem really open to us. Too bad we forgot to grab a BoM for them...
-Practiced O Holy Night for Kelly, a member who wants to sing it next week. If you need me to play for Christmas, I'm already doing about every song, so just let me know hahahah
-Dinner with LAURA PINTO!!! She's so great, and her sweet potatoes are magical. (she's one of my recent converts from a year ago :) )

-Church. Actually, Fast and Testimony meeting was one of the most Spiritual church meetings I've ever attended. I love the people here so much and I am so grateful to be serving here again. I have seen some people grow so much! It's amazing. The Gospel is TRUE!!
-An 8 year old baptism we pretty much put on
-We taught Jamila, a super promising new investigator!! Also forgot a BoM for her... we're fubecando guys
-We watched the Christmas devotional, and it was fantastic.

-we woke up at 4:20am
-we drove 2 hours to Connecticut
-We had a really great Zone Conference with Elder Packer of the Seventy! I received a lot of answers to my questions, especially about how to go about going home. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me haha. For instance, I need to do family history work, or at least learn so much more about my family history, because he talked a lot about how doing that brings the Spirit!!
-Practiced after the conference until 9:30pm for the Christmas firesides that will happen next weekend. 
-drove 2 hours back
-went to bed at midnight. Sometimes it just happens.

So I don't know if it sounds like it, but it was a great, crazy, and FAST week! I think this upcoming week will fly by. For instance, today is already Tuesdaytomorrow we have exchanges, Thursday is weekly planning (always a quick day),Friday is zone meeting, Saturday I might be going back to Central Falls again for the baptism of Zito and Filomena's twin daughters, Sunday is my last Sunday and the Christmas program in church and the 1st Christmas fireside which will be the whole day, Monday is pday and the 2nd Christmas fireside, Tuesday everyone will want to feed me food because I'm going home, Wednesday is transfer meeting and packing all day, Thursday is departing missionary stuff, andFriday I'll fly home.

That's the plan. 

Honestly, if you could all pray for me to stay strong, stay calm, and be able to accomplish all of the things required of me in the next 10 days, that would mean so much. I know these next few days are going to be amazing, but sometimes I get caught up in everything. 

But I really want you all to know how grateful I am to be a missionary. I'm not sure what being home will be like, but I really want to continue this missionary mindset that I have. I love serving the Lord. I want to be better. I am so far from perfect, but I've realized that when I look outside of myself and serve others and focus on them, I seem to find myself a little bit more. (Watch the Mormon Message "Lift", that's where I got that from)

This gospel is amazing. What a blessing it has been to share it for 17 months. I hope to continue that throughout my life though. I hope this week is a fantastic one. Get ready, because when I come home, I will TALK YOUR EARS OFF about Boston, Cape Verde, missions, and everything in between. 

But for now, 10 days left to be a missionary is 10 days to completely totally without any reservations serve the Lord, so I'm going to do it!

And I'll email next week. Honestly, not much, because we'll go up to Boston for the day. If I don't write you this/next week, it does not mean I don't love you. It means I will talk to you on December 19th :)

Thank you for everything everyone. I cannot express how much you all mean to me. 

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